Episode # 120 – Indra pushes King Yayaati upside down from the “Svarga Lokha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed until the point wherein the Paandava children along with Kunthi Devi make their way to the Hastinapura kingdom for the first time after King Paandu’s demise. We’ve witnessed that post King Paandu, the Maharishis in the forest felt that these children should go to the place where they belong to, and as Kshatrya princes, it is not appropriate for them to reside in the forest. Hence, the Maharishis took them to Hastinapura, met King Dhirdiraashtra, passed on important advice that the king should treat these children as his own. He shouldn’t create differences between his sons and his brother’s sons. Whether King Dhirdiraashtra is going to follow this advice or not, is for all of us to see from here on. But before that, we’ve also commenced a parallel story wherein King Yayaati, the ancestor of King Dhirdiraashtra as we’ve seen earlier, is attaining the “Svarga Lokha”. Indra, owing to his jealousy that King Yayaati is getting lot of importance in the Svarga Lokha, wanted to push him back to the world for another birth. Indra did not want King Yayaati to adorn the “Svarga Lokha”, as Indra felt that he was losing his importance there as the leader. 

With this in mind, Indra starts an interesting conversation with King Yayaati as to what are some important characteristics of a righteous king and how a king should be noble in nature. Indra asks this question categorically in such a way that Yayaati would get into a trap while answering. For instance, if Yayaati had to reply that a noble king should be like him, it would become an act of pride and self-boasting. However, if Yayaati explains all these characteristics that are imbibed in someone else other than him, it would become a lie, as King Yayaati was undoubtedly the most righteous king on earth at that time. So now, King Yayaati enters into a trap here as to what answer he should give Indra.This is what we call “Dharma-Sankata”. We also use this phrase, “Dharma-Sankata” often in our daily use too, isn’t it? Thus, the “Dharma-Sankata” situation is something wherein whatever answer we might give to a question would result in a problem. There is no right answer at all for such a question. This is exactly what happened to King Yayaati too here. He now understood Indra’s trick. 

However, King Yayaati had to give an answer to Indra, isn’t it? He cannot keep quiet. Even if he wants to keep quiet, it would be like insulting Indra and that also would lead to a problem. Hence, King Yayaati was trapped in all three sides here – One is self-boasting with pride, second is truth / lie, third is insult by avoiding / bypassing Indra’s question. However, King Yayaati took a stance of truth, as he has always stood by it during his tenure as a king. He openly proclaimed thus, “Oh Indra! If someone has to be appreciated in this world as a “Saarva-Bhowma” (A righteous king), it is none other than myself! I was the person who was an embodiment of this characteristic when I was ruling the kingdom!” King Yayaati gave this answer with confidence, even after knowing the consequences for it. However, he had to give some answer by taking a stance. He cannot dilly-dally. Thus, King Yayaati explained his stance clearly to Indra. 

As King Yayaati gives such an answer, Indra was extremely happy! He was relieved that King Yayaati fell into his trap right royally and hence, it gives an opportunity to chase King Yayaati away from the “Svarga Lokha”! Thinking thus, Indra replies to King Yayaati, “Oh Yayaati! What kind of an answer is this? You’re trying to boast about yourself and please remember this – The “Svarga Lokha” is not the place for someone to boast around! If you’ve to reside here, you should first be humble and down to earth! Since you did not exhibit this basic quality, you’ve lost the right to continue residing in the “Svarga Lokha! You’ve to go back to the “Manushya Lokha”, correct yourself, mend your ways and then come back!” 

Saying thus, Indra pushes King Yayaati down to the earth upside down! As King Yayaati was pushed thus, he couldn’t fight back and resist Indra’s action. Thus, he continues his free-fall with the gravitational force of the earth! As King Yayaati falls down, there were a few Maharishis who were talking to each other at that very place. When they look up, they spot King Yayaati coming down with full speed! What are these Maharishis going to do? Are they going to stop him from falling down further? Let us witness this interesting part in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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