Episode # 397 – Bhagawan Krishna’s five “FOLLOWERS” ascend to Vaikunta along with Him!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna ascending towards Vaikunta. This is a landmark event in the entire Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text, wherein all the Devas, Gandharvas, and ardent devotees of Bhagawan were waiting for His arrival at Vaikunta. They were showering flowers on Him endlessly and with all that, Bhagawan ascends back to Vaikunta. Sage Shukaachaarya explains this very beautifully, wherein he says that Bhagawan Krishna sits in an upright position, closes His eyes and thinks of a glance from the day one when He took His divine incarnation. Right from that day wherein He incarnated inside the prison of Kamsa, Bhagawan recollects all the incidents that He was directly and indirectly part of, wherein His divine grace made innumerable people reach the highest Moksha. He thinks of His family members, parents, His dearest Arjuna and Co., etc. and made sure that all of them are safe and secure wherever they are.

As Bhagawan gets immersed into these recollections, He slowly starts ascending to Vaikunta, with His entire physical body too. Normally, when we pass away from this world, we would not be able to ascend to any other Lokha with our physical body, isn’t it? But Bhagawan has His own unique ways of doing things – He makes sure that He ascends with His same physical body, back to Vaikunta. As Bhagawan ascends, He enters into this very text – The sacred Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana and assures all His devotees in this world that whoever chants, recites, reads or writes this text with ardent devotion, Bhagawan would always be by his / her side and protect that person at will! This is where this Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text assumes so much of significance as compared to any other text in our Sanaatana Dharma. Of course, each text has its own significance – We’ve witnessed this already during our Ramayana and Vidura Neeti projects as well. However, as compared to all of those, this text assumes loads of significance because we can directly worship Bhagawan Krishna through this text! Thus, we should respect the text, pay our respects to Sage Sukhaachaarya who had authored this sacred text and worship both of them together!

We’ve concluded yesterday’s episode by saying that as Bhagawan Krishna ascended towards Vaikunta, there were few “followers” who went along with Him! Who were they? Let’s discuss today – The main followers of Bhagawan Krishna were not human beings, but virtues – Some important virtues that are to be remembered always as we progress through our life. They were, Satya, Dharma, Keerti, Dhruti and Shreehi! Few episodes ago, we had witnessed that nobody accompanied Bhagawan Krishna when He was ascending back to Vaikunta, but at that point, that reference was made to human beings. But here, we’re seeing that five main virtues are following Bhagawan Krishna! As they follow, they proclaim to the world thus, “As Bhagawan is leaving this world, we too do not have any more place here, however, if someone in this world calls us, we would come down again!” As we’re witnessing here, Satya means truth and honesty! All of us know what Dharma is. Shreehi means wealth and property. All of these virtues are also leaving this world once and forever as Bhagawan Krishna is ascending.

Thus, as Bhagawan Krishna ascended back, all the Devas, Bhagawan Shiva, Goddess Parvati, etc. were extremely happy of His return. The hunter who had hit Bhagawan Krishna with the arrow, also ascends to the Svarga Lokha with the divine blessings and grace of Bhagawan Krishna!

Such was the great incarnation of Bhagawan Krishna, and with this we come to the fag end of the Bhaagawatha Puraana text. In the next episode, we would commence the discussion on the important “Phalastuthi”, which means, the benefits a person would obtain by reading this text. Stay tuned for the important episode! 🙂


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