Episode # 146 – Why should Vasudeva escort Bhagawan Krishna to Gokula secretly overnight? A discussion!!!

We’re at the midst of an important juncture as to how Bhagawan Krishna “escaped” the prison campus at Mathura City in the middle of the night. We’ve seen in yesterday’s episode as to how Vasudeva transported Little Krishna on his head by walking across the Yamuna river, finally heading towards Gokula. Vasudeva finds Yashoda’s place, enters inside without anybody’s knowledge, places Little Krishna there and brings back the baby girl (Goddess Yoga-Maya) which Yashoda had just delivered. As all this was conspiring, it was surprising that Vasudeva was able to comfortably walk out of the prison, even amidst the tight security that Kamsa had placed. Vasudeva was able to complete the mission of transferring babies from Mathura to Gokula and vice-versa without any hassle and without anybody’s knowledge. Aren’t these instances Bhagawan’s divine plays? He wanted things to happen this way during this incarnation. The “mysterious” way in which He took birth at Mathura jail and the “mysterious” things (Leelas) that He performed all throughout His tenure in this world are all a treat for us to enjoy and experience, isn’t it? 

We might ask a question here – Why should Bhagawan Krishna act like a coward here? Why can’t He publicly announce His birth to Kamsa straightaway? Why did Bhagawan “steal” butter and other milk products when He was a little boy? Why should Bhagawan steal all these things? What kind of message does it convey to people like us? The answer is very simple – To be born in such and such ways are Bhagawan’s “Sankalpa” (Divine Will & Wish) and we’re not apt people to question that. Even if we’ve to do so, we should understand that Kamsa’s fate designed Bhagawan’s birth episode in such a way. Kamsa’s wickedness, the need for Kamsa to be repeatedly warned, etc. compelled Bhagawan to take this route. Similarly, we might find the same thing with Bhagawan Narasimha too – Why did Bhagawan Narasimha come out of a pillar and why not straight away directly in front of Hiranya Kashibu? The answer is the same – Bhagawan has to act according to the boons that these Raakshasas obtain from Bhagawan Brahma. His calculations are beyond one’s reach. 

Moreover, if we say that Bhagawan Krishna stole a lot of things during His childhood days, there is a meaning for all this in the deeper spiritual context. Bhagawan “stole” butter from the houses of Gokula and sent a message to “Bhaktas” like us that just like stealing this butter, Bhagawan is stealing our hearts which are as soft and pure as the butter. He is trying and instilling the purest “Bhakti” in all our hearts by doing so. Moreover, by stealing items at Gokula, Bhagawan is sending out the highest message that if we surrender to His lotus feet, He would “steal away” all our sins and unwanted “Praarabdha Karma”, and make us eligible to attain “Moksha”. Bhagawan Krishna takes birth in this world so that we do not need to take a re-birth again in this world. Bhagawan Krishna is taking birth in a prison complex so that we’re freed away from the “prison” called “Samsaara”. So for every action of Bhagawan, there are inert and deeper spiritual meanings. So the point here is that, we shouldn’t just look at these stories in an outward way and conclude that Bhagawan took birth in this world just to enjoy His life by stealing and playing pranks with people. There are all these deeper messages which we’re going to see one after the other in the subsequent episodes in detail as and when the situation and context arises. 

Thus, Bhagawan Krishna is transported to Gokula successfully overnight and in turn, Vasudeva brings in “Goddess Yoga-Maya” in place of Bhagawan Krishna! The baby is crying aloud, which attracts the attention of Kamsa straightaway. He immediately gets up from his sound sleep and he knew that this is the eighth child. He’s now in all forms of tension and with that, he rushes with his treacherous sword towards the prison complex, where Vasudeva and Devaki were having the baby in their hands. As soon as Kamsa reaches the prison, he comes to know that the newborn baby is a girl and not a boy! Upon seeing this, Kamsa was both shocked and surprised at the same time! He didn’t know how to react.

We’ve to recollect here – The heavenly voice once said that it would be the eighth “son” of Devaki that would kill Kamsa. Thus, the eighth baby should have ideally been a son, and not a daughter. Kamsa was perplexed at what he was seeing, however he decided to go for the kill – For “safety reasons”! He recollected Sage Narada’s words that there was a larger conspiracy planned by Indra and Co. to cheat Kamsa, and perhaps this was also a ploy to cheat him! Thinking thus, Kamsa quickly grabs the girl baby from Vasudeva’s hands and Vasudeva stops him once again. Vasudeva explains that killing a girl child is perhaps the greatest sin of all times, but this time, Kamsa had enough! He’s not going to listen to Vasudeva’s “lectures” on what is a sin and what is not! He quickly hurries to kill the girl child, until something unique happens again! What is that unique happening? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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