Episode # 194 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna forgives Indra and Varuna for their folly!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna protected the entire village of Gokula from the wrath of Indra and Varuna by lifting the Govardhana Mountain in His little finger and providing shelter to all the hundreds of people and animals in the village. Since Bhagawan Bala-Krishna had the huge Govardhana Mountain in His hands, we worship Him to this day as Bhagawan Govardhana-Giridhari. This act of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna rendered Indra’s gimmicks totally useless. He made Indra and Varuna look like jokers with the rains pounding on the barren land with nobody getting affected due to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine grace. Finally as this was continuing, Indra and Varuna Bhagawan too realized that their efforts were futile and ultimately the rains came to an end. Indra and Varuna realized their folly and thus decided to come and meet Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, so as to seek forgiveness. 

Meanwhile, before they came down, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was giving all the Gokula residents a divine experience wherein all of them had the unique opportunity to worship Bhagawan Govardhana-Giridhari. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s friends were taken by awe upon seeing Him balancing the huge mountain in His little finger. They ask Bhagawan Bala-Krishna as to how this is possible, to which Bhagawan Bala-Krishna “confuses” the children, as He always does! If we look into many instances of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine incarnation, it would be as if He’s confusing everyone with what He’s trying to convey. Even in the Bhagawad Gita, many of us aren’t able to understand what He’s exactly trying to say because of this reason only! 🙂 However, we should understand that Bhagawan Krishna is very clear in what He’s trying to convey. It is only we who lack that level of knowledge to deeply understand what He’s trying to say. If we try to understand with a bit more effort and concentration, we would definitely be able to understand what He’s trying to say. In due course, we would also be looking into many such instances wherein Bhagawan Krishna would seemingly be confusing with what He does, but a deeper understanding would let us know the real meaning behind His actions and words. 

As the rains came to a halt, and as the people of Gokula disperse off to their places again, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna meets Indra and Varuna Bhagawan. He thus gives them a stern warning as to not cause any harm to anyone, just on the pretext of being jealous or insecure. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna also issues a clear statement to Indra that He’s not going to be of any threat for his position as the leader of the Devas. Hearing this from Bhagawan, Indra seeks unconditional apology and leaves back to the Indra Lokha, along with his deputy, Varuna Bhagawan. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna too, forgives their mistakes and lets them go. Thus, with this we come to the end of the Govardhana episode and before we go into the next “Krishna-Leela” there is an important point that I would like to stress upon. 

We had witnessed this point in fact, in yesterday’s episode and subsequently in many previous episodes as well that we would be able to experience all these divine “Leelas” of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna only if we visit these places in person. In these lines, we had witnessed the location of Mathura city, Gokula village, etc. which are all along the either banks of the holy River Yamuna in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, some 50-60 kms off Delhi. This Govardhana Mountain that we’re currently discussing here can also be worshipped today, some 1-2 kilometers away from Gokula. There are a few huge rocks at that location, embedded in a small cliff. This entire structure is the Govardhana mountain, and it is this mountain which Bhagawan Bala-Krishna had lifted with His divine hands. If we go to this place today, we can have the divine opportunity to touch these rocks, bow down and worship the Govardhana Mountain. Of course, we should have the faith strong within all of us that these rocks are those which were touched by our beloved Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. 

More than the faith, we should somehow allocate time and effort for this. I’m sure that all of us who are reading this blog here are Bhaktas only. Faith is there in all of us. But the question here is that, how do we prioritize Bhagawan Bala-Krishna over all our other routines in life. There is usually a trend amidst all of us that if we’ve to go on a spiritual “Yatra” (Tour), we would immediately say, “Oh! Spiritual tour? Let’s go after the age of 65, or after retirement!” We should first of all realize that our next breath is not in our hands. Even in the present day, we’re seeing thousands and thousands of people (mainly youngsters) dying due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we’ve also started to realize how uncertain life is. Given this harsh reality, should we still keep postponing our visit to Mathura, Gokula, Vrindavan, Ayodhya, etc.? When we get an opportunity, no matter what our age and priorities are, we should make the best use to go and visit these places and enjoy the divine experiences of Bhagawan Krishna and Bhagawan Rama. 

So for today, let us realize this important point, and we shall continue this important discussion in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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