Episode # 422 – Reading & listening to “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” grants us the highest “Moksha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important discussion pertaining to the main reason why Bhagawan Krishna and Rukmini Devi are marrying each other. We had witnessed that both of them are getting married, not for their own happiness, but for the happiness of devotees like us. The marriage is an important hallmark event, because it provides us an opportunity to reach Bhagawan more easily and thus attain the highest Moksha, with His divine grace. We’ve also witnessed that Goddess Mahalakshmi serves like a “bridge” between Bhagawan and His ardent devotees, by enabling Him to forget and forgive all the sins committed by the devotees. This is how our sins get washed away when we completely surrender to Bhagawan’s lotus feet and this is the important understanding that we should have in all of us, as we move forward with the “Rukmini-Kalyana” event.

Thus, as the arguments between the two families go on and on as to who is fortunate to marry whom, Rukmini Devi’s relatives repeatedly assert that it is Bhagawan Krishna’s fortune that He’s able to marry her. Similar argument surfaces on the other side as well. But, as devotees, what can be our argument? We can neither take sides of Vidharba Desha from where Rukmini Devi is, nor can we take sides of the Dwaaraka Desha, from where Bhagawan Krishna is. All what we can say as ardent devotees is that, it is neither Rukmini Devi’s fortune of marrying Bhagawan Krishna or vice versa, but it is our fortune that both of them are getting married to each other! Thus with this, the marriage event takes place with lot of grandeur and from that day till today, Bhagawan Krishna is still holding hands with Rukmini Devi and Sayabhaama as all three of them are blessing us with their infinite divine grace. With the three together, Bhagawan Krishna gives us the divine darshan as “Dwaaraka-deesha”, “Paarthasaarathy” and “Mathura-naatha”. With this divine note, let us pray together that Bhagawan Krishna should continue blessing us at all times, and it is none other than He who has to protect us from the raging pandemic that is currently gripping the entire world. Let us all pray together in unison – There is no difference between all of us when it comes to being ardent devotees (Bhaktas) of Bhagawan Krishna. All of us are the same and are the loving children of Bhagawan Krishna and Rukmini Devi. We should be extremely thankful for both of them for what we are today and for protecting us all these years continuously in all our endeavors. Hence, let us continue seeking their divine blessings in the days, months and years to come!

By reading this Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text and by listening to the contents of it, one gets abundant wealth, all sort of luxuries in life and a spiritual path towards Vaikunta gets enlightened in his / her life. This is what is important isn’t it? No matter what all kinds of luxuries we might possess in this birth, everything is going to come to an end when our “Deham” is going to get destroyed. We’ve witnessed this time and again in our previous episodes. But what we’ve to understand by the term “luxuries” here is that, the path that clears up towards Bhagawan, as our sins get washed away slowly one after the other, is the real luxury that a “Jeevatma” can get from Bhagawan. Hence, we should strive for this luxury first, rather than others. Obviously, money, wealth, name, etc. would automatically be taken care of by Bhagawan through various ways, and I don’t think we need to invest all our time and effort in going behind those things endlessly. All what we’ve to do is to surrender to Bhagawan’s lotus feet with ardent devotion and detachment from the worldly objects and pleasures, and this itself would take us down the spiritual path, so as to make us attain the highest “Moksha”. This is the key learning that all of us have to imbibe within ourselves from this important text.

Thus, with this note, we come to the end of this great project called “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” and we shall formally call it “complete” in the upcoming final episode, with a special “Vote of Thanks” to all readers! Stay tuned! 🙂


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