Episode # 82 – Sage Parashara meets Satyavati amidst River Yamuna!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced Sage Vaishampayana’s detailed accord on the Mahabharata right from the birth of King Upari-Chara-Vasu. We had witnessed how this King Upari-Chara-Vasu was noble in nature, and had obtained enormous boons from Indra himself. Once upon a time, King Upari-Chara-Vasu had undertaken a huge penance with the aim of attaining a good position in the Indra-Lokha. However, Indra was not ready to grant such a thing to King Upari-Chara-Vasu. Instead, Indra gave him the option of an equivalent position in this world itself as a normal human being, wherein he would be in-charge of ensuring whether everything in this world is happening as per the principles of “Dharma”. King Upari-Chara-Vasu too did not argue much with Indra and accepted this deal. Subsequently, once when King Upar-Chara-Vasu was roaming around in a thick forest, he suddenly had the feeling of “Kaama” (Desire) within him. This “Kaama” feeling let out the energy that is required for child birth. Since his wife was not in his vicinity at that time, he transferred that energy into a bird, with an instruction that this bird should carry and deposit this energy into his wife’s womb, so that a child would take birth. 

However, the bird accidentally ended up transferring this energy into a fish. Subsequently, the fish had to bear King Upari-Chara-Vasu’s child, and with that, two children were born – One boy and one girl. Since they were born to a fish, the girl’s name was Matsya-Gandhi. Also since these children were born to a fish, the smell of fish was very strong in both of their bodies. Both these children were being brought up amidst the fisherman community, not knowing that these children were actually those of King Upari-Chara-Vasu. As seen yesterday, this fish had a name, Adrika. This fish was not an ordinary one. It was one of the “Apsaras women” who had taken birth as a fish. Because of some wrongdoing in the past, she had accumulated some curse from some sage, and because of this, she was living in that pond as a fish. Once these two children were born, this Adrika was freed from the curse and left this physical body of the fish. 

Thus, this girl child that was born out of the fish was named as “Matsya-Gandhi”, however, her original name was “Satyavati”. This Satyavati was a beautiful woman and since she was growing amidst fishermen, her main job was to ferry a boat from one bank of River Yamuna to the other bank on the other side of the river. This was going on everyday as per the routine, and one fine day, Sage Paraashara came by that way. He wanted to cross the River Yamuna and was looking for a boat to do so. Finally his eyes fell on this particular boat where Satyavati was sitting. He approached Satyavati and requested her help to cross the river with her boat. Satyavati agreed and Sage Paraashara got on to the boat. 

As the boat was travelling amidst the river, Sage Paraashara was looking at Satyavati and was getting immersed in her beauty. He immediately expresses his desire to her thus, “Oh Satyavati! I’m none other than the great Sage Paraashara. Today I’m seeing you and I’m falling in love with you. We have an important task to do together – We should get together and have a son who would be a great sage and the world would revere and respect him for something great that he is going to accomplish!” Upon hearing this, Satyavati was shocked! She did not know how to react! Amidst the River Yamuna, if someone is coming and asking such a question and that too so directly – How can a woman feel comfortable? Satyavati too was in this state of shock. On one hand, Sage Paraashara is an extremely powerful person and if she negates his proposal, she might end up in a huge trouble. On the other hand, she did not know how to take this matter to her parents, and what would be their reaction. However, she composed herself within a couple of minutes and replied back to Sage Paraashara thus, “Oh great Sage! I revere and respect your words. However, we’re amidst a river and there are people (Sages) on either side of the banks. What if they see us together? Won’t that be an insult to you? Afterall I’m a fisherwoman, whereas you are a great Sage. How will the world appreciate our combination?” 

As Satyavati expresses her concern thus, Sage Paraasharata understood her fear. Immediately with his “Yoga-Bala” (Power of Penance) he makes everything around them to be blurred and in such a way that nobody would be able to see their union. With that, everything gets blurred immediately! However, Satyavati was still not satisfied. She replies thus, “Oh Sage! It is fine that all things around us have become blurred! However, we’re in between the fast-flowing Yamuna River. How will we be able to get together amidst the water? For that too, Sage Paraashara had an answer – He immediately creates an island in between the river and both of them walk into it. This island was completely secluded and was beautifully created by Sage Paraashara’s “Yoga-Bala” again. Even after this, Satyavati’s concerns did not vanish completely. She asks again, “Oh Sage! Now we’re getting together. That’s fine. After this, you would leave me then and there. What would happen to my life henceforth? How will I take care of this child all by myself? Moreover, what would happen to my marriage when I attain that particular age? Who will marry me if anyone comes to know that I’m already a mother of a child?” 

Sage Paraashara had an answer for this as well. He replies thus, “Oh Satyavati! Please do not worry about this! Even if you get pregnant and bear a child, your virginity would not go away. This is not an ordinary child that you’re going to bear now. This child is extremely divine in nature. Moreover, remember one thing very clearly – The moment this child is born, he is going to leave you immediately. He’s not going to reside with you. However, he would appear in front of you whenever you think of him and whenever you need some help. So, you don’t need to worry!” 

With this reply from Sage Paraashara, Satyavati was convinced and they get together to obtain a child. Now who is this child that we’re talking about all this while? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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