Episode # 273 – Little Krishna starts unleashing His mischievous acts!!!


We’re amidst a beautiful experience wherein Baby Krishna is trying to crawl and walk around Yashoda’s and Nandagopa’s home. The entire town of Gokula is witnessing this beautiful scene every passing day and is enjoying the divine presence of Bhagawan amidst them in the form of a little child. Baby Krishna is so beautiful in appearance that people aren’t able to do any other work, but to keep admiring this baby’s “Leelas”.

As Baby Krishna grows up slowly, he begins to get up and starts walking. As He is trying to walk His way, Yashoda and Nandagopa are trying to encourage and motivate Him to walk towards them slowly. As Baby Krishna walks His way through, he falls mid-way as His legs aren’t able to carry Him for that long! As He falls down, He tries to get up on His own, but many a times, He’s unable to! As Yashoda sees Her darling child struggling to get up, she immediately rushes towards Him with all her motherly and innocent love and affection, holds His hands and slowly lifts Him up. She again encourages and motivates Baby Krishna to walk towards her!

As this was happening on a daily basis, people of Gokula wanted to take Baby Krishna to their respective homes and spend some time with Him! Seeking permission of Yashoda thus, the neighbors and other local residents take turns to have Baby Krishna with them for few hours! Wherever Baby Krishna goes, He’s being fed with nice food, butter and curd! This is how Baby Krishna develops a passion for butter, at such a young age itself. As He eats more and more butter, He becomes fatter and chubby! 😊 This is why we see even today, portraits of Baby Krishna to be chubby, stout and fat, with lot of butter melting down from His tender hands and fingers! This is a very beautiful way of worshipping Bhagawan Krishna and this is why for our blog page also, we have this portrait as the main picture! 😊

As Baby Krishna grows up, His mischief also increased exponentially. He is now 5-6 years of age and starts going around the town with His beautiful smile and appearance! People welcome little Krishna with all their love and affection.

Now Little Krishna is slowly learning how to make the cows graze. While doing so, He sees some people extracting milk from the cows. Little Krishna would go and stand besides these people and request them to give Him some milk to drink. Initially these people were so moved by the way the little child was innocently requesting them for milk, and they would give Him happily! But as this started to continue as a routine, some people started to slowly deny him!

As Little Krishna was denied milk, He now starts unfolding His mischievous behavior – As the cows are being milked, Little Krishna would suddenly untie the rope with which the they would have been tied to the pillar! As a result, the cows’ legs would be freed up from the rope and hence, they started kicking the person who was milking the cow! As the cow kicks the person who is milking the cow, he is thrown miles apart! As the person falls, Little Krishna would clap His hands and laugh loudly! He would then go beneath the cow and drink the milk directly from the cow itself.

This would automatically irritate the person who is milking the cow isn’t it? 😊 That person would come and ask angrily thus, “Oh Krishna! Why did you release the cow from the rope?” Little Krishna would reply thus, “Oh! I asked you for a little milk, but you didn’t give me! So I decided that I would have it myself! What’s wrong in this? If the cow is kicking you, go and ask the cow, rather than asking me!” Upon hearing this “innocent” answer from the child, people get amused, rather than getting angry on the little one! Thus, Little Krishna slowly starts unleashing His mischief on the people of Gokula!

On another instance, Little Krishna ties a small cracker on to the cow’s tail! As the cracker goes off with a loud sound, the cow gets panicked and starts running here and there! Upon seeing this, Little Krishna would laugh loud by clapping His small tender hands! Upon seeing this, other people also couldn’t control their laughter! Of course, Little Krishna had a great rapport with all the cows that were present at Gokula. Whenever Little Krishna goes amidst the cows, all of them come flocking around Him and enjoy a blissful time with their Bhagawan! 😊 How fortunate were these cows too! Who were they in their previous births and what “Karma” had they performed to such a perfection that they’ve got such wonderful time with Bhagawan Krishna? Only Bhagawan Krishna can give answers to these questions!

So for today, let us enjoy and experience Little Krishna’s “Leelas” one after the other and shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 😊



Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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