Episode # 53 – We perform “TARPANA” & SHRAADHA” for ourselves to attain “Moksha” after this birth!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion as to why should we perform the “Tarpana” and the “Shraadha” regularly for our departed parents and grandparents. After their demise, since they become part of the “Pitru Lokha”, it is mandatory for us to offer our prayers and “Argya” (Offering) to our “Pitrus” or ancestors. We witnessed yesterday as to why do we perform the “Tarpana” and what is the significance behind it. We’ve witnessed how the water (“Argya”) that we offer here gets transformed into the food that the “Pitrus” consume at the “Pitru Lokha” with the chanting of the relevant “Mantras” as part of the process. Just like how our parents made sure that we never went hungry even for a single day while we were children, isn’t it our duty to ensure that our parents do not go hungry when they are in dire need of it? This is exactly what the Pitrus are explaining to Sage Jarath-Kaaru here. They are mooting him to go in for a family life, not only for the sake of experiencing the happiness and pleasures involved in it, but also to ensure that the next generation is born so that they can take care of the continuous supply of food and water to the “Pitrus”. This becomes extremely significant here as we’ve to remember this very carefully. 

As we move on, there might be one myth that might constantly be troubling us at the back of our minds. We might ask this question – As our parents pass away from this “Manushya Lokha”, getting into Vaikunta, Svarga Lokha or Naraka Lokha totally depends upon their individual “Paapa” and “Punya” accounts, isn’t it? What bearing that this “Tarpana” or “Shraadha” have in them going to Vaikunta and attaining “Moksha”? How does the water that we offer take them to “Moksha” all the way? This is where we confuse ourselves – In no place does the “Sanaatana Dharma” mention that our parents attain “Moksha” by the “Tarpana” that we perform. Then why at all do we do this “Tarpana” and “Shraadha”? The sole reason behind it is that, we’ve to go to “Moksha” tomorrow, isn’t it? It is for this reason we perform the “Tarpana” and “Shraadha”. Of course, our parents and grandparents go to “Moksha” based on their “Paapa” and “Punya” accounts. Some people get reborn in this world in some other place, which we wouldn’t be aware of. However, the reason behind our “Tarpana” is solely our “Moksha” path. Bhagawan has clearly laid out the path here – “If you perform the “Tarpana” by offering the “Argya” correctly as per due procedure, my heart gets satisfied and happy! It is through my happiness that you attain “Moksha” and not because of the water that you offer!” 

Thus, we’ve to understand very clearly here that we perform the “Tarpana” and the “Shraadha” solely because Bhagawan wants us to do this, as a duty to our parents. As we perform these important “Karmas”, our “Paapa” account keeps getting nullified then and there. This would pave the way automatically to reach Bhagawan. This is exactly what the “Pitrus” are explaining to Sage Jarath-Kaaru here. As they explain thus, Sage Jarath-Kaaru decides that he has had enough with his Brahmacharya Vratha, and it is time for him to move on with the next stage of life – The “Grihasta-Ashrama”. However, Sage Jarath-Kaaru adds a small clause here – “Oh Pitrus! I shall get married, but under two conditions!” Many of us today have “n” number of conditions to get married, isn’t it? 🙂 For instance, some people demand that the boy should be a graduate from IIT and / or IIM, the boy should be a gold medalist, the boy should earn 10 Lakh rupees per month, etc.! 🙂 I seriously doubt what the girls’ side is going to do with Rs. 10 Lakh per month! Normally we require money for a decent living with all required basic facilities and essentialities. However, if we’re going to marry for the sole aim of accumulating more and more property and money, I seriously doubt whether such marriages would sustain in the long run! 

Coming back to this context again, Sage Jarath-Kaaru comes up with a couple of conditions here for his marriage. So what are the conditions that Sage Jarath-Kaaru is putting forth? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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