Episode # 32 – All four categories of the “Varnashrama Dharma” are equal! Inequality -A false propagation by vested elements!!!

In the previous episode, we had discussed an important point wherein Sage Paraashara emphasizes that fact that although the Varnaashrama Dharmas are different in nature and people are categorized accordingly, the concept of attaining “Moksha” is the same for everybody. There is no change in this absolutely. It is not that one attains Moksha and the other is left out. This is a false narrative and to prove this, we had yesterday witnessed how Bhagawan Krishna is advising Arjuna to follow the “Kshatrya Dharma” so that he can attain Moksha at the end. Similarly, we had also witnessed in our second important project, how Vidura is giving important pieces of advice with regards to some key aspects of “Raja Dharma” to King Dhirdiraashtra, and this also paves the way to attain Moksha. Here too, we can witness how Kshatryas can attain Moksha by following their respective “Dharma” properly. This applies to everybody in this world thus. So, just because one has taken birth as a “Brahmin”, there is no assurance that he / she can take Moksha for granted. Only if the Brahmin follows the “Brahmana Dharma”, can he / she attain Moksha. 

With this, let us move on with the next important point here – As Sage Paraashara, Bhagawan Krishna, etc. describe the four different Varnaashrama Dharmas thus, why do we have four thousand divisions in today’s scenario? If we take the constitution of our country today, it talks about “n” number of sub divisions within each of the categories of the Varnaashrama Dharma. We’ve to understand that all these subcategories were created by us, and not by Bhagawan! The Vedas talk only about the four main categories and nothing else. The Upanishads also talk the same. Here, Sage Paraashara also talks only about the four Varnaashrama Dharmas. Bhagawan Krishna has also mentioned in His Bhagawad Gita, only the four important ones. These subcategories were created by our foolish people who are / were in some important government ranks, and who were hungry for gaining some political brownie points for themselves. Unfortunately, we people have fallen blind eyes to these political bigwigs’ false propaganda over the past so many decades now. The false narrative that these people propagate is that, “Vedas have created all the four thousand subcastes and this is why the Vedas and Hinduism have a “divisive agenda” of the society. This is absolute nonsense – Vedas have time and again spoken about only the four categories of the Varnashrama Dharma and nothing else. We’ve to understand this very clearly here, and should not get fooled by those false propagandists’ fake agendas. This is done with the sole aim of maligning our Sanaatana Dharma and we shouldn’t fall prey for this. If we say “four thousand”, we can only talk about the “Four thousand Divya Prabhandas” composed by the great “Alwars”. The number called “four thousand” doesn’t apply to various subcastes, etc. 

Thus, the point here is that, when we talk about the Varnaashrama Dharma, it is only these four categories – Brahmins, Kshatryas, Vaishyas and Shudras. There are no more subdivisions to these, and all that exist today, are personal manifestations, and not the manifestations of any of our Sanaatana Dharma literature. We should also understand that all these four categories of the Varnaashrama Dharma are equal and only if they exist, will there be a balance in the society. The Vedas aren’t foolish texts like how our so-called “Dravidian” politicians propagate. There can never be any more scientific explanations possible in this world, if not for the Vedas. It is only the foolishness and the illiteracy of our poor “Dravidian politicians” that make them thread the wrong line! If they’ve to malign something, they should have adequate proof for the same. Without any proof, can we malign anything? This is where, our poor “Dravidian politicians” lose the plot, and unfortunately they do not even realize that they’re not fooling the people, but are only fooling themselves! 

Moreover, as we had emphasized earlier that all of us were Bhagawan’s divine children, and we were born from different parts of Bhagawan’s divine form, can we say that Bhagawan’s eyes are better than His legs? Can we say that Bhagawan’s hands are better than His smile? We can never say that, isn’t it? Every physical attribute of Bhagawan’s divine form has its own importance and specialities. Thus, we’ve to understand here that all of us are equal and the society can run smoothly only if all the four categories of people perform their jobs correctly as per their respective “Dharma”. So for today, let us understand this important point, and let us wait for the next episode to proceed with the next important point! Stay tuned! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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