Episode # 308 – Bhagawan Krishna marries Jaambhavati – Daughter of Jaambhavan!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of an important event that involves the “Syamanthaka” ornament and how Bhagawan Krishna end up marrying Jaambhavati and Satyabhama. We’ve witnessed that Satraajith was one of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood friends and he had the “Syamathaka” ornament gifted to him by Bhagawan Soorya for some reason. This Syamanthaka ornament was a shining and a glittering one, and it caught the attention of many people around him. Satraajith too was very happy flaunting around by wearing this ornament around his neck, because he loved people getting envious about him and his possession. Moreover, the Sayamanthaka ornament also had a divine characteristic of giving gold when being rubbed. This also made people open their mouths wide open with awe! It is at this time, Bhagawan Krishna also heard about Satraajith possessing this Syamanthaka ornament and He too wanted to see how it is. As He requested Satraajith for the same, Satraajith insulted Bhagawan Krishna and also denied Him the possession of it, even if it was for a day or two. Bhagawan Krishna too let him go, but with a little bit of a haste.

Once when Satraajith’s brother went around for hunting, he was having that ornament around his neck. However, he never returned back home after that day’s hunting. As the search operation continued, Satraajith’s brother was found dead and it was said that he was killed by a lion. However, Satraajith refused to accept this narrative. He instead put the blame squarely on Bhagawan Krishna by saying that since Bhagawan Krishna had a “desire” for the Syamanthaka ornament, he chased his brother, killed him and abducted it. This led to lot of chaos and confusion, and even as Bhagawan Krishna vehemently denied the allegations, He was “branded” to be a thief and a murderer! Thus, unable to tolerate these false allegations against Him, Bhagawan Krishna decided to set things right by investigating the matter all by Himself.

Thus, Bhagawan Krishna sets out in search of the body of Satraajith’s brother and with a savage resolution to disprove people’s belief and to clear the air. As Bhagawan Krishna ventures into the forest, He first sees a horse that is lying dead on His way. Upon seeing that, Bhagawan Krishna knew that this horse hasn’t had an ordinary death, but a lion has killed it. He was able to see footsteps of the lion nearby. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna follows the footsteps of the lion and this leads to Satraajith’s brother being dead on the ground. He thus concluded for sure that it is the lion that has killed Satraajith’s brother, and not Him! He’s thus proved innocent. With this, one part of the allegation came to an end.

However, the Syamanthaka ornament was missing. Satraajith’s brother was lying dead there, but the ornament has been taken away by someone else. He followed some footsteps that were there to some distance. There was a huge tunnel amidst a huge cliff. The footsteps led into the tunnel and Bhagawan Krishna followed those footsteps carefuly. As He enters the tunnel, Bhagawan Krishna sees a beautiful girl sitting there and on top of her, this Syamanthaka ornament was tied to the rock. It was used by this girl as a toy to play with. Bhagawan Krishna was wondering how this ornament came here and upon seeing nobody around, except for that girl, He tried to take the ornament from there and escape away.

It is only at this time that a huge roar was heard from inside the tunnel and there came a huge bear! The bear was extremely ferocious in appearance and it said thus to Bhagawan Krishna – “Oh! Who are you? What made you come here? Why are you touching my daughter’s toy? Are you trying to steal it? It’s not going to happen at all! Win over me in war and maybe perhaps you can take whatever you want!” Saying thus, the bear came forward and attacked Bhagawan Krishna! A huge fight broke out between the two! The fight goes on and on for few hours, for the entire day until the dusk set in. Both of them weren’t able to defeat each other. Bhagwan Krishna couldn’t understand what can defeat the bear, and similarly the bear too couldn’t understand how to overpower Bhagawan Krishna! The bear thinks within itself thus, “Oh wow! Normally I kill everyone who come in front of me with just one tight slap. But today, I would have given a thousand such slaps to this boy, and how come He’s all the more enthusiastic to fight on and on? Similarly, Bhagawan also thinks thus, “Oh wow! I’ve lifted the Govardhana mountain in a single finger, I’ve killed hundreds of Raakshasas including the powerful Kamsa without much effort, I’ve neutralized Jaraasandha’s huge army seventeen times, etc. How come I’m unable to defeat this one bear?”

It is to be remembered by readers that as both of them are thinking thus, the fight is still continuing unabated. But with some deeper introspection, Bhagawan Krishna understood that this bear is none other than the great Jaambhavaan, who has helped Him during His previous incarnation of Bhagawan Rama. It was the same Jaambhavaan who had played a crucial role in finding the whereabouts of Mother Sita and also during the epic battle with Ravana. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna realizes in a flash  that He has committed a great mistake in picking up a fight against this veteran Jaambhavan. Similarly on the other end, Jaambhavaan too realizes that he has made a folly by fighting with his own Bhagawan Rama! He understood that this person is none other than Bhagwan Rama Himself, who has incarnated next as Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, both of them realized their mistake and hug each other! The fight comes to an end!

Jaambhavan seeks apology to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I’m extremely sorry for fighting against you. For a moment I did not realize that you’re Bhagawan Rama Himself incarnated as Bhagawan Krishna. I had forgotten the promise that you had given me when we met last after your “Vana-Vaasa!” it is to be remembered here that when Bhagawan Rama came back to Ayodhya after his 14-year-tenure at the forest for His coronation, Jaambhavan did not accompany Bhagawan Rama, Lakshmana and Mother Sita beyond a point. He went back to his dwelling place and it is at this point that Bhagawan Rama gives an assurance to Jaambhavan that, He would surely meet him during His next incarnation by coming to the place wherever he was residing! It is thus incredible to know how Bhagawan honors His words and promises given to His devotees even if the devotees forget it, isn’t it?

Thus, both of them patch up together and appreciate each other’s company. Thus, Jaambhavan points out towards the girl who was sitting at the entrance and introduces her to Bhagawan Krishna. He says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! This is my daughter by name Jaambhavati! It is for her that I took this Syamanthana ornament as a playing object. I did not kill anybody. Prasenajith (Brother of Satraajith) was on the ground dead. The ornament was lying around in his vicinity unclaimed. Hence, I picked it up while I was passing through that place. I never had any special interest in this ornament! The entire world is your property and I’m not a person who goes behind all these ornaments. Hence, you can take it!”

As Jaambhavan gave back the ornament, he also gave his daughter Jaambhavati in marriage with Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, we are witnessing here that Bhagawan Krishna came in search of the Syamanthaka ornament, but ended up marrying Jaambhavati! So for today, let us enjoy, understand and experience this important event and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what happened after this! Stay tuned! 🙂

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