Episode # 31 – Can people from all Varnashrama Dharmas attain Moksha? An important point!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how the Varnaashrama Dharma originated from Bhagawan Brahma. We had seen that the Brahmins originated from Bhagawan Brahma’s mouth, because Brahmins’ primary role in the society is to learn, chant and propagate the Vedas and other important texts of our “Sanaatana Dharma”. Since, mouth is the primary means through which the Vedas have to be chanted and propagated, Bhagawan Brahma made sure that the Brahmins are born out of his mouth. Similarly, the Kshatriyas who are to fight against the enemies and protect the country, were born from Bhagawan Brahma’s shoulders. Since, the strength of Kshatriyas are primarily based on the shoulders, these people originated from Bhagawan Brahma’s shoulders. Similarly, the Vaishyas or the business people were born from Bhagawan Brahma’s thighs. Since, business has to be done by sitting for long hours, and these people have to toil hard on the ground with their agricultural and other activities, they need a lot of strength in their thighs and legs. This is why, Bhagawan Brahma gave birth to the Vaishyas from his thighs. 

In these lines thus, we’re witnessing here that the Varnaashrama Dharma classification is not based on superiority / inferiority, but on the occupation and the nature of the job that we do. We’re seeing here that all of us are equal because all of us are being born only from one person, who is none other than Bhagawan Brahma. Since, all of us have only one father, how can one be superior and the other can be inferior? Can any parent treat one child superior and the other child as inferior? This is where, we’ve to understand the equality factor in all the Varnashrama Dharmas. We should never distinguish between one another in the wrong way, as all of us are Bhagawan’s children. Thus, Sage Paraashara explains clearly to Sage Maithreya that there might be differences in what people do, but none are inferior for Bhagawan. Hence, we should also learn to treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. 

Moreover, we’ve to understand that having spoken about the differences here, all of them can attain “Moksha”. It i s not that, only Brahmins can attain “Moksha” because they chant Vedas and other Manthras. All people belonging to any Varnashrama Dharma can attain Moksha and there is an equal chance for everyone to strive for it. Only difference here is that the procedure for each Varnashrama Dharma is different. For instance, Brahmins attain Moksha by meticulously chanting the Vedas, Upanishads, etc. and propagating them for world peace and harmony. Most importantly, Brahmins should not touch money with their hands! If this is followed properly, Brahmins can attain “Moksha” with Bhagawan’s grace. Similarly, Kshatryas can attain “Moksha” by meticulously doing their duty to fight for their country. There is something called “Kshatriya Dharma” and “Raja Dharma”. This is where Bhagawan Krishna pushes Arjuna to take his “Gaandipa” and start fighting, during the Mahabharata’s Kurukshetra war. In fact, the entire Bhagawad Gita was born for this purpose only, isn’t it? In fact, if we look deeply into the Bhagawad Gita, Arjuna at one point gets so unmotivated and frustrated that he wants to leave everything and go to the forest to do penance. 

As Arjuna expresses his wish thus, Bhagawan Krishna gets angry and shouts at him thus, “Oh Arjuna! Do you remember that you’re a Kshatrya? Having adorned the attire of a Kshatrya and having come all the way to the battlefield, why are you running away like a coward? Don’t you have the strength to take on these people? Haven’t you defeated them in the past as well? Moreover, going to the forest and doing penance is not your cup of tea. Only few people can do that and attain Moksha. That path wouldn’t suit you. Your “Dharma” is to fight. You are a Kshatrya. Your “Raja Dharma” is to protect Hastinapura from the wrath of these crooked Duryodhana and Co.!” We’re witnessing here from Bhagawan Krishna’s reply that Kshatryas can attain Moksha by following their Raja Dharma meticulously, isn’t it? 

Similarly, the Vaishyas too can attain Moksha by following all principles of “Ethics” in Business. This is where even today, we lay a lot of emphasis on “Business Ethics” and “Value Systems” in business. Thus, if the Vaishyas are able to follow this meticulously, they can attain “Moksha” too. Thus, we can see here that all Varnaashrama Dharmas are equal when it comes to attaining “Moksha” as well. In fact, all the Varnashrama Dharmas are essential for the proper functioning of the society isn’t it? We cannot say that the society only requires Brahmins and others are inconsequential. Everybody has a role to play in society, so that an adequate balance is maintained and everybody is happy and peaceful with whatever they do. 

So for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait till the next episode to continue with Sage Paraashara’a accord further! Stay tuned! 🙂


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