Episode # 382 – Those who undergo “GURUKULA” education are extremely high on “Satva Guna”! Why???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed some more aspects of “Satvika Bhakti” and “Raajasa Bhakti” as narrated by Bhagawan Krishna to Uddhava. In these lines, we had witnessed the significance of “Abisheka”, and few points that all of us must remember as we perform it at our homes, or at temples. We should make sure that we adhere to what is Bhagawan’s wish, and ultimately this is called “Satvika Bhakti”. Else, if we’re going to go by our own terms and conditions of exhitbiting Bhakti, by “commercializing” it for no reason, we’re only going to end up performing “Raajasa Bhakti”, which is not going to be in tune to what Bhagawan likes and wants from us. As we discussed this point, we also moved on to witness few other points as well, again with respect to our three Gunas. Bhagawan Krishna explains that if we’re able to enrich ourselves with the “Satva Guna”, we would always be able to stay alert at all times. We would be able to become “smart enough” to understand what goes on around us. We would have complete awareness. However, if we’re flying high on the “Rajo Guna”, we’d start feeling tired and stressed out. Ultimately we would get exhausted very soon, and our awareness to what is happening around us is going to decrease. In similar lines, if we’re scoring high on “Tamo Guna”, we’re going to keep sleeping forever! We’re only going to be in bed everytime with sheer laziness to do anything.

Thus, from the above point, we’re able to witness the significance of “Satva Guna” yet again. This is perhaps the n’th time that Bhagawan Krishna is emphasizing the importance of this point. From this, we can understand how much is Bhagawan expecting from us, in terms of developing our “Satva Guna”. The more we’re enriching our “Satva Guna”, our intelligence, shrewdness, alertness, etc. are going to be at their peak levels. This is why we would often witness that those people who are “Mahatmas”, or people who live a saintly life are extremely intelligent in nature. We might often come to a conclusion that only those of us who go through the “English school of education” that we’re currently doing, are intelligent, and those people who go for Vedic and “Paatashaala” education are dumb. This is a huge misconception and it needs to be corrected. People who are well-versed in the Vedic education are extremely high in “Satva Guna”, because, as per the nodalities of this education system, the “Sishya” (Student) is 24*7 indebted to the service of the “Guru” (Teacher). Hence, the focus of the student is completely on the study, rather than roaming around here and there. Moreover, with the grasping of Vedas and Upanishads, which are rough and tough in nature, their intellect gets sharpened to a greater extent. Also, since they’re well-versed in Sanskrit grammar, which is perhaps one of the toughest things to master in this world, they know exactly what to talk, how to talk and where to talk, at any given situation. All of this is possible because of their pin-pointed focus on their learning, which automatically increases the “Satva Guna” in them.

Thus the point here is that, people who are undergoing our Traditional Gurukula education, are those who are epitomes in “Satva Guna” in many ways. Hence, rather than underestimating them, we should learn how to inculcate the “Satva Guna” from them. Once we’re slowly enriching this in ourselves, automatically our alertness, awareness, astute shrewdness, etc. would be taken care of adequately.

Moving on further, as we’ve discussed yesterday, people who are high on “Rajo Guna”, tend to get stressed out very easily. They become fatigued with too much of anger and frustration even over small things in life. Their tolerance level is extremely low, because they lack the patience and perseverance to deal with tough situations in life. This is why we see some people who are extremely short-tempered in nature. The reason behind short-temparament is our lack of preparation to face the world with guts and patience. We’ve to thus, have a keen watch-out on this. Finally, those people who are high on “Taamasa Guna” would always be lazy and reluctant to do anything in life. These people are epitomes of procrastination and score very low in proactiveness in coming forward to do anything. This is because, our laziness takes center-stage and this is going to be utterly detrimental, both for our professional and personal life.

Hence, from this accord, we should make it a point that we follow all the possible steps that Bhagawan Krishna has narrated till now, to enhance our “Satva Guna”, thereby eliminating the “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” slowly and steadily. Once the “Satva Guna” starts to build up, automatically our “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” would start coming down. It is up to each one of us to experiment and check it for ourselves!

Finally after all these accords, Bhagawan Krishna explains what “Paramaartha” is and what is the “Paramaartha” that He likes the most! We shall commence this important discussion in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂


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