Episode # 137 – Does Bhagawan control us, or do we control Bhagawan? An interesting discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of how Bhagawan Vishnu plans His incarnation in this world. On one hand, He assures Indra & CoBhagawan Brahma, Goddess Bhoomadevi, etc. who had come to Vaikunta to voice out their grievances, and on the other hand, Bhagawan started planning His future set of actions. We had witnessed that Bhagawan Vishnu chooses and handpicks Devaki and Vasudeva to be His parents when He incarnates. We’ve also witnessed in due course of yesterday’s episode as to why Bhagawan chose these two people and why not someone else. We’ve seen how Devaki and Vasudeva were once ardent Vishnu devotees in the past, which is why Bhagawan is trying to honor their highest level of devotion by being born as their own son. Bhagawan always wishes to be controlled by His ardent devotees, and this is one example. 

We might wonder here – Is Bhagawan controlling all of us, or are we controlling Bhagawan? What is the difference between the two? If we’re Bhaktas of the highest order, Bhagawan automatically comes into our fold and starts dancing to our tunes. However, if we’re starting to walk the path of “Adharma”, Bhagawan has no other option but to start controlling us. We can see this in all incarnations of Bhagawan. In our previous Ramayana project also we’ve seen this – Bhagawan Rama was an obedient son of King Dasharata and His three mothers – Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra Devi. Bhagawan Rama descended to the forest for fourteen long years with just that one instruction from His father. Here, King Dasharata was just an ordinary “Jeevatma” like all of us. Even then, if Bhagawan (“Paramatma”) has to listen to the words of a “Jeevatma”, we can see how much of a Bhakta, King Dasharata was. In fact, just like how we’re currently talking about Devaki and Vasudeva being great Bhaktas of Bhagawan Vishnu in their previous births, King Dasharata and Kausalya Devi had a similar past as well. This is why Bhagawan chose them as His parents during the “Rama-Avatara”. Hence, if we’re Bhaktas of the highest level, Bhagawan would automatically be under our control, and Bhagawan likes to be controlled and instructed by Bhaktas. 

There is a similar instance too that happened with Bhagawan Panduranga at the famous “Pandarpur Kshetra” in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Many of us might be knowing this place and Bhagawan Panduranga is none other than Bhagawan Krishna Himself. Once upon a time at Pandarpur, when all the Bhaktas were dancing with ecstasy with all the bhajans and devotional songs being sung, Bhagawan Pandurangra was slowly losing patience and finally at one stage, He too joined the Bhaktas and started dancing along with them! In fact, for a few minutes nobody realized that Bhagawan too was dancing along with them, unless and until somebody in the group realized what was happening! As people realized that Bhagawan was also amidst them, all of them stopped whatever they were doing, looked up to Bhagawan and asked thus, “Oh Panduranga! All of us are your ardent devotees! We wanted to dance and sing in praise of you. If that is the case, why are you joining us and dancing? You should be the one who is witnessing all of it, isn’t it? You should be the one who should be blessing us with your divine grace by witnessing all our singing and dancing!” 

To this, Bhagawan Panduranga replied thus, “Oh devotees! I’m seeing your ardent devotion every passing day, and I’m getting overwhelmed by your deep affection and love towards me. At some point, I couldn’t resist myself and badly wanted to be amidst all of you and dance amongst you! I got that opportunity today and here am I, dancing along with you! I’m really enjoying your presence all around me! Why do you want to spoil this experience?” Bhagawan Panduranga continues further thus, “Oh Bhaktas! Let me request you one more thing – Please do not “isolate” me at one place. By doing so, I’m starting to feel very lonely, standing at one place without doing anything! When I see all of you dancing and singing happily, I always have that urge to be amidst all of you to do the same! Hence, please include me also in your group, and please let me dance and sing along with you!” 

Upon hearing thus from Bhagawan Panduranga, all the devotees were in tears of joy! If Bhagawan had to express that He’s feeling lonely without being amidst His Bhaktas, we can clearly see here as to how Bhagawan loves to be controlled by His Bhaktas, isn’t it? So for today, let us understand this point very clearly that Bhagawan would automatically come under our control if we pray ardently at His divine lotus feet with our blind, pure and innocent devotion. Thus, in the next episode, we shall continue further with how Bhagawan Vishnu planned the various other aspects of His upcoming incarnation in this world! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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