Episode # 25 – The divine incarnation of Bhagawan Varaaha – Hiranyaksha’s seige comes to an end!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Sage Paraashara’s accord on “Creation” and how Bhagawan Vishnu is meticulously keeping on creating the world continuously without a break. We had witnessed in yesterday’s episode that Bhagawan Vishnu created the huge and mammoth “Anta-Kataaham” and also Bhagawan Brahma along with it. Thus, after a while, Bhagawan Brahma is entrusted with the job of creation and Bhagawan Vishnu instructs him to continue from where He left. According to that, Bhagawan Brahma is also continuing to create more and more living beings in this world and as this continues, he is feeling tired and fatigued. He feels that he needs somebody to help him out and assist him. For instance, in our case also, if we start doing something mammoth, we wouldn’t be able to do it all by ourselves. We need people along with us to assist us in whatever tasks that we’re doing. This is where in modern day, we call this as a “Team work” or a “Team effort”! Perhaps Bhagawan Brahma knew that this mammoth job cannot be achieved without a “team” of people around him! 🙂

This is where we see the emergence of a very important person called “Svaayambhuva Manu”. Thus, Bhagawan Brahma entrusts Svaayambhuva Manu to continue the job of creation of this world. As Manu was doing thus, Bhagawan Brahma thought that one person isn’t enough and we require more people to be involved in this activity. This is where we have Bhagawan Brahma’s “Manasaputras” (Those who didn’t take a normal human birth, but were born out of Bhagawan Brahma’s thoughts itself) by name “Sanaka” and “Sanatkumara”. As Bhagawan Brahma tries to entrust these “Maanasa Putras” into creation, these two didn’t accept! They simply replied back to Bhagawan Brahma thus, “Please mind your own business!” We see this kind of attitude even in those days! 🙂 This seems nothing new here! If we’re doing the same today, we’ve to assume that such things started right from Bhagawan Brahma’s days! 

However, having said thus, Svaayambhuva Manu came forward and he continued the job of creation. However, as things were progressing, there was a “Raakshasa” who tried to encapsulate the entire creation into a huge “saree-like cloth” and hid it somewhere into the ocean waters! As this unfolded all of a sudden, Svaayambhuva Manu was shell-shocked! He did not know how to retrieve the hidden creations from beneath the ocean floor! He immediately rushes to Bhagawan Brahma to find out a way to retrieve it and continue with the job of creating the world further. As Bhagawan Brahma came to know of Svaayambhva Manu’s challenge, He didn’t know what to do as well! He just replied thus, “Oh Manu! Bhagawan Vishnu had taught me how to create the world, but He didn’t teach me how to retrieve something that gets stolen in this way! So let us go to Bhagawan Vishnu Himself for a solution. He would be the right person to answer this!” 

As Bhagawan Brahma takes the issue to Bhagawan Vishnu, He assures of help – This is where we witness and experience Bhagawan Vishnu’s one of the first incarnations in this world as Bhagawan Varaaha, in the form of a pig. In the meanwhile, the Raakshasa by name “Hiranyaksha” was so notorious that he had the guts to pick up Mother Bhoomadevi from Vaikunta and hide her also into the ocean floor! As this unfolds, Bhagawan Vishnu thinks that He’s had enough and it is time for some action on ground. This is where He takes the first incarnation of Bhagawan Varaaha who was in the form of a pig, which was having the strength of a thousand elephants put together. As Bhagawan Varaaha stretches His muscle thus, He finishes off Hiranyaksha and brings back all the creation from beneath the ocean floor, along with Mother Bhoomadevi and protects all of them together. 

With this accord, Svaayambhuva Manu and Bhagawan Brahma were extremely happy and relieved that the notorious Hiranyaksha is no more! As Bhagawan Varaaha protects and restores the creation thus, Svaayambhva Manu continues his job of creation, as per the instruction of Bhagawan Brahma. In the meanwhile, we’ve to also witness the calculation of “Time” (“Kaala”) which Sage Paraashara is going to explain in great detail. Of course, we’ve witnessed this concept of time in our Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana as well. However, this can be a recollection of whatever we’ve seen earlier, and for new readers, this can be good first-hand information as well! 

So for today, let us celebrate and worship Bhagawan Varaaha’s incarnation and let us wait till the next episode to witness the “Time” calculation in detail! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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