Episode # 181 – Bheemasena to take on Bhakaasura!!!

We’re amidst an important part of the Paandavas’ stay at the “Eka-Chakra-Nagara” wherein, they are put up at a Brahmin person’s house. The family consisted of the father, mother and two children. One day, the family was in a big feud with each other. The discussion was who would be the one to go and feed Bhakaasura for that day. As per the protocol, every day, one member from each household in the city would have to take a cart full of eatables such as fruits, vegetables, rice, sweets, savories, etc. along with a cow and give it to Bhakaasura. In return, Bhakaasura would consume all the food items in the cart, including the cow and the person who brings the cart. This is the agreement that the city made with Bhakaasura as he was on a rampage, destroying the entire city and its people. Thus, Bhakaasura was waiting for his food for the day, as this discussion goes on in this particular house and it is their turn now to go and serve Bhakaasura. 

As Kunthi Devi was listening to the entire argument, initially she did not understand the head or tail of the entire accord. However, once she got an idea of what was going on, she immediately made a plan on the spot. She replied to the lady of the house thus, “Please do not worry! I have five sons, isn’t it? All my five sons are great and powerful warriors. I shall send one of my sons as a representative of your house. I shall take that responsibility, since you had helped us at a time of need. You’ve given us shelter when we badly needed one. Hence, it is our turn to help you back. This is a good opportunity for us to be of help to you!” As Kunti Devi replies thus, the lady exclaimed immediately – “Oh Kunthi Devi! Please do not say such big words! You are my guest, isn’t it? How can I send a guest as my representative to Bhakaasura? You do not know how powerful he is. Moreover, by sending a guest on behalf of us, aren’t we committing a great sin? Because of this, we would go into the “Naraka Lokha” and would have to face the wrath of “Yama-Dharma-Raja” there. I shall bare this responsibility myself and give myself to Bhakaasura today!” 

As Kunthi Devi hears thus, she reassures the lady of the house. Kunthi Devi explains thus, “Oh lady! You do not need to be worried about my sons’ safety. I have full confidence on them. All of them are “Maha-Tejasvis” and are extremely powerful. They’ve obtained several secret techniques of warfare education. My sons know how to tackle any kind of Raakshasas who come in front of them! Hence, please trust me and let one of my sons go there and show Bhakaasura his place!” As Kunthi Devi reassures thus, the family is somewhat convinced. The lady replies back thus, “Oh Kunthi Devi! If that is the case, we’re fine with it. You may send one of your sons today and let Bhakaasura face his end with this!” As the family gives consent, Kunthi Devi calls Bheemasena. She knew exactly whom to send to Bhakaasura and her choice was spot on! Bheemasena comes and learns about the entire accord and accepts to go – But on one condition! Bheemasena replies to his mother thus, “Oh mother! If I’ve to go there, I would consume all the food items that I’ve to take to Bhakaasura! If you’re willing to accept this proposition of mine, I shall go!” Kunthi Devi was more than happy to accept this proposal from Bheemasena, as she was also thinking for a while that Bheemasena wasn’t getting sufficient food these days to keep himself healthy! 

Thus, the deal was struck! Kunthi Devi informed the family that Bheemasena would be going along with all the food items shortly. A grand feast was arranged and preparations were happening on war-footing. Time was also running short. At this point in time, Yudishtra came out of his room, only to see Bheemasena extremely happy and preparing himself to go out somewhere. Yudishtra did not understand the reason why Bheemasena was extremely happy that day, and asked his mother for it. As Kunthi Devi explained the whole Bhakaasura accord, Yudishtra did not accept. He did not want Bheemasena to go along. However, with the eye-to-eye signal from Kunthi Devi, Yudishtra understood the ploy. With this, Bheemasena was ready to take on Bhakaasura and also to consume all the food items that were reserved for him! 

Thus, the food was prepared and Bheemasena set out in the cart. He seemed extremely content and happy that day, as he was going to have a relishing treat! So for today, let us understand until this point and let us wait till the next episode to witness the Bheemasena vs. Bhakaasura “show of strength”! Stay tuned for the interesting update! 🙂 


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