Episode # 24 – Bhagawan Vishnu “CREATES” & “RECRUITS” Bhagawan Brahma to perform the “job” of “Creation”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Vishnu is an “endless” and a “Beginning-less” entity, who is also referred to as “Sathaa eka rupaaya” by Sage Paraashara. Through this phrase, he also reminds us of the fact that since Bhagawan doesn’t have neither a beginning nor an end, His physical form is of a constant one and never changes over time, unlike how our physical forms keep changing every passing day. In due course of yesterday’s episode, we had also witnessed how Bhagawan Vishnu is a “Svatantra” by nature, which means, He is independent of anything and anyone in this world. Whereas, normal human beings like us depend upon so many people for so many things, and ultimately depend upon Bhagawan to shower His grace, so as to attain Moksha. Thus, we are referred to as “Paaratanthryas”, which means, “dependable” in nature. We also clarified in yesterday’s episode how Bhagawan Adisesha, Garuda, etc. who are permanent residents of Vaikunta are also “Paratanthras” by nature, and although they’re at Vaikunta with Bhagawan, they’re all dependent on Bhagawan’s grace to have their permanent residences. 

Moreover, as we move on from here, we’ve to understand one more important point – Just as we said that Bhagawan is “Sadaa eka rupaaya” in terms of physical form, He is “Sadaa eka rupaaya” in His character too! He’s ever compassionate and kind towards all of us, and is waiting for all of us to come to Him. Now if we consider our character and composure, is it going to be the same for two continuous days? Aren’t we getting influenced by our moods and emotions every minute and every second? For instance, we ourselves keep saying thus – “Oh! I met this person yesterday at his house, and he was talking very nicely to me! However, when I met him today on the road, he roared upon me with anger and frustration! I was surprised as to what happened to this person within just 24 hours!” What’s happening here? Our moods and emotions always keep us on our toes, isn’t it? They are inducing constant changes over and over again. These kinds of changes cannot be witnessed in Bhagawan isn’t it? Bhagawan is always compassionate and kind towards all of us, and is ready to forgive and forget all whatever sins that we’re committing in this world, time and again, isn’t it? This is where Bhagawan is referred to as “Sadaa eka rupaaya” = Both in terms of physical and the emotional state. This is an important extension to the above-mentioned point that all of us should clearly understand. 

Explaining thus, Sage Paraashara pays tributes and salutations to Bhagawan Vishnu, who is the ultimate Brahman! Now Sage Paraashara tells Sage Maithreya thus, “Oh Maithreya! So far I’ve explained the process of creation and who is responsible for this. Now we’re going to witness what is “Pralaya” (A sort of destruction). When we look at “Pralaya”, it is a process wherein Bhagawan Vishnu pulls back all of His creation within Himself, at the end of a lifetime!” 

This is a very important point here that we should discuss in detail. But before we go into the “Pralaya” part, we’ve to understand some more things about “Creation” and with that knowledge, we shall go into what is “Pralaya” and how Bhagawan “pulls all of His creation” inside Him again! First of all, as we spoke about “Creation”, we had witnessed that from Bhagawan, all the five different elements (“Pancha Bhootas”) of earth, fire, wind, water and sky are born. Also, the “Karma-Indryas” and “Gnyaana-Indryas” are born from Bhagawan, along with the mind. Thus, if we count all of this, we would get a number – 24. Thus, we can see that Bhagawan is creating 24 different “Achith” items in this world. We mention the terminology called “Achith” here because they are not powerful without a “life”, which is called “Chith”. All of these 24 “Achiths” form a huge creation called “Anda-Kataaham”. It is inside this Anda-Kataaham, is Bhagawan Brahma being inserted. Thus, Bhagawan Vishnu is the person who creates Bhagawan Brahma and He thus entrusts the job of further creation to Bhagawan Brahma. Bhagawan Vishnu tells Bhagawan Brahma thus, “Oh Brahma! I’ve taken enormous pains to create this huge “Anda-Kataaham” and also to create you inside this “Anda-Kataaham”. From now, you take care of the rest of the creation within this Anda-Kataaham. I’ve created all the sense organs, five elements, etc. in this world. Now, your job is to transform all these elements into life and create living beings which would be a combination of these two – The five elements and the sense organs.”

Thus, from this point onwards, Bhagawan Brahma takes up the responsibility of creating the world further, as per the instruction of Bhagawan Vishnu. He starts creating various kinds of living beings in this world. As Bhagawan Brahma creates more and more living beings in this world, he becomes tired and fatigued over time. He thinks within himself that there can be someone who can assist him in this treacherous job of creating the world further and further. Now who comes to the rescue of Bhagawan Brahma? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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