Episode # 421 – Why is Rukmini Devi marrying Bhagawan Krishna? An in-depth analysis!!!

We’re at a beautiful juncture of the all-important Rukmini Devi-Bhagawan Krishna wedding, wherein the garlanding ceremony is about to take place. It is at this time, people from both the families praise Rukmini Devi and Bhagawan Krishna. On one hand, Rukmini Devi’s relatives and friends are explaining how fortunate is Bhagawan Krishna to hold hands of such a beautiful girl, with all value systems ingrained in her as well. In turn, Bhagawan Krishna’s side of relatives and friends are refusing to accept that argument made by the other side. These people explain how Rukmini Devi is so fortunate to hold Bhagawan’s hands and how lucky is she to get an opportunity to spend her entire life with Him, in His vicinity all the time. Ultimately, what we should understand from this “fight” between the two families is that, both Bhagawan Krishna and Rukmini Devi are “made for each other”, and they are the “Divine parents” of all of us. Rukmini Devi is our divine mother and Bhagawan Krishna is our father. Indeed, from their marriage, we are fortunate enough to worship both of them as a couple.

In our previous Ramayana project, we’ve witnessed why Bhagawan Rama is always better to be worshipped along with Mother Sita, and not alone. It is because, when we go and stand in front of Bhagawan, His eyes only look at the truckloads of sins that we’ve committed during the entire lifetime of ours. Ultimately, Bhagawan’s eyes are embodiments of “Surya Bhagawan” (Sun) and “Chandra Bhagawan” (Moon), isn’t it? It should be understood that Bhagawan’s one eye, which is an embodiment of Surya Bhagawan would burn and destroy the evil in the world and the other eyes which is an embodiment of Chandra Bhagawan would be cool, kind and compassionate towards those people who follow Dharma. Certainly for all the sins that we’re committing every passing day, we’re never going to be in that category of people who are following the path of “Dharma”! Hence, Bhagawan’s eye which is the embodiment of Surya Bhagawan is only going to get activated when we go and stand in front of Him! Thus, for all the wrongdoings that we’re doing, Bhagawan is only going to burn us down to ashes, within seconds!

This is where, Mother Sita or Mother Rukmini Devi plays an important role. As we’ve witnessed Bhagawan’s eyes are embodiments of both Surya Bhagawan and Chandra Bhagawan, Goddess Mahalakshmi’s eyes are full of compassion and love for Her children, and both her eyes are embodiments of Chandra Bhagawan. This is where, Mother Sita and Mother Rukmini Devi pacify Bhagawan when we go and stand in front of Him, saying thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Afterall he’s our child isn’t it? Why are you trying to burn him down for some petty mistakes that he has committed? Let us forgive and accept him!” Bhagawan would reply back to Goddess Mahalakshmi thus, “Oh Mahalakshmi! Do you really think we should forgive him? He’s an embodiment of all “Adharma” put together. He has committed all unwanted crimes during his lifetime and has created untold miseries to living beings around him, isn’t it? Why on earth should we forgive him? If we forgive this fellow, what is the purpose of having all the Vedas, Shaastras, etc. which prescribe punishments for respective crimes?”

Hearing thus, Goddess Mahalakshmi would reply to Bhagawan, “Oh Bhagawan! I understand your point! But let us come to a mutual understanding here – All those people who come to us with folded arms, seeking our unconditional surrender – You should forgive them unconditionally. You may feel free to give your punishments according to the Vedas and Shaastras, to those who do not want to come to us seeking surrender!” Hearing thus from Goddess Mahalakshmi, Bhagawan thinks thus, “Oh yes! This seems a good point. Hence, all those people who come with an unconditional surrender, seeking refuge to my lotus feet, would be let off from all sort of punishments for all sort of sins that they’re commiting. The other people who do not come to me seeking surrender, would certainly experience all punishments as per the crimes they’ve committed!”

As Bhagawan explains His stance thus, Goddess Mahalakshmi heaves a sigh of relief! She later comes to all of us and says, “Now that Bhagawan had ruled thus, I shall make all of you surrender to His lotus feet!” 🙂 We can see here how compassionate and merciful our Divine Mother is! No matter what kind of sin we commit, if we’re going to our divine mother seeking refuge, She would definitely accept us with all Her divine grace and compassion. This is the reason why Bhagawan Rama marries Mother Sita and here, Bhagawan Krishna marries Rukmini Devi. They do not marry each other for their own luxuries, pleasures and benefits. They get married for our benefit, so that all of us can reach Vaikunta easily, without any hassle. We should understand this important point here thus. In other words, Bhagawan Krishna marries Rukmini Devi to liberate all of us from the clutches of the “Samsaara”, “Karma”, etc. and take us together to the highest state of “Moksha”.

In fact, if we look at the trail of events, both in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhaagawatha Puraana, all killings of Raakshasas would have been done by Bhagawan Rama / Bhagawan Krishna when Mother Sita / Rukmini Devi aren’t around. In the Ramayana for instance, Bhagawan Rama kills Shubaahu, and at this time, Mother Sita isn’t near Rama. Similarly, Bhagawan Rama kills the 14,000 Raakshasas at Janasthaana and again at this time, Mother Sita isn’t near Him. Similarly, Bhagawan Rama kills Ravana, and even at that time, Mother Sita isn’t nearby! Bhagawan Rama killed Maareecha, who disguised himself as a golden deer. Even during the time when Bhagawan Rama killed him, Mother Sita wasn’t nearby, isn’t it? Bhagawan Rama went somewhere else when the killing happened! Thus, if we analyze the Ramayana carefully, we would understand that Bhagawan Rama would kill someone only when He’s alone. Whereas, if He is with Mother Sita, He doesn’t kill anyone.

Similarly in the Mahabharata and Bhaagawatha Puraana, we would see the same trend. Right from Poothana to Kesi, when Little Krishna killed all the Raakshasas, Rukmini Devi wasn’t near Him. When Little Krishna killed Kamsa, again Rukmini Devi wasn’t nearby. When Bhagawan Krishna killed Sishupaala, again Rukmini Devi wasn’t nearby! Whereas when Kuchela (Sudhaama) came to meet Bhagawan Krishna, Rukmini Devi was alongside Him, and all of us know how Sudhaama’s life was transformed totally upside down! This is where, Mother Rukmini Devi is extremely significant and she serves as a bridge between Bhagawan and the Bhaktas! Goddess Mahalakshmi has a divine name called “Kamala”, isn’t it? What does this word mean? The sacred syllable “Ka” means “Jeevatma”. The sacred syllable “Ma” means “Paramatma” or Bhagawan. The sacred syllable “La” means “Serving as a bridge between Jeevatma and the Paramatma. This is exactly the role of Goddess Mahalakshmi, and in this context, Rukmini Devi.

So for today, let us understand these important points as to why Bhagawan Krishna and Rukmini Devi are getting married to each other. We should understand that they’re not getting married to enjoy their life with each other. They’re getting married to take all of us to “Moksha”! We shall thus surrender to our divine parents wholeheartedly from today and benefit from their marriage! We shall wait till the next episode to continue the marriage event at Dwaaraka city! Stay tuned! 🙂


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