Episode # 325 – Bhagawan Krishna kills Sishupaala!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the significance as to why should we make it a point to perform the “Shraadha-Karma” and the “Tharpana” for our parents and ancestors. More than doing all of it for aiding our parents and ancestors to attain “Moksha”, it is for us to attain “Moksha”. By doing all of these important duties correctly, we’re making Bhagawan to “tick all the boxes” so that He can take us with Him to Vaikunta. If we do everything correctly, it pleases Bhagawan’s heart that as His child born in this world, we’re doing what He has ordered us to do. With this, Bhagawan also gets the opportunity to uplift us and take us to the highest “Moksha”. We should remember this point clearly as we move forward.

Moving on thus, as Sage Naarada finishes his accord, Bhagawan Krishna feels that He should take part in Yudishtra’s “Raaja-Suya-Yagnya”. All of us know who Yudhistra is – he’s the eldest amongst the five “Paandava” brothers, and the sons of Kunthi Devi, who was the sister of Bhagawan Krishna’s father, Vasudeva. Thus, Yudishtra comes and invites Bhagawan Krishna to be his important guest for the grand Yagnya that he is performing. Accordingly, Bhagawan Krishna too accepts that invitation and He starts for the same, to Indraprastha. It is at this time, Sishupaala tries to stop Yudishtra from inviting Bhagawan Krishna.

We should understand here that Sishupaala was Bhagawan Krishna’s cousin, just like how the Paandavas were. Sishupaala was the son of another sister of Vasudeva and Bhagawan Krishna was his cousin brother. However, since Sishupaala did not get to marry Rukmini Devi, as planned earlier, (We’re going to witness during the last episodes as to how Bhagawan Krishna “eloped” Rukmini Devi along with Him. It’s a very interesting Charitra) he was enraged with Bhagawan Krishna! So he was looking for an opportunity to malign Bhagawan Krishna for His “atrocious” act. Thus, here he gets one! Sishupaala was also part of the “Raaja-Suya Yagnya” and he was sitting right at the midst of all the happenings. When Bhagawan Krishna enters into the place where the Yagnya was being conducted, Yudishtra runs to the entrance to give all the respects and welcome Him on board.

As Bhagawan Krishna enters inside, Sishupaala stops Him then and there! He turns towards Yudishtra and asks angrily thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Why are you calling a person who is so unruly in nature? Who is He to attend such an important and an auspicious event? What qualification does He have to attend this event? Why is he being called? It is like insulting me!” Upon hearing this sudden blast from Sishupaala, Yudishtra replies back, “Oh Sishupaala! Please do not underestimate Bhagawan Krishna! He’s the epitome of all “Dharma” put together in this world. He is my guest and it is my bound duty to welcome such an esteemed person to this event! So please do not stop this from happening!”

Upon hearing thus, Sishupaala is now raging with anger and frustration! He now recollects all the insult that Bhaagwan Krishna had inflicted upon him in the past! He thus stands up and starts abusing Bhagawan Krishna verbally! Bhagawan Krishna, on his part, is observing all of this calmly without any hiccup! He knows what is going to conspire at the end of all this! He’s waiting patiently with a smile! Meanwhile, Sishupaala starts his accord of abusive words! Iin fact, he had a huge dictionary of all sort of verbal abuses in his kitty! Thus, he unleashes word after word and Bhagawan Krishna is patiently hearing out all of this.

It is when Sishupaala abuses Bhagawan Krishna for the 100’th time, Bhagawan Krishna loses His calm and composure. He now decides that He has had enough from Sishupaala! Bhagawan Krishna thus gets up from his chair angrily, employs His “Chakra” on Sishupaala! The very fact that the “Chakra” is coming towards him with a great speed and intensity, stuns Sishupaala to bits! He did not expect this to happen!

As Sishupaala does not know how to escape from it, the “Chakra” attacks him and burns him to death on the spot! Sishupaala is burnt to ashes! Thus, Bhagawan Krishna finishes Sishupaala with this “Leela”. He was patient till Sishupaala abused him for 99 times, because He had given a word to Sishupaala’s mother that He would not kill Sishupaala so easily. Thus, Bhagawan kept His promise, but when the 100’th abuse came from Sishupaala’s mouth, Bhagawan Krishna had no other option but to kill him!

So for today, let us understand this experience of the “Sishupaala-Vadam” and let us wait till the next episode to continue things further! Stay tuned! J



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