Episode # 418 – Key difference between “Deva Vivaaha” and “Raakshasa Vivaaha”!!!

In the previous episode, we witnessed how Bhagawan Krishna executed His “Plan of action” and foiled the bid of Rukmi and Sishupaala at the last moment. As we’ve witnessed, Bhagawan Krishna emerges quickly from the lawn behind the temple where the entire family was arriving to perform the customary worship of their family deity. He rushes towards Rukmini Devi, and as everybody were spectators to it, He grabs Rukmini Devi, and takes her away in His chariot! As all this happens within the wink of an eye, the entire family stood there flabbergasted! As Rukmi comes back to his senses, he realizes that someone has abducted his daughter at the last moment and swiftly follows Bhagawan Krishna’s chariot. Sishupaala too joins the fleet as he feels cheated and hurt by the entire fiasco. As the caravan surrounds Bhagawan Krishna, a huge fight erupts and Bhagawan Krishna singlehandedly defeats all of them! Not only does Bhagawan Krishna defeat them, He also insults and makes fun of them on purpose – Just like rubbing a tinch of salt to a wound! This irritates Sishupaala, Jaraasandha and Rukmi all the more, and Bhagawan Krishna has a rapturous laughter upon looking at all of them!

As this conspires, Sishupaala takes a pledge to seek revenge for all what has happened. But at the moment, he had to go back empty-handed because he was rendered totally useless! Sishupaala was literally made to be looking like a joker in front of everyone and he couldn’t take that insult. Thus, he hurried off from his place with his head hanging in shame! Leaving that place thus, Bhagawan Krishna continues His journey towards Dwaaraka, taking Rukmini Devi along with Him. As they were travelling, Rukmini Devi quips Bhagawan Krishna as to why didn’t He kill Sishupaala and Co. and for which, Bhagawan Krishna “smartly” replies that He didn’t want to kill His in-laws! Bhagawan Krishna explains to Rukmini Devi that they should get married immediately before someone else comes and wreaks havoc again.

It is to be noted here that the type of “Vivaaha” (Marriage) that Bhagawan Krishna is doing along with Rukmini Devi is classified as “Raakshasa Vivaaha”. In fact, there are eight classifications of “Vivaaha” that our Sanaatana Dharma talks about. One of the most important classification of “Vivaaha” is the “Deva Vivaaha”, wherein the entire family is convinced and the marriage happens with the blessings of all the elders in the family of both the boy and the girl. This is something ideal, and in today’s scenario too, we try to get to this level. This kind of “Vivaaha” is considered to be of the highest level – Bhagawan Rama marrying Mother Sita is a classical example of “Deva Vivaaha”. We’ve already witnessed at length during our Ramayana project, how King Janaka and King Dasharata sit together, plan and finalize the marriage. It is only then Bhagawan Rama holds Mother Sita’s hand for the first time. Thus, this is an epitome of “Deva Vivaaha”.

Whereas on the other hand, if the boy and girl are the only stakeholders in the marriage and none of the elders in both families are interested in the marriage – And if the boy and girl “run away” and get married to each other, without the consent of parents and elders, it is called “Raakshasa Vivaaha”. Bhagawan Krishna’s case was going to be very similar to this here – However, at the last moment, Bhagawan Krishna thought to himself thus, “Oh! If I go on to marry Rukmini Devi in this fashion, the entire world is going to follow this as a bad example. From now on, the “Deva Vivaaha” concept would totally go for a toss. I’ve to prevent this from happening!” It is with this intention, Bhagawan Krishna decides to conduct the marriage ceremony in a grand manner, by inviting all the elders in Dwaaraka city. Bhagawan Krishna’s parents – Devaki and Vasudeva were also present for the marriage. It is thus, with the blessings of all the elders in the kingdom, is Bhagawan Krishna going to marry Rukmini Devi.

So for today, let us understand this important point and eagerly await the all-important marriage of Bhagawan Krishna with Rukmini Devi till the next episode! An absorbing discussion awaits us next! Stay tuned! 🙂


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