Episode # 383 – “We’ve to let go off our ‘Karthruthva Buddhi’ while performing our Karma” – Bhagawan Krishna’s important advice!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Bhagawan Krishna’s accord on the three categorizations of Bhakti and hence the recollection of the characteristics of the three important Gunas – “Satva Guna”, “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna”. In the meanwhile, we also witnessed why is the “Gurukula” education having extreme significance in developing our “Satva Guna”, and why is it considered to be one of the highest in terms of imparting education. Hence, we should make it a point to understand all these significances and appreciate our ancient tradition, which has enormous scientific backing up behind each and every aspect of it.

Moving on thus, today we shall witness the concluding notes of Bhagawan Krishna to Uddhava, wherein He’s going to explain a very important aspect called “Paramaartha”. We’re going to witness what is “Paramartha” and what kind of “Paramartha” does Bhagawan like and adore the most.

“Hantate kathayishyaami mama dharmaan sumangalaan!

Yaachshraddhayaacharan marthyaha mruthunjaya durjayam!!”

Here, Bhagawan Krishna finally asserts few important points as part of the “Paramartha”. Bhagawan explains thus to Uddhava, “Oh Uddhava! Any person in this world who follows all what I’ve explained till now, in terms of Satva Guna, and thereby eliminating the Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna, is the most ardent devotee of mine! I shall have a special liking towards him / her. This devotee would be able to win over any kind of enemy in this world, with my divine grace, thus, ultimately attaining the highest Moksha quite easily!”

“Mayyah pitah manahschittaha dharmaatma manorataha!!”

Bhagawan Krishna continues further thus, “Oh Uddhava! Those who are able to surrender all their actions to my divine lotus feet, thus, leaving aside their “Karthruthva Buddhi”, is going to attain the highest Moksha without any doubt!” We might be wondering what is this term called “Karthruthva Buddhi” and why is Bhagawan talking about this here. “Karthruthva Buddhi” is where we have a thought amongst ourselves that it is we who are doing everything, and nobody else has any role in it. In other words, we perform actions with the “I” attitude and tend to take credit for all what we do successfully, isn’t it? This is called “Karthruthva Buddhi”. Little do we remember that if Bhagawan’s divine grace isn’t there, none of our actions are going to bear any fruit. Now how does this work? Why should we give up this “Karthruthva Buddhi”?

For instance, let us assume that we’re going for an interview for a new job – We might prepare for the interview, sitting up day and night, getting all our technical skills thoroughly brushed up in such a way that whatever questions that the interviewer would throw at us, we would be able to answer them in a jiffy! However, once we go to the bus station or to the airport to transport ourselves to the interview center, suddenly it might be the case that the bus is running late or our flight has got cancelled! Ultimately, either we end up going to the interview hall late, or we’ve to cancel the interview schedule fully! Now what has happened here? We’ve put our effort to the mark, but just because the divine grace wasn’t on our side, we were not able to pull off the interview, isn’t it? This is where we’ve to let go off our “Karthruthva Buddhi”. We should always have Bhagawan in our thoughts and prayers as we perform our actions.

Of course, readers should not mistake here that we should refrain from doing any action and leave everything to Bhagawan. I’m not saying this at all. We’ve to still perform our “Karma” and there’s no escape from that. However, when we’re performing our “Karma”, we should have the thought in our mind thus, “Oh! Bhagawan is making me do this action. I surrender the results of this action to Bhagawan’s feet! If this has to come out successfully, let Bhagawan’s divine grace make it happen!” This is what Bhagawan Krishna is explaining here – When He’s emphasizing that we’ve to let go off our “Karthrutva Buddhi”, it means that we should let go off the results and fruits of our actions, and not the action itself. We’ve to still perform our duties, but with the attitude of total surrender (“Sharanaagati”). This is where, Bhagawan Krishna explains that He would take over the rest of it and give the best result to His devotees for all their selfless actions!

So for today, let us understand this important point clearly and in the next episode, we shall witness some examples and illustrations of this point in our “Sanaatana Dharma” that would highlight this point in a better way! Stay tuned! 🙂


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