Episode # 54 – Sage Jarath-Kaaru’s “Terms & Conditions” to get married!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed some important pointers pertaining to why should we perform the “Tarpana” and the “Shraadha” regularly without fail. We’ve witnessed in multiple contexts earlier as well, but specifically to this context of Sage Jarath-Kaaru, we’ve witnessed how the Pitru Devatas are extremely worried since Sage Jarath-Kaaru is not getting married, which is becoming a stumbling block for the next generation to come up. Only if the next generation is up and running, will the “Pitru Devatas” be able to get the due share of their “Argya” through the Tarpanas and Shraadha, isn’t it? This is where the concern was. As the Pitru Devatas voice out thus, Sage Jarath-Kaaru decides to conclude his Brahmacharya-Vratha and get into the “Grihastha-Ashrama”. However, Sage Jarath-Kaaru is not going to get married so easily. Everything in this world comes up with “Terms and Conditions”, isn’t it? Even if we buy a product or a service in the market, it comes with some “Terms of usage”, etc.! 🙂 Even for marriage today, the bride and the groom have enormous terms and conditions for each other, isn’t it? Similarly, Sage Jarath-Kaaru had his own “Terms and Conditions” for his marriage! Let us look at them in today’s episode! 

As Sage Jarath-Kaaru is going to ask for the two conditions, he decided that he’s going to act a bit smart! Even though he had accepted the wish of the “Pitru Devatas” in getting into the “Grihastha-Ashrama”, something was preventing Sage Jarath-Kaaru in giving up the Brahmacharya Vratha. He still wanted to continue in it, despite the request of the “Pitru Devatas”. So he frames his conditions quite smartly here. Sage Jarath-Kaaru says thus, “Oh Pitru Devatas! So here are my two conditions – Condition 1: The person who is going to marry me should also have the same name as mine! My name is Jarath-Kaaru, and my wife should also have the name, Jarath Kaaru! Condition 2: Even if someone comes by the name “Jarath-Kaaru”, she should come in search of me. I wouldn’t go in search of anyone seeking a bride! Till these two conditions are satisfied, I shall continue with my Brahmacharya Vratha only. I would continue to live with the “Bhikhsa” (Offerings) given by other people and I would maintain this “Dharma” till someone comes to me voluntarily!”

Upon hearing this from Sage Jarath-Kaaru, the “Pitru Devatas” become thoughtful! How smart was Sage Jarath-Kaaru to ask for such impending conditions! Now where do they find a girl who has a boy’s name? This itself would be extremely rare! Even if they find someone like that, how would she have this particular name and not any other boy’s name? This is the second challenge! To compound this further, that girl should come in search of him, and he is not going to move an inch anywhere for this purpose! How to bring these three challenges together and find a solution for this? Days and months were passing by and nothing seemed to move further. Sage Jarath-Kaaru was again engrossed into his “Tapas” and he too did not seem to be interested in these things. Of course, Sage Jarath-Kaaru outrightly mentioned that he is not going to go anywhere in search of a bride and hence, it is only obvious that he’s not going to be interested! 

At this juncture, we’re going to change the scene once again! We’re going to leave this story of Sage Jarath-Kaaru at this stage and enter into a new story. At the end of this new story, we would tie the knot between these two stories. We’re now going into the story wherein Bhagawan Vishnu, along with the Devas and Raakshasas drilled the “Paar-Kadal” (Ocean of Milk) to search for the divine “Amrita”. I’ve already mentioned this earlier too, and we’ve also seen that Snake Vaasuki was the one who helped the entire process go through. As the “Manthara Mountain” was laid as a fulcrum, Snake Vaasuki was tied to it and was pulled in either ends by the Devas and the Raakshasas. Thus, Snake Vaasuki was like a pulley that was tied to the fulcrum called “Manthara Mountain”. This Snake Vaasuki was a very wanted person by the Devas, as he was always ensuring the welfare of Indra and Co. at the cost of the Raakshasas. Hence, Snake Vaasuki and the Devas, along with Bhagawan Brahma were extremely good friends. 

Snake Vaasuki’s mother was Kadru. In fact, this Kadru was the mother of all snakes in the Naaga Lokha. Kadru was none other than Sage Kashyapa’s wife. Sage Kashyapa had many wives, and Kadru was one among them. We are now going to witness what happened in Sage Kashyapa’s family, and how a problem was brewing up to dangerous levels! Let us wait till the next episode to continue this story further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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