Episode # 147 – Bhagawan’s “Leelas” in this world are for a definitive purpose – An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion as to why Vasudeva had to carry Bhagawan Krishna overnight and leave Him at Gokula without anybody’s knowledge. It is mainly because it was Bhagawan’s instructions, and many times, it is virtually impossible for us to understand what Bhagawan intends to do and why is He doing so. Only He can explain things clearly! As for us, ardent devotees, we are here only to experience Bhagawan’s “Leelas” (Divine plays) and not to question His actions. I’ve also mentioned another point in our previous episodes with regards to the nature of Bhagawan Krishna as compared to Bhagawan Rama. During the Ramayana project, we’ve clearly seen how Bhagawan Rama followed the “rule book” verbatim from A to Z, all through His life. We’ve seen how Bhagawan Rama was an obedient son to His father, how He was a great elder brother to Lakshmana and Co., how He was a loyal and a loving husband to Mother Sita, etc. Thus, Bhagawan Rama ensured that He followed Dharma and set Himself as a role model for others to follow. However, Bhagwan Krishna is slightly different. His nature is very simple – “Whatever I do in this world is Dharma”! 🙂 This is why we would witness more of “Krishna-Leela”, rather than “Rama-Leela”! We wouldn’t have virtually heard of anything called “Rama-Leela” ever, isn’t it? It is only with Bhagawan Krishna that we would see all the playing here and there. By saying so, I’m not demeaning Bhagawan Rama over Bhagawan Krishna. All I’m saying here is that, the purpose of the “Rama-Avatara” and the “Krishna-Avatara” were entirely different. 

Moreover, the “Yugas” during which both Avataras took place were totally different and it’s not easy for us to compare. When Bhagawan Rama incarnated during the Treta Yuga, Dharma wasn’t so diminished as it was during the Dvaapara Yuga, wherein Bhagawan Krishna incarnated. So according to the diminishing of “Dharma” in this world, Bhagawan has to change His style and character, isn’t it? It is very similar to that of cricket – In Indian home conditions, which are favourable for spin bowling, batsmen have to accommodate themselves to these conditions, whereas if we go to Australia or England, the playing conditions are very different. Pitches would have more of pace and bounce, and Indian batsmen should play according to the merit of the pitch, isn’t it? We’re clearly seeing here too, how we as normal human beings itself accustom and acclimatise ourselves to changing conditions. If we’re doing so, Bhagawan should also do so as per the changing “Dharma” conditions, isn’t it? This is why it becomes very complex to attach worldly meanings to why Bhagawan Krishna did certain “Leelas” in this world. If we look at these outwardly, it wouldn’t make sense, but given the context, various situations, compulsions, etc. Bhagawan had no other option, but to do certain things at that point in time. 

Similarly, many might have this doubt – Why did Bhagawan Krishna make Yudishtra “lie” during the battlefield at Kurukshetra about Guru Dhronacharya’s death? Isn’t it a foul game? Why is Bhagawan Krishna showing “favouritism” towards the Pandavas? There are many justifications to it, and obviously we would take one full episode to discuss the answers separately. However, to be brief, there were multiple situations that led Bhagawan Krishna to employ such a strategy. It was Guru Dhronacharya’s curse that Drushtadhyumna had to kill him. Secondly, where did Guru Dhronacharya go when Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s son) was killed amidst the “Chakravyuh”, which was totally against the rules of the war? Thirdly, why did Guru Dhronacharya remain silent and as a mute spectator when Draupati was insulted in the public courtroom of King Dhirdiraashtra? All these were Guru Dhronacharya’s grave mistakes and Bhagawan Krishna had to punish him for all what he had done. Thus, rather to look at the situation from just one angle, we should consider multiple viewpoints to view the situation. Hence, whatever Bhagawan Krishna had done to Guru Dhronacharya is completely justified, if we look at it from hindsight. 

Hence, the point that we’ve to understand here is that, all whatever Bhagawan does in this world, are for a definitive purpose. We might not understand the meaning of Bhagawan’s certain actions directly, but that doesn’t mean that Bhagawan has done something wrong. It is we who’ve to understand Bhagawan’s Leelas in the right sense and move on. Saying thus, we’re amidst the incident wherein Vasudeva has brought the baby girl (Goddess Yoga-Maya) into the Mathura city prison and this baby girl is crying loud. Kamsa is after the baby’s life as this is officially the eighth kid of the Devaki-Vasudeva couple. When Kamsa realizes that this is a baby girl, rather than a baby boy as expected, he is perplexed and confused as to what to do. Should he kill the baby or should he leave it? Of course, Vasudeva had his bit of some “Pre-Bhagawad Gita” that his son is about to give to the world later 🙂 But Kamsa didn’t pay heed this time around. He’s in a savage resolution, not to take any chances, as it is a life-death situation for him. 

So what is Kamsa going to do next? Is he going to kill this girl child? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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