Episode # 396 – Bhagawan Krishna enters the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text – Ascends back to Vaikunta!!!

In the previous episode, we had emphasized on the important point that only with Bhagawan Krishna’s divine presence, other people including the Paandavas were powerful. However, once Bhagawan Krishna left for His divine abode, even the once invincible Arjuna became so powerless that he wasn’t able to handle a small gang of petty thieves. It is where Sage Veda Vyaasa highlights this important point that since Bhagawan Krishna had left for Vaikunta, it is also advisable that the Paandavas do not remain in this world any longer. Thus, during the yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed how the Paandavas ascended to the Svarga Lokha after coronating Parikshit as Yudhistra’s successor. Henceforth, we’ve to now witness in a bit of detail as to how Bhagawan Krishna left for Vaikunta, just for the continuation of the series of events that unfolded, and subsequently the salient features of the Kali Yuga.

Sage Sukhaachaarya narrates this important event to King Parikshit in a beautiful way thus:

“Athah tatraagamath brahma bhavaanyaacha samambhavaha!

Mahendrah pramukhaa devaa munayah svaprajeshwaraaha!!

Pitarah siddha gandharvaa vidyaadhara mahogaraaha!

Drashtukaama bhagawathaha divyaanam paramotsukhaaha!!”

Sage Sukhaachaarya explains this event beautifully wherein he says that all people including the Devas, etc. are flocking all around Him, eagerly awaiting His return back to Vaikunta. All the celestial beings, Maharishis, etc. were playing divine instruments and are showering flowers continuously on Bhagawan Krishna. It was a such a divine sight to watch through. It was as if Bhagawan was being carried away by all these divine flowers and music, all the way to Vaikunta.

“Bhagawan pitaamaham veekshya vibhoothiraatmano vibuhu!

Samyojyaatmanichaathmaanam pdmanetre nyameelayath!!”

As Bhagawan Krishna was sitting at the very place where the hunter had hit His foot, He slowly closes His eyes, for one last time in this world. He now thinks how He had incarnated 125 years ago, on the day when the Rohini star was dominant. He thus thinks of His mother Devaki and father Vasudeva. Subsequently, Bhagawan recollects all the events that He was part of in this world for the past 125 years. Right from His days at Gokula, He thinks of Mother Yashoda, father Nandagopa, all His childhood friends, how He killed all the Raakshasas there to save Gokula, the Kaaliya-Nardhana episode, the famous Govardhana episode, subsequently Bhagawan’s lovely time with Radha, etc. Subsequently, Bhaagwan Krishna thinks of how He and His brother Balarama together neutralized their treacherous uncle, Kamsa at Mathura. Henceforth, Bhaagwan Krishna thinks about His fights against Jaraasandha, how He ran all the way to Dwaaraka from Mathura, some events in the middle of that, etc. Then Bhagawan recollects how He spent loads of time with His favourite Arjuna and the Paandavas, His important role in the famous Kurukshetra war and how He singlehandedly made the Paandavas win the battle and how the entire Kaurava clan including Duryodhana were destroyed.

Then Bhagawan Krishna thinks about His favourite moments with His divine consortium Rukmini Devi, how He married others like Jaambhavati, Satyabhaama, etc. He also recollects His time with Kuchela, when he had come to meet Bhagawan at Dwaaraka after so many years. Thinking all of this thus, Bhagawan Krishna concludes His divine incarnation, as He decides that He would enter into this Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text! In fact, Bhagawan Krishna didn’t want to leave back to Vaikunta just like that – He buried His heart and soul into this sacred text of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana and only the remaining portion of His, left back to Vaikunta! From this, we can understand clearly, the significance of this sacred text! At that moment, Bhagawan Krishna declares to the world thus, “Henceforth, if anybody wants to have my divine darshan, they can have it through this very text! I’m omni-present at each and every “Skandha” and “Sloka” of this divine text and my ardent devotees can feel my presence as they read through or write about this sacred text!”

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna decides to descend back! As the Devas and all other ardent devotees were witnessing the divine event, Bhagawan Krishna leaves this world along with His physical body! Normal people like us cannot do that. If we’ve to ascend to Vaikunta or Svarga Lokha or wherever, we’ve to leave this physical body of ours in this world, assume a different form and thus ascend. But, this is not the case with Bhagawan – He ascends back to Vaikunta with the same physical body!

As Bhagawan Krishna ascends thus to Vaikunta, there are few who follow Him all the way! Who were those few who followed Bhagawan? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂


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