Episode # 119 – An interesting conversation between Indra and King Yayaati at “Svarga Lokha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan gives all “Jeevatmas” like us a “free hand” in choosing whichever path we’ve to take – Either the path of “Dharma” or “Adharma”. In this way, all of us are “Svatantras” (Complete Independents) in making our decision. However, Bhagawan has given us all the manuals that would help us to make an informed decision. Just like how in an organization, we require adequate data points, evidence, etc. to make the right decisions as managers and leaders, Bhagawan has also given us the data in the form of Vedas and Upanishads. Also, to augment it further, Bhagawan has also given evidences in the form of “Ithihaasas” and “Puraanas”, to illustrate how various people who followed the paths of “Dharma” / “Adharma” have succeeded / failed in their pursuit of attaining “Moksha”. Hence, it is up to us to make use of all these data points and relevant evidence to come up with an informed decision as to which path do we choose, isn’t it? 

Thus, we’ve witnessed the gross differences between Arjuna and Sishupala, even though both were cousins to Bhagawan Krishna. On one hand, Arjuna is an epitome of “Bhakti” towards Bhagawan, and on the other hand, Sishupaala is an epitome of “Adharma”. Thus, moving forward from this point, we’ve witnessed that after the demise of King Paandu, the Paandava brothers were residing along with Kunthi Devi alone in the forest. We should also remember that Maadri Devi had also ended her life, owing to the guilt that she was solely responsible for King Paandu’s demise. As months and years rolled by, the Maharishis in the forest felt that it is not proper for these princely Paandava brothers to spend their lifetime in a forest. They’re part of the royal family and they should be at a place where they belong to. Hence, the Maharishis together take the initiative to bring the Paandava children, along with Kunthi Devi to Hastinaapura. 

As the Maharishis bring the Paandava children to the Hastinapura kingdom, they go straightaway to meet King Dhirdiraashtra. At this juncture, the Maharishis give King Dhirdiraashtra and important piece of advice thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! These children are none other than your brother, Paandu’s children. Hence, ideally speaking, they should be the successors of the Hastinapura kingdom. However, since you’re an efficient and capable ruler, the Hastinapura kingdom is in safe hands for now. Hence, from now onwards, these children will also reside in the Hastinapura palace only. You should make sure that you treat them on par with your sons and not entail any sort of differences between them.” Saying thus, the Maharishis left the palace. This is one part of the story, and let us leave this at this point for now. 

Meanwhile, we shall rewind ourselves to a past incident now. I should have narrated this earlier, but that wasn’t a context for this point to be witnessed. We shall witness it today. Readers might remember how King Yayaati had enjoyed his youthful days for a thousand years, thanks to Puru, who donated his youthfulness to his father. We’ve witnessed how Yadu had denied his father’s wish and eventually lost the opportunity to rule the kingdom. This is also one reason why Bhagawan Krishna was born in the Yadu community. Eventually after a thousand years, King Yayaati had lost interest in being young and subsequently retires to the forest to do penance. As time came, King Yayaati attained the “Svarga Lokha”, and because of all the good deeds that he had done, he obtained a great position in the “Svarga Lokha”. 

Upon seeing this King Yayaati enjoying so much of luxuries and pleasures in the “Svarga Lokha”, Indra, the leader of the “Svarga Lokha” got extremely jealous of King Yayaati! He somehow wanted to put an end to King Yayaati’s enjoyments in the “Svarga Lokha” and push him down to the earth surface once again. Readers might be able to understand here how narrow-minded Indra was! 🙂 Normally, if someone is trying to get better than him with any form of leadership or luxuries, Indra wouldn’t be able to stand it even for a single minute. He would go to any extent to pull them down, so that his position is safe and secure! We might think that the “Devas” are good people, but they do have their narrow-minded attitudes at times too! Similarly here, Indra is feeling jealous of King Yayaati’s growing popularity in the “Svarga Lokha”, and becomes insecure about his own position and importance. Hence, Indra devises a plan to somehow push Yayaati down to the earth once again. 

Accordingly one day, Indra starts a conversation with Yayaati thus, Oh Yayaati! The entire world knows how great a king you were in the “Bhoo-Lokha”! So, I would like to learn a few things from you. Can you please highlight to me as to what are the various characteristics of a good and a righteous king? Can you narrate the important qualities of a noble person?” As Indra asks thus, King Yayaati was more than glad to answer him. He did not know Indra’s intention behind asking such questions. King Yayaati was tuned and accustomed to talk only the truth. He did not know how to give “smart” answers and get away! So what did King Yayaati reply to Indra? Let us wait till the next episode to find out who succeeded at the end of the conversation and what are the salient points discussed! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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