Episode # 55 – Little Prahlada survives the “mountain scare” – Bhagawan Vishnu outsmarts Hiranya Kashibu yet again!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Little Prahlaada surviving the “elephant scare” that was meted out by his father, Hiranya Kashibu. The sole agenda of Hiranya Kasibu was to prove a point to his little son that he can be more powerful than the Vishnu, whom he was going behind everytime! With that intention, the “elephant scare” was the first amongst many attempts made by the desperate Hiranya Kashibu to make Little Prahlaada mend his ways. However, as we’ve always seen till now, Little Prahlaada was as solid as a rock, when it comes to Bhagawan Vishnu! He’s not someone who can be taken down that easily! As the elephants were trying to scare him out, Prahlaada – The Mahatma went all-out on his devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu – So much that the elephants had to change course! Rather than attacking Prahlaada, the elephants joined hands with the Mahatma to worship Bhagawan Vishnu, which led Hrianya Kashibu “brush off” his eyes in utter dismay! The ploy has clearly failed here! Hiranya Kashibu has clearly been outplayed by Little Prahlaada in terms of Bhagawad Bhakti! 

This leaves Hiranya Kashibu fuming and scampering to make another plan to overcome Prahlaada. He’s now thinking whether he should give Prahlaada the “mountain scare”! Yes! He’s now planning to “throw” Prahlaada down from the top of a cliff! He immediately orders his people to execute his plans and see what happens to Prahlaada. Initially the plan was to scare Prahlaada about the mountains, just to check whether he would still relent from his stance, but clearly the plan was foiled then and there! Little Prahlaada was upto the challenge to being “rolled over” from the mountain. Accordingly, the men of Hiranya kashibu carry Little Prahlaada all the way over the cliff, and are about to roll him down! 

Even at that time, the servants of Hiranya Kashibu were very compassionate towards the little child, although the instruction was loud and clear. They decide to talk one more time to Prahlaada and say thus, “Oh little child! You know how treacherous your father can be, isn’t it? You’re a little child! Why do you want to go against your father’s wishes and experience all this? Why don’t you relent from your stance atleast for once and make your father happy?” As the messengers say thus, Prahlaada replies back, “Oh people! I’m happy that you’re kind and compassionate towards me. However, if your instruction is to drop me from the mountain peak, please go ahead and do it. Bhagawan Narayana is always with me to protect me. If I’ve to be alive after this, it is Bhagawan’s wish! If I’ve to be dead after this, it is again Bhagawan’s wish! You go ahead and do your duty assigned to you! Bhagwan Narayana is always the person in my heart, and there is no place for another person in place of Him! So, irrespective of whatever you say and convince me to do, I would not be able to relent a bit! I’m sorry about this, but this is what I am!” 

As the messengers hear Prahlaada’s firm stance thus, they had no other option but to execute the punishment that Hiranya Kashibu had asked them to met out. Little Prahlaada was as firm and solid as a rock. He was thus pushed from the mountain peak, all through to the ground! How harsh can a father be to a small innocent child? As Little Prahlaada was rolling down the mountain, his constant prayers to Bhagawan Vishnu was only this – “Oh Bhagawan Narayana! Someone is trying to challenge your presence and power! You had incarnated as Bhagawan Varaha previously and had saved the entire world from disaster. Similarly, you and Goddess Bhoomadevi should act immediately and protect your ardent devotee, isn’t it? So please act immediately and do the needful!” 

As Prahlaada prays thus, how can Bhagawan Narayana be complacent? He is indebted to answer the fervent calls of His devotee, isn’t it? Thus, He immediately rushes along with Goddess Bhoomadevi, takes Prahlaada in His divine hands and prevents him from falling down on the floor! Thus, Goddess Bhoomadevi also plays a part in protecting Little Prahlaada from falling on the hard earth surface. Both Bhagawan Vishnu and Goddess Bhoomadevi receive Little Prahlaada in their hands and save him from a great disaster! Thus, Little Prahlaada comes unscathed and unhurt! He has survived the “mountain scare” too successfully – Thanks to Bhagawan’s timely intervention! 

As Prahlaada walks back into the palace, Hiranya Kashibu couldn’t believe his eyes! He is outsmarted yet again by the so-called Narayana! He was initially doubtful whether the servants really pushed Prahlaada from the mountain, or did they leave him scot free, just because he was the king’s child. He immediately calls for the servants who were entrusted with the responsibility and demands an answer. They too were surprised upon seeing Prahlaada alive, unscathed and unhurt! They asserted that they had done their duty as per the instruction, but somehow Prahlaada had managed to escape! 

This sends shockwaves along Hiranya Kashibu’s spine! How can someone escape unhurt even if he’s pushed from the peak of a cliff? This is unbelievable! Now, the challenge in front of Hiranya Kashibu is surmounting clearly. What’s his next step going to be? What is Hiranya Kashibu’s next “plan of action” going to be? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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