Episode # 364 – “My ardent devotee should always dwell amidst a ‘Satsanga’” – Bhagawan Krishna to Uddhava!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on Bhagawan Krishna’s important answer to Uddhava. He is explaining the ways through which we can improve our “Satva Guna” within us and the only way to do that is via the “Bhakti-Maarga”. In these lines, Bhagawan Krishna is listing out the different ways and means through which we can practise the “Bhakti-Maarga”. We’ve witnessed that by doing selfless service, by singing His praise, by discussing His divine “Leelas” as part of a “Satsanga”, by propagating Bhagawan’s “Leelas” all over the world (“Prasanga”) and by listening to Bhagawan’s “Leelas”, songs, etc. (“Shravana”) one attains Moksha. Moreover, Bhagawan Krishna also explains that His Bhakta always has Him in his / her thoughts and whatever he / she is doing.

“Sarva laabopaharanam daasyena aatma nivedanam!!”

Here, Bhagawan Krishna explains to Uddhava that His ardent “Bhakta” understands the very fact that his / her “Atman” belongs to Him ultimately! A “Bhakta” transcends higher in levels of “Bhakti” only when he / she realizes that his Atman is being controlled by Bhagawan, and that, he / she is just a mere instrument in the divine hands of Bhagawan. This is something that all of us should understand and realize. The moment we accomplish something significant in life, we immediately tend to take self-credit for that. But little do we realize that it was Bhagawan’s grace that materialized the success. However, when we encounter failure, we put the blame on Bhagawan that He’s not showering His grace upon us, irrespective of how much ever we work hard. Is this fair for us to do? In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself beautifully highlights in his Bhagawad Gita, isn’t it? He says to Arjuna that doing out duty without expecting the fruits of it is extremely important. We shall recollect Bhagawan’s divine words in this accord and do the needful.

Moving on further, Bhagawan Krishna explains the place where His ardent “Bhaktas” should dwell – He again re-emphasizes the importance of being amidst the “Satsanga” here for the second time in two episodes! He says thus, “Oh Uddhava! My Bhakta should always dwell amidst a “Satsanga”, because, the more time my Bhaktas spend with people who are “Saadhus”, they would get more and more enlightment!” We should understand this point more clearly here – If for instance, we’re committing any sort of mistake or a misdeed, and if we’re amidst a “Satsang”, we would get an opportunity to correct ourselves moving forward. “Saadhus” who are an integral part of the “Satsanga” would automatically come to us and provide their expert guidance about which is right and which is wrong. In that way, we would also be able to get an excellent clarity and a big-time reality check on our actions. If we’re going on the wrong track, we would automatically be corrected and re-tracked back to the “Dharma-Maarga”. This is the most important reason as to why should we be associated with a “Satsanga” at all times.

Moreover, if we’re part of the “Satsanga”, we would also be able to experience Bhagawan more and more. This is because, people in the “Satsanga” talk about Bhagawan and His divinity a lot, and by listening to their talking and discussions, we would be able to realize and relate our own life experiences wherein Bhaagwan has really played a role. I’m sure all of us would have atleast one or two life-changing experiences which perhaps, were not in our control, but somehow something materialized in such a way that we would have got saved from a great and an impending danger. It might be some instances with respect to some accidents on the road, some family problems, some professional rivalry, or whatever. In all of these, if we should escape unscathed, it wouldn’t be possible without the intervention of the “Divine Invisible Hand” of Bhagawan. However, with the routine of our personal and professional life and its commitments, we would have forgotten about all of it. But, when we’re part of the “Satsanga” and when people are sharing their experiences wherein they were saved in many ways by Bhagawan’s “invisible hands”, we would also be able to relate back to our own life experiences and feel Bhagawan’s divine hands touching us, isn’t it? This is also one of the most important reasons as to why Bhagawan Krishna is repeatedly emphasizing on the importance of being part of a “Satsanga”.

So for today, let us realize this important point of being amdist a “Satsanga” or an association of Bhagawan’s ardent devotees and let us ponder over Bhagawan’s emphasizing words on this. We shall wait till the next episode to take this discussion forward! Stay tuned! 🙂


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