Episode # 136 – Why did Bhagawan Krishna “CHOOSE” Devaki & Vasudeva as His parents and not anyone else? An important point!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein we’ve witnessed how Devaki and Vasudeva were subjected to strict imprisonment by Kamsa at Mathura city on one hand, and on the other, the discussion between the Devas and Bhagawan Vishnu is taking place, wherein Bhagawan Vishnu decides to incarnate in this world yet another time. He decides that the time has come to re-establish “Dharma” in this world, and thus in the process, “chooses” to be born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva. We had witnessed this in the previous episode, and had concluded with an intriguing question – Why did Bhagawan Vishnu “handpick” Devaki and Vasudeva to be His parents for this upcoming incarnation? Why not somebody else? But before this, we shall witness the small continuation of this discussion between the Devas and Bhagawan Vishnu, and how Bhagawan gives assurance to the Devas and Goddess Bhoomadevi. 

As the Devas and Goddess Bhoomadevi express their concerns, Bhagawan Vishnu assures them thus, “Oh Indra & Co.! Oh Bhoomadevi! Oh Bhagawan Brahma! Please do not worry. I shall incarnate shortly in the world and put an end to all of your problems. I shall be born as a human being with a black physical body and with a handsome look (Krishna). Similarly, Bhagawan Aadisesha would also incarnate alongside me as my brother, with a dazzling white appearance and with a great strength (Balarama). Before all this, I would instruct “Yoga-Maya” (Goddess Devi) to incarnate alongside me, so that Kamsa can be fooled and taken aback. Yoga-Maya would incarnate in such a way that she would assume a fearful form to send shockwaves to Kamsa. In the meanwhile, I would like all the Devas here, including you, Indra, to take birth in this world as “Gopikas”, and when the time is ripe, I myself shall come to all of you and grace you with my divine blessings! At the same time, all the “Apsara” women (Divine women in the “Deva-Lokha”) would be born in Gokula as normal village women, and would be around me all the time! With this setup, I shall finish Kamsa’s atrocities in this world, and you don’t need to worry henceforth. Now please do what I’ve said – This is the roadmap for all of us ahead!” 

Such was the reply from Bhagawan Vishnu and all of them around Him were extremely happy to hear Bhagawan’s words. They celebrate Bhagawan’s words and are extremely happy and eagerly awaiting Bhagawan’s divine incarnation in the world, yet again. Indra and Co. immediately prepare themselves to take birth in the world – The message is loud and clear here! Bhagawan has decided that He’s going to spend quality time with all of them, and the time is about to come for that divine moment. Moreover, Kamsa’s atrocities are also nearing the end, and Goddess Bhoomadevi is also feeling happy for that. With this, the conversation comes to an end, and now we shall move on with the next question – Why did Bhagawan Vishnu choose this couple in particular (Devaki and Vasudeva)? Why not somebody else? Bhagwan could have killed Kamsa from wherever He would have taken birth, isn’t it? The reason is very simple – Devaki and Vasudeva were once upon a time ardent Vishnu devotees. Few births before this, both of them had dedicated their entire lives to be in service to Bhagawan and had been extremely ardent and austere in their devotion towards Him. It is to honour their ardent devotion, did Bhagawan wait and wait till this time to give them this divine opportunity. 

Thus, the message is loud and clear from Bhagawan here – If we’re devoted to Bhagawan with our full effort, Bhagawan would surely respond in the way He should. Of course, it requires patience from our end too. We cannot say that today we did a  lot of prayers, and tomorrow Bhagawan isn’t responding. It’s not something that happens over night! Bhagawan’s main testing point to all of us is whether we have the consistency in our devotion towards Him. The main testing parameter here is whether we are getting distracted by all the worldly affairs here, or whether we’re trying to overcome all of this and focus on Bhagawan. Devaki and Vasudeva are perfect examples of sustained devotion and for this, Bhagawan is reciprocating with perhaps the greatest gift of being His parents during this upcoming Krishna-Avatara. 

So for today, let us understand this important point and let us take a firm resolution that we wouldn’t deviate from the “Bhakti-Maarga” till our last breath. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of the “Charitra” forward. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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