Episode # 326 – Sudhaama sets off to meet Bhagawan Krishna at Dwaaraka!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna killing Sishupaala. This was a landmark event, as Sishupaala was famous for abusing Bhagawan Krishna a hundred times continuously, before being killed. He did not attack Bhagawan Krishna like other Raakshasaas did. All he did was to attack Bhagawan Krishna verbally, thereby provoking Bhagawan’s anger. Finally, as the hundredth abuse came from Sishupaala’s mouth, Bhagawan Krishna decided that enough is enough. He had indeed given a word to Sishupaala’s mother that He would be extremely patient with Sishupaala until the ninety-ninth abuse. But once that threshold was crossed, Bhagawan Krishna employs the “Chakra-Aayudha” and finishes Sishupaala on the spot! All this was happening in the midst of the grand “Raaja-sooya-Yagnya” that was being organized by Yudishtra.

It should be remembered that Sishupaala was one of Bhagawan Krishna’s cousins. Same is the relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and Arjuna too. We’ve already seen before that Arjuna was the son of Prutha, who is none other than Kunthi Devi. This Prutha too was one of Vasudeva’s sisters. Sishupaala’s mother too was one of Vasudeva’s sisters as well. It is very interesting to witness here that one of Bhagawan’s cousins, Arjuna was so devoted to Him and respected Him a lot, whereas the other cousin called Sishupaala was entirely opposite.

Also, we should remember here that this Sishupaala was none other than Vijaya who had taken birth along with Kamsa during the “Dvaapara Yuga”. We’ve already witnessed this story in the past – Jaya and Vijaya are the two important security guards outside of Vaikunta. Once, Sage Sanaka and Sage Sanatkumaara wanted to worship Bhagawan Vishnu at Vaikunta. But they were stopped at the gate by Jaya and Vijaya. Because of this, the sages cursed both Jaya and Vijaya that they would be born thrice in this world as Raakshasas and Bhagawan Vishnu would incarnate each time to liberate them back to Vaikunta. In the Krita Yuga, we’ve seen the twin brothers of Hiranyaaksha and Hiranya-Kashibu. In the Tretha Yuga we had witnessed the brothers of Ravana and Kumbhakarna. Now in this Dvaapara Yuga, we’re witnessing Kamsa and this Sishupaala. Thus, we should remember that Sishupaala was none other than Vijaya, who had to be liberated back to Vaikunta, and Bhagawan Krishna just aided the cause!

Moving on thus, after few more years, a childhood friend of Bhagawan Krishna wanted to meet Him after a long time. This friend was none other than Sudhaama or Kuchela. When Bhagawan Krishna was at Gokula, Sudhaama was one of His important companions during childhood. Also, Sudhaama accompanied Bhagawan Krishna to the “Paatashaala” or the “Gurukula” and both of them did all their education together. Thus, we can say that Sudhaama and Bhagawan Krishna were “classmates”! 🙂 However, once Bhagawan Krishna left Gokula for Mathura and Dwaaraka, He completely lost touch with all His childhood friends. However, His friends were yearning to meet Bhagawan Krishna through some means again. One of them was this Kuchela. We’re going to now witness a very important and an interesting “Charitra” here, as to how Kuchela came all the way to Dwaaraka to meet Bhagawan Krishna and what kind of a hospitality Sudhaama received! This “Charitra” is an epitome of how Bhagawan Krishna honours His devotees’ innocent and pure love and affection towards Him!

As days, months and years rolled by, Sudhaama gets married, obtains children, etc., however, he is totally stuck up with extreme poverty. He and his wife were not able to meet the daily requirement of three meals a day too. However, on the other hand, Bhagawan Krishna became the king of the grand Dwaaraka city and is leading a luxurious life. As days were progressing, Sudhaama’s family was being pushed into more and more poverty and his children were starving even without milk, curd, or anything. It is at this grief-stricken time, Sudhaama’s wife suggests an idea thus, “Oh Sudhaama! Do you remember your childhood friend Krishna? You even did your education together under Saandipani at Avantika. I heard from some sources that He’s now the king of Dwaaraka city. So, why don’t you get in touch with Him again and seek His help to alleviate ourselves from this extreme poverty? If Krishna sees you, I’m sure He would lend a helping hand in some way or the other!”

As his wife suggests thus, Sudhaama initially becomes angry. He’s replying back to his wife thus, “Oh! How can you have the heart to degrade my friendship with Bhagawan Krishna to this extent? How can I use my friendship to seek personal favors? Isn’t it a wrong practice to do such things? Won’t it deteriorate our level of friendship and bonding? What if Krishna thinks that I’m an opportunistic person and I’m coming to Him only to ask for favors and nothing else? Of course, I can ask Bhagawan Krishna for something else – “Moksha”. But not worldly things like these!”

Hearing thus from her husband, Sudhaama’s wife replies thus, “Oh Sudhaama! I understand what you’re saying. But think this way – Isn’t it an insult to Bhagawan Krishna if He’s letting His close friend and classmate suffer like this amidst poverty? If His devotees are starving in hunger, how can Bhagawan eat food happily? Won’t it be a wrong thing on His part to do? Atleast, if we’re not asking for any favour or anything, let us put a word to Him that we’re suffering badly!”

These words from his wife, are not very convincing for Sudhaama. However, he decides to take a chance – If not for asking a favor, atleast this would serve as an opportunity to have the divine darshan of Bhagawan Krishna after a long long time! Anyways, Sudhaama was adamant that he’s not going to ask anything to Bhagawan. With this heavy heart, he decided to commence his journey towards Dwaaraka. As Sudhaama gets ready to start, he thinks that he has to take something with him to meet Bhagawan. It is always a norm that whenever we’re going to visit an elderly person, we should not go empty-handed. We should always take something with us. Thus, Sudhaama takes a handful of “Aval” (Poha) with him, because, he knows that Bhagawan Krishna liked it so much during His childhood days. He now sets off to Dwaaraka, eager to meet Bhagawan Krishna!

So for today, let us also eagerly wait along with Sudhaama to meet Bhagawan Krishna. We shall witness in the next episode, the important events that conspired after this! Stay tuned! 🙂





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