Episode # 365 – Performing our “Nitya-Anushtaana” (Routine spiritual practices) is mandatory – Bhagawan Krishna explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna’s continued reply to Uddhava on the importance of being associated with a “Satsanga” or a “Saadhu-Samaagama”. We’ve witnessed that this is the second time in two slokas that Bhagawan Krishna is stressing and emphasizing on this point. He now says that His devotees are better-off if they’re always associated with a “Satsanga” 24*7. This would give them an opportunity to keep thinking of Bhagawan all the time, and also to correct their mistakes or misdeeds, if any. Being amidst a “Satsanga” proves to be extremely efficient for our spiritual progress as well, as we get to understand Bhagawan more and more. Ultimately, being amidst a “Satsanga” helps us to gauge where we stand with respect to our understanding about ourselves and our “Atman”, and the ways and means for us to get to the deeper crux of understanding of this very important point.

Moving on further thus, it is now the turn of Uddhava to respond, as Bhagawan Krishna finishes His accord on how to practice Bhakti and the significance of being part of a “Satsanga”. Uddhava asks Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Bhagawan! All what you’ve said till now is all very nice to hear! But is it easy for all of us to practise all of these points? You’re talking about voluntary service, singing praise of you, etc. But our minds are so wicked in nature isn’t it? Our minds are so carried away by our moods and emotions and is so fickle. Our minds are all full of so much of dirt accumulated into it. How do we cleanse our minds before we start with all of what you’ve listed out till now? Is there any way for this?”

As Uddhava asks this important question thus, Bhagawan gives an apt reply here – “Oh Uddhava! For cleansing your mind, there is no other alternative way other than by performing your “Nitya-Anushtaana” every day. If you’re doing all your regular spiritual practices daily without fail, you can easily control the nuances and fickleness of your mind!” This is an important point for all of us to ponder upon. When we talk about “Nitya-Anushtaana”, it doesn’t include only spiritual practices that we peform every day alone. It encompasses many things – For instance, it starts right from taking bath every morning, all our eating habits, giving “Dhaanam” (Donation), performing our “Shraadha Karma”, “Tarpanas” for our departed ancestors, etc. Of course, performing our “Sandyavandana”, “Brahma-Yagnya”, etc. are integral segments of our “Nitya-Anushtaana” and we should be performing all of it regularly as instructed.

Of course, when we talk about the “Nitya-Anushtaana”, there are two different schools of thoughts that are existing in the present-day scenario. One school of thought is of course, what Bhagawan Krishna explains clearly in the above manner. However, another school of thought has developed in the recent past thus: “Oh! We’re all going towards the “Gnyaana-Maarga” (Path of Knowledge and Wisdom). We’re learning lot of scriptural texts, listening to discourses, etc. Because of all these, we do not need to perform all our “Nitya-Anushtaana” Karma at all. We’re beyond all of it!” This is a very wrong “Prachaara” (Propagation) and sadly today, many people have started doing this, which is only misleading the world. If we’re taking birth in this world, performing our “Nitya-Karma-Anushtaana” is mandatory in nature. Nobody can escape from this. If we’re not performing our “Nitya-Karma-Anushtaana” properly, we’re only going to accumulate more and more “Paapa Karma” (Sins). If we’re failing in our mandatory duties, there is no point in becoming a “Gnyaani” or an “Epitome of Knowledge”. In fact, such people who “falsely proclaim” in such ways, are totally “Zero” in knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual knowledge & wisdom can never be attained without controlling our fickle mind. The first step to attain spiritual knowledge and enlightenment is to have a complete control over our mind, isn’t it? For this, what is required? Our “Nitya-Anushtaana” is required! This is where the link comes.

So, the important point here is that, we should not go behind people who are propagating such false things. Our “Sanaatana Dharma” never says that we can forgo our “Nitya-Anushtaana”, so as to progress spiritually. We should meticulously follow the procedure of performing all our “Nitya-Anushtaana” properly and with dedication. It can be right from taking bath early in the morning, to food habits, to performing our “Sandya-Vandana”, to performing our “Tarpanas”, “Shraadha Karma”, etc. without fail. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself is emphasizing on this point here, more than anybody else. If Bhagawan Himself has to emphasize on the importance of doing our “Nitya-Karma”, where is the locus standi for the other fools to propagate any other nonsense? Hence, we should have a very clear understanding on this point, and even if we’ve not performed our “Nitya-Karma” meticulously till date, we should start it right from today after reading this important episode.

So for today, let us make a new beginning in this manner, and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 😊

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