Episode # 307 – Satraajith “brands” Bhagawan Krishna to be a thief!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion on the various places that combine to form the “Dwaaraka-Kshetra”. We started with the famous “Daakur-Dwaaraka”, wherein Bhagawan Krishna came running all the way from Mathura. Subsequently we moved on to witness the “Gomati-Dwaaraka” and “Bet-Dwaaraka” wherein Bhagawan Krishna had established His huge palace from where He was ruling the world. Subsequently we witnessed the significance of the “Naatha-Dwaaraka” or the “Shreenaatha-Kshetra” in Rajasthan, wherein Bhagawan Krishna is referred to as Bhagawan Shreenatha. We also witnessed how the “Pushti Sampradhaaya” is being followed here for doing all the offerings to Bhagawan Krishna, which was established by Sage Vallabhaachaarya. Just like how we have Sage Raamaanujachaarya in the south, Sage Vallabhaachaarya was very prominent in the Shri Vaishnava Sampradhaaya in the north.

Moving on, we shall now witness how Bhagawan Krishna is going to marry Satyabhama and Jaambhavati, it should be remembered by readers here that Bhagawan Krishna had now already married Rukmini Devi and we’ve not yet witnessed the “Charithra” behind it. We’ve reserved it for the last. But for the moment, we can assume that Bhagawan Krishna has already married Rukmini Devi and now we shall move on to witness Bhagawan Krishna’s marriage with Satyabhama. In fact, it is very interesting to note here that Bhagawan Krishna is going to marry both Satyabhama and Jaambhavati at almost the same time. Let us witness the events that unfolded.

“Pravisya satraajith svagruham shrimath krita koutuka mangalam!

Pravishya deva svadhane manim viprairyavveshayath!!

Sa yaachito manim qvaapi yaduraajaaya shourina!

Naivaartha kaamukah praadaath yaanchaabhangam atharkayan!!”

Sage Sukhaachaarya is now starting to explain the trail of events that unfolded one after the other. There was once a person by name “Satraajith”. He was a good friend of Bhagawan Krishna for many years. For some reason, Bhagawan Soorya had gifted Satraajith with a beautiful glittering pearl-like ornament called “Syamanthakam”. He used to wear this “Syamanthakam” ornament around his neck like a necklace and it used to glitter with all its sheen. As he walks, the ornament made beautiful sounds and attracted the attention of many trespassers who walked past him. As Satraajith was gaining lot of attention from every corner, he was very happy and on top of his world!

This “Syamanthakam” ornament had a unique characteristic. If someone rubs it gently, it starts giving gold! Thus, it was a huge attraction for all the people in Dwaaraka, including Bhagawan Krishna Himself! As Satraajith was roaming around here and there, just for the sake of showcasing the ornament, people used to feel jealous that only he had the opportunity to have such a highly-rated ornament! Upon seeing people feeling jealous about him, Satraajith was very happy! Even we do this today, isn’t it? If we have some expensive ornaments made of gold or diamond, we too would wear it in such a way that it is visible to everybody and walk past, isn’t it? This is a common sight if we go to attend some marriage and other auspicious functions. In fact, these kinds of events are good opportunities for us to showcase our “financial strength”! 🙂 Of course, none of us would wear it everyday while we go for work. But here, Satraajith is wearing this “Syamanthakam” ornament every day as he walks past! This makes people attracted towards him and the ornament and many were feeling envious of him.

As days passed by, Satraajith’s name and fame started increasing exponentially and this news came to Bhagawan Krishna as well. So He calls Satraajith to his palace one day and requests him thus, “Oh Satraajith! You know that we’ve been good friends for many years now! Our friendship is very deep and understanding. Hence, I’m wishing to ask you something – Can you please give this Syamanthaka ornament to me for a day or two? I shall just see how it is and give it back to you!” As Bhagawan Krishna asks for it thus, Satraajith was high on pride. He replies back thus, “Oh Krishna! You’re asking for something that you do not deserve! You’re afterall an ordinary person who had come from the Yadava clan and you don’t stand any eligibility to possess such a high-profile ornament. Hence, I’m not going to give this to you!” Hearing this from His friend Satraajith, Bhagawan Krishna thinks within Himself thus, “Oh wow! This is called true friendship – If a person becomes exceptionally rich one day, he would even forget his friend completely!” Thinking thus, Bhagawan Krishna too left it off, and didn’t argue further. Afterall it was the possession of Satraajith and he has graciously obtained it from Bhagawan Soorya. Hence, Bhagawan Krishna did not medel with it.

One fine day, for whatsoever reason, Satraajith’s brother was having the Syamanthakam ornament on his neck and was roaming around. He had gone somewhere for something, but he did not return back! Upon searching and investigating about his whereabouts, it was concluded that a fierce lion had attacked him somewhere and had killed him. However, Satraajith had his own doubts! He recollected that once Bhagawan Krishna had asked for it and he had denied it. he also knows how Bhagawan Krishna once used to steal butter and milk from all houses in Gokula when He was five years old! Hence, Satraajith concluded that it was none other than Bhagawan Krishna who had “stolen” the ornament and eventually, he had also killed his brother as well. Thinking thus, Satraajith started to spread this “fake narrative” everywhere in Dwaaraka! We’re talking today about various “fake narratives” built up by few politicians with vested interests, but it’s surprising to know that this concept was in existence even during Bhagawan Krishna’s tenure! As the narrative was being reinforced on and on by Satraajith, at one stage people too started to believe this story and started concluding that Bhagawan Krishna was a thief!

Of course, Bhagawan Krishna was a thief during childhood days, but even now? He has grown up and is a ruler of a huge kingdom called Dwaaraka. Also, He’s the divine incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu! How can He be a thief? Satraajith failed to understand all this. He thus concluded that Bhagawan Krishna was a thief, just because He had exhibited similar behavior when He was a child! A huge investigation was called for! What happened next? Where did the Syamanthaka ornament disappear? What had really happened to Satraajith’s brother? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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