Episode # 182 – Bheemasena vs. Bhakaasura – An epic “show of strength”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena getting ready to take on Bhakaasura. That morning, Bheemasena was extremely happy and enthusiastic and this surprised the other four brothers. As Yudishtra asked Kunthi Devi the reason behind Bheemasena’s “unusual happiness”, she explained that he is preparing himself to fight Bhakaasura, and that, she has given her promise to the family that has given them refuge at the right time. Initially Yudishtra did not understand Kunthi Devi’s words and he disapproved of the plan immediately. He did not want his brother to be the victim of Bhakaasura. However, Kunthi Devi made him understand and realize Bheemasena’s enormous power. She recollected how Bheemasena had escaped the wrath of Duryodhana several times, how he single handedly killed Raakshasa Hidimba without anybody’s help and how he was dominating the entire group of Paandava and Kaurava brothers during his early childhood days. Moreover, one should never forget the help that was rendered to us at any point in time. We should always strive towards repaying our faith in some way or the other to that person at any point in time. Now that this family was in danger of losing one of their family members, it is the duty of the Paandavas and Kunthi Devi to step in and give a helping hand. Even if one gets destroyed in the process, it is totally fine and acceptable. Atleast, the destruction took place during the process of repaying the faith of the person who has helped us, isn’t it? This was Kunthi Devi’s advice to Yudisthra. 

Understanding the ploy thus, Yudishtra finally accepted Kunthi Devi’s words and Bheemasena was extremely happy! On the other hand, the required food items and vegetables were getting ready and being loaded into the cart. Bheemasena was eagerly licking his fingers and waiting for everything to be loaded fully! It was a heavily loaded cart with enormous amounts of food items of all different types and tastes. It also contained a lot of fruits and vegetables as well! Thus, Bheemasena pulled the cart and reached the entrance of the tunnel in which Bhakaasura was residing. As Bheemasena was walking along with the cart thus, he thought within himself, “Oh! Before entering into the tunnel where Bhakaasura lives, I should find some spot nearby, wherein I can sit and consume all these food items. Else, if I’ve to fight and then eat the food, it might get spoiled by the time I come out. Moreover, I would require some strength to fight Bhakaasura isn’t it? Hence, I shall sit somewhere near this tunnel itself and start consuming all these tasty food items. 

Thus, Bheemasena found a good spot with a nice shade under a tall tree. He pulled the cart to that place, sat down on the floor and started eating all the food items one by one. As he was eating thus, Bheemasena was relishing the taste of the food. It is to be remembered that the last time Bheemasena had such tasty and huge quantity of food was when he was at Hastinapura. After that, since they were roaming in the forest here and there, he did not get the requisite quantity of food. But now, this was an opportunity for him to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food! Thus, Bheemasena was enjoying every bit of what he was eating. Towards the end, when only one piece of sweet was remaining in the cart, Bheemasena called out for Bhakaasura thus, “Oh Bhaka! Come out and see here! There are a lot of food items waiting for you outside! What is the use of sitting inside lazily?” As Bheemasena taunted Bhakaasura with these words, Bhakaasura eagerly rushed out of the tunnel – Only to see one small piece of “Laddu” remaining in the cart! Upon seeing this, Bhakaasura got extremely irritated and angry! 

As Bhakaasura was looking on, Bheemasena continued with his taunt thus, “Oh Bhaka! You might be wondering who would have consumed all the food items that were brought to you, isn’t it? That person is none other than myself! I was the one who consumed the entire food meant for you! If you have the guts and the courage, take me on and let us see who is powerful!” Upon hearing this, Bhakaasura’s ego was hurt! His anger knew no bounds now! Bhakaasura replied thus, “Oh Bheemasena! You are not even half of my size! How are you going to take me down? Just because you’re able to consume the cart full of food, it doesn’t mean that you might be as powerful as me! If you have the guts, come and test your power with me!” As both of them exchanged war of words thus, the actual fight began! Both of them were extremely good at raw muscle power. The fight went on for several hours and Bhakaasura showed all his might and power on Bheemasena! In turn, Bheemasena also showed who he really was in terms of raw muscle power! Finally, as the day was coming to a close, Bhakaasura was slowly losing his strength. Using this opportunity, Bheemasena inflicted a few lustful blows on Bhakaasura, which were extremely fatal in nature! Bhakaasura clearly couldn’t live up to Bheemasena’s immense strength. Thus, Bheemasena eventually killed Bhakaasura and emerged victorious! 

The entire world was seeing this epic battle with awe! The Devas were astonished by Bheemasena’s enormous physical strength. Indra was looking down from the “Svarga Lokha” without even winking his eyes! “Vaayu Bhagawan”, Bheemasena’s father was extremely happy with his son’s victory over one of the most treacherous Raakshasas of all times! The entire world celebrated Bhakaasura’s demise! So for today, let us also join hands along with the people of the “Eka-Chakra-Nagara” to celebrate Bheemasena’s victory over Bhakaasura! We shall continue with this discussion in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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