Episode # 419 – Dwaraka comes alive with a vibrant & festive mood for Bhagawan Krishna’s marriage!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the incidents that took place after Bhagawan Krishna picked up Rukmini Devi from Rukmi and Sishupaala. There was a huge battle and at the end of it, Bhagawan Krishna emerged victorious. He made sure that He doesn’t kill any of them, but sent them back with lot of insults! With this, Bhagawan Krishna brings Rukmini Devi to Dwaaraka and all the arrangements for a grand marriage are being made. This is where in the previous episode, we had discussed the key categories of “Vivaaha” or Marriage. We had witnessed what is a “Raakshasa Vivaaha” and a “Deva Vivaaha”, which are the two main categories of Viviaaha. The “Raakshasa Vivaaha” is something wherein the boy and girl get married without the proper consent of their parents and family. All instances that involve the couple running away from home and getting married at a secretive place in a secretive way, comes under the ambit of “Raakshasa Vivaaha”. Whereas, the one that happens with the proper approval of the parents and family is called as the “Deva Vivaaha”.

In the case of Bhagawan Krishna marrying Rukmini, it was almost going to be under the classification of the “Raakshasa Vivaaha”, however, Bhagawan Krishna realized that if such a thing is going to happen, the entire world would start following this as a role model! Ultimately, Bhagawan Krishna knew that this would be taken as a bad example to be implemented in future too. Any marriage should happen only with the due consent of elders and parents especially, and Bhagawan Krishna made sure that He sets the right example for the subsequent generations of people to follow. With this in mind, what was going to be a “Raakshasa Vivaaha”, is now getting transformed into a “Deva Vivaaha”, wherein Bhagawan Krishna makes elaborate arrangements for all people in Dwaaraka city to be invited. The marriage is about to take place with the due consent of all the elders in the place, including Bhagawan Krishna’s parents – Devaki and Vasudeva.

In fact, if we look at the trail of events that had conspired, all the “Engagement” rituals has been done by Rukmi for Rukmini Devi and Sishupaala. The entire marriage event was finalized and it is only at the last moment, Bhagawan Krishna broke inside and did whatever He had done, isn’t it? In fact, Bhagawan Krishna was a bit lazy to do all these formalities of marriage! He wanted all of these rituals to get over and only then come at the last moment to play spoilsport! Even in modern day movies, we see such scenes often isn’t it? The “hero” would barge inside the marriage hall when the ceremony is going on, and lift the girl from there and create a huge ruckus amidst all the people! This is not something that is found out in today’s context! These things were existing even in the Dwaapara Yuga itself and Bhagawan Krishna Himself is an epitome of this! 🙂

Now having said all this, the time is all set for the auspicious Rukmini Devi’s marriage with Bhagawan Krishna! Both are on the stage, with all people surrounding the couple. Bhagawan Krishna has a garland in His hand to put around Rukmini Devi. Similarly, Rukmini Devi has a garland in her hands and is waiting to put it around Bhagawan’s neck. As the couple were ready to garland each other thus, people from both sides were present – Rukmini Devi’s side of people on one end and Bhagawan Krishna’s side on the other. Rukmi had also made his way to Dwaaraka after accepting the fact that it is only with the behest of his daughter that Bhagawan Krishna had enacted the entire set of events. In a way, Rukmi was also convinced that his daughter is going to get married to a great king. Thus, Rukmini Devi’s side of people were also present for the event and the entire place was coming alive with a grand festive mood! Dwaaraka city is lit up in a great fashion and so is Bhagawan Krishna’s palace.

As the entire event started it’s course, it is now time for the main event to take place – Garlanding and “Thiru-Maangalya-Dhaaranam” (Tying the sacred thread around the woman’s neck). It is at this time, something unexpected happens! A huge fight breaks out between the two “in-laws” of the couple! What is this fight for? What conspired at the end of this fight? Did the marriage go through successfully? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness the answers for all of these questions! Stay tuned! 🙂


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