Episode # 83 – The divine incarnation of Sage Veda-Vyaasa!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued with Sage Vaishampayana’s narrative on how King Upari-Chara-Vasu had two children that were born out of a fish accidentally. One of the children from this was Satyavati. This Satyavati grew into a beautiful woman and eventually as she was being brought up amidst a fisherman group, Sage Paraashara spots her. As Sage Paraashara once wanted to cross over the River Yamuna, Satyavati was incidentally the person who drove the boat for him. As both of them were in the middle of the river, Sage Paraashara expressed his desire to have a son with her. Upon hearing this, Satyavati was shell-shocked! Although she did not negate Sage Paraashara’s request, she expressed her fear and concern regarding the same. However, Sage Paraashara consoled and convinced her by creating a conducive situation with his enormous “Yoga-Balam” for them to get together. Also, Sage Paraashara assured her that with this child’s birth, she wouldn’t be losing her virginity and this son would not be living with her at all. He’s going to be a great sage and is about to make a great contribution to this world in terms of “Dharma”. Moreover, if Satyavati wants to meet him anytime, he would appear in front of her then and there! 

After this assurance from Sage Paraashara, Satyavati was convinced and both of them get together. Unlike ordinary children taking ten months to be born, this child was born immediately once they got together. All this happened in the middle of the River Yamuna, amidst an island that was created by Sage Paraashara with his “Yoga-Balam”. This child was black in color when it was born, and this is why it obtained the name called “Krishna-Dvaipaayana”. We should remember that “Krishna” means “Black”. Moreover, since the child was born beneath the “Badri” tree, the child was also called “Baadaraayana”. As the child was born, right from the first minute he was interested only in searching for the ultimate “Brahman”. He was not into any worldly activities. In fact, he did not even know of anything around him as he slipped into deep “Tapas” almost immediately after taking birth. 

However, upon seeing all this, Satyavati did not understand anything. We should remember here that she was born amidst a group of fishermen, and she did not have even an iota of spiritual knowledge that Sage Paraashara had. As the child was born, Sage Paraashara blessed Satyavati with virginity again, and with this he left. As Sage Paraashara left, this child talks to his mother thus, “Oh Mother! Please do not mistake me for what I’m going to tell you now – I cannot live with you because I’m completely into “Tapas”. However, if you want my help at some point in time, you can feel free to call me anytime. I shall appear in front of you immediately when you call out for me! Please do not feel bad that I’m not with you. I’m always with you in an invisible form!” Assuring Satyavati thus, the child leaves her and with this, Satyavati also returns home as if nothing had happened. 

This child, which obtained the names “Krishna-Dvaipaayana” and “Bodaraayana” is none other than Sage Veda-Vyaasa. Thus till this point, we’ve witnessed how Sage Vyaasa incarnated. We’ve seen in our first episode itself that Sage Vyaasa is also considered to be one of the divine incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu Himself. This is why we chant the sloka as “Vyaasaaya vishnuroopaaya vyaasa roopaaya vishnave”! Thus, Sage Vyaasa was born and as he left Satyavati, he was instrumental in the birth of Sage Shukaachaarya, but that happened much later. Now Sage Vyaasa went completely into the “Yoga-Nishta” and with this, he obtained divine powers and knowledge. With this, Sage Vyaasa took the Vedas text and segregated it into the four different categories – The “Rig Veda”, “Yajur Veda”, “Saama Veda”, and “Atharvana Veda”. Since Sage Vyaasa was instrumental in segregating the Vedas and simplifying its complex content, he started to be revered and respected all over the world as “Sage Veda-Vyaasa”. 

Thus, today we’ve witnessed the interesting episode of Sage Veda-Vyaasa’s divine incarnation. Later on, this same Sage Vyaasa was completely instrumental in authoring the great Mahabharata text, which we’re currently witnessing. This Mahabhaarata text is the extract and essence of all the Vedas put together, and this is why it is referred to as the fifth Veda, apart from the already witnessed four Vedas. So for today, let us understand upto this point of Sage Veda-Vyaasa’s incarnation, and in the next episode, we shall witness what were the series of events that happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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