Episode # 56 – Hiranya Kashibu plays the “Ocean bid” – Bhagawan Vishnu outsmarts him yet again!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another attempt by Hiranya Kashibu to neutralize Prahlaada and his unending devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana. He had ordered little Prahlaada to be pushed off the cliff, in a bid to see how he survived this challenge! However, to his utter disbelief, Little Prahlaada walked back unscathed and unhurt – Thanks to Bhagawan Vishnu’s timely intervention to protect him! This makes Hiranya Kashibu more jittery than never before! His fear was slowly overriding him, however, his ego refused to budge. He wanted to somehow prove his superiority over Bhagawan Vishnu. He recollected all the boons that he had obtained from Bhagawan Brahma, and riding high on them, he decided to think of another plan. Now that the mountain bid has been foiled, how about the ocean bid? The plan was made! Hiranya Kashibu decided to tie Prahlaada to a huge stone and throw him into the ocean waters! The agenda was to drown him into the water and perhaps, Little Prahlaada would be done and dusted forever? Hiranya Kashibu was amidst the highest level of anger and frustration that he forgot that he’s trying to kill his own son, to prove his superior ego. 

Notwithstanding thus, Hiranya Kashibu calls for Little Prahlaada and first tries to warn him again. He shouts with rage towards the child that he has had enough with Narayana and that, it is high time that Prahlaada mends his ways. However, as we all know by now, Little Prahlaada was as solid as a rock. He’s not going to relent to all these gimmicks of his father! He stood firm by his ground on his relentless pursuit of Bhagawan Vishnu. This made Hiranya Kashibu furious. He immediately orders his people to take Prahlaada away and execute the “ocean bid”. As per the instruction, the ministers of Hiranya Kashibu take Prahlaada to the seashore, tie him to a huge rock with big ropes and throw him into the ocean waters! Little Prahlaada neither got scared upon being tied upon a rock, nor upon looking at the brimming ocean waters! His devotion towards Bhagawan Narayana only increased multifold whenever he was challenged by his father. He immediately prayed to Bhaagwan Vishnu thus, “Oh Bhagawan! You had incarnated as Bhagawan Varaaha to drill the ocean floor and save Mother Earth, isn’t it? Similarly, please help me overcome this ocean challenge!” Praying thus, Little Prahlaada slipped quickly into spiritual and eternal bliss – Typical characteristic of a great Mahatma.

Thus, the minister’s throw Prahlaada into the ocean and walk back to the palace. Back home, Hiranya Kashibu was relieved on one hand, but his affection towards Prahlaada was poking him on the other. It is at this time, Bhagawan Narayana swiftly gets down to action. As Prahlaada was starting to drown into the water, He quickly arrives at that particular spot, catches Prahlaada in both His hands, and brings him out of the water! Prahlaada was again saved! More than getting saved, he was unhurt, unscathed and without even a single sign of being under the water completely. As Bhagawan Vishnu saves Prahlaada thus, the “ocean bid” also was successfully foiled and thwarted! Little Prahlaada again walks back to Hiranya Kashibu’s, and upon seeing his son coming towards him unhurt, Hiranya Kashibu was first overwhelmed with joy that his son was safe! 

He asks Prahlaada thus, “Oh Prahlaada! Now have you changed your mind? Have you forgotten that reckless Vishnu forever? Are you ready to accept me as Bhagawan?” Upon hearing these funny words of desperation from Hiranya Kashibu, Prahlaada did not know whether to laugh or cry! He replies calmly however thus, “Oh father! How can anyone else take the place of Bhagawan Vishnu, who is the savior of the world? As I was drowning in the water, Bhagawan Vishnu miraculously saved me and left me unhurt! How can I forget the great help rendered by Bhagawan Narayana?” Hearing this from the little child, Hiranya Kashibu couldn’t tolerate these words! He has clearly been outsmarted and outplayed here! He was at one end, ashamed of himself, and at the other end, furious that Little Prahlaada was seemingly unaffected by whatever he’s doing! Now, is Hiranya Kashibu going to relent atleast after this drubbing, or is he going to continue his gimmicks further? Let’s wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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