Episode # 310 – Bhagawan Krishna marries Kalindi, Mitravindha and Satya!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna marrying Satyabhama, who was the daughter of Satraajith. As Bhagawan Krishan returns back to Dwaaraka, along with the lost Syamanthaka ornament, He announced publicly that the ornament was not stolen by Him and that, Satraajith’s brother was killed by a lion in the forest and the ornament was under the possession of Jaambhavaan. Upon hearing this from Bhagawan Krishna, Satraajith realized his folly of branding his long-term friend as a criminal and framing false charges upon Him. He thus, immediately apologizes to Bhagawan Krishna and in turn, he gave his daughter, Satyabama in marriage to Bhagawan Krishna.

Moving on thus, we should remember here that till now Bhagawan Krishna has married Rukmini Devi, Jaambhavati and Satyabama. Now we’ve to witness five more marriages that Bhagawan Krishna did – With Kalindi, Mitravindha, Satya, Bhadra and Lakshmana. Thus, we should remember here that Bhagawan Krishna had eight wives, and till now we’ve witnessed three out of the eight marriages. Now after the marriage with Satyabama, Bhagawan Krishna marries Kalindi. In fact, this Kalindi is another name for River Yamuna. Thus, it is said that Bhagawan Krishna married Yamuna Devi herself, who is none other than this Kalindi. Thus, the marriage between Kalindi and Bhagawan Krishna is a souvenir for spending His childhood days on the banks of this very river Yamuna or Kalindi. It was like a tribute to the river, that Bhagawan Krishna marries her.

As this happens, Bhagawan Krishna marries the next girl – Mitravinda. In fact, this Mitravinda was one of Bhagawan Krishna’s distant relatives. Rajathi Devi was one of Vasudeva’s sisters and Mitravinda was her daughter. In fact, we should also know that Vasudeva (Bhagawan Krishna’s father) had many other sisters apart from this Rajathi Devi. One of his other sisters was Prutha or otherwise famously known as “Kunthi Devi”. It is to this Kunthi Devi was born the five Paandava brothers, including Arjuna. This is the reason why Bhagawan Krishna often refers to Arjuna in His Bhagawad Gita as “Kaunteya”. Thus, we should understand here that Kunthi too was Vasudeva’s sister and by that, she was Bhagawan Krishna’s aunt. Thus here, Rajathi Devi was another aunt to Bhagawan Krishna and He marries her daughter, Mitravinda.

Moving on, Bhagawan Krishna marries the next woman by name Satya. There was a king by name Nagnajith. Nagnajith had a daughter by name Satya. This is the same woman called “Satya” who is talked about by the Alwars and Aachaaryas in the south as “Nappinnai”. If we look through the Thiruppaavai of Andal and also few “Paasurams” of Alwars, we would come across this person called “Nappinnai”. Now, in this Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana text, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains how Bhagawan Krishna attended the “Svayamvar” of this woman called Satya and how He married her. This is the same thing that the Alwars and Aandal have also described in Tamil, but the name given to this Satya here is “Nappinnai”.

Now let us witness the interesting “Svayamvar” that takes place for Satya. Her father, King Nagnajith had arranged this function and the rule of the “Svayamvar” was very simple – There were seven bulls which were angry and aggressive. The person who’s able to handle all of the seven bulls successfully and bring them under control, would be marrying Satya. As expected, many kings from various kingdoms have come there to try their strength and win over Satya’s hands. However, the bulls were so aggressive that none of them were able to control even a single bull.

It is to be noted here that Balarama had also come to attend the Svayamvar and he decided to try his luck. Till now, upon seeing all the other kings lose the challenge, Satya was sitting at one corner and laughing loud! She was indeed interested only in marrying Bhagawan Krishna and she saw Him sitting amidst the various other kings. She was just waiting for Bhagawan Krishna’s turn to come and she was sure that nothing in this world can be equal to His strength and valour. However, when Balarama came to the forefront, she didn’t expect him there. She knew that if Balarama tries and puts effort, he is totally capable of taming the bulls. But she wasn’t really interested in marrying him if he wins the challenge. Hence, her face became sad and she bent down looking at the floor. Upon seeing Satya’s face becoming sad upon his arrival, Balarama immediately withdrew himself from the challenge. He knew from Satya’s face that she would be in a difficult spot if he wins the challenge and that, she didn’t like him.

As Balarama leaves the stage, it was now Bhagawan Krishna’s turn to tame the bulls. Upon Bhagawan Krishna arriving at the scene, Satya’s face brightened with joy and with a beaming smile on her face. She was so devoted to Bhagawan Krishna that she was admiring His charm and handsome appearance, and nothing around her was visible to her. She did not even understand how Bhagawan Krishna tamed the bulls successfully, but her eyes were totally fixed upon Him. However, as the rule of the game says, Bhagawan Krishna comes forward, to tame the bulls. Aggressive as they were, Bhagawan Krishna starts a huge fight with all the seven of them and with His divine power, He was able to tame them successfully. Upon seeing this, King Nagnajith was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. He was happy that his daughter Satya is going to get married to a person with a great valour and strength. In turn, Satya was happy too that finally she has got the opportunity to marry her divine Bhagawan Krishna!

Thus, the marriage happens with lot of grandeur and with this the Svayamvar comes to an end. So far, we’ve witnessed six marriages of Bhagawan Krishna. For today, let us experience and understand till this point, and we shall continue with the next set of events in the next episode. Stay tuned! 😊


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