Episode # 255 – Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates as the eighth child of Devaki & Vasudeva!!!


We’ve witnessed in the previous episode, the continuation of the family tree of Devaki and Vasudeva and in due course, the marriage between the two of them. We also witnessed in due course, how King Kamsa was threatened by a divine and a rapturing voice from the sky about his death. The voice clearly spelt out that Kamsa’s death is going to take place very soon and it is going to be in the hands of Devaki’s eighth son! Stunned upon hearing thus, King Kamsa fumed and fretted that he had married his daughter to Vasudeva. Eventually he quickly decides to kill the couple, which perhaps might put an end to this threat that is looming large. As Kamsa tries to kill Devaki first, Vasudeva stops him from doing so. Vasudeva assures King Kamsa that he would voluntarily hand over all the new-born babies to him, so that they can be killed instantly. With this agreement, Devaki and Vasudeva were pardoned off from death, but were imprisoned at Mathura, Kamsa’s capital city. This was clearly a sad, but a decisive day for all three of them, and a clear rift emerged between the brother-sister duo of Devaki and Kamsa.

As they were imprisoned, Devaki and Vasudeva were clearly devastated beyond words! They did not anticipate such a start to their “happy married life”. They were thus imprisoned on the very first day of their marriage and that too, with severe imprisonment. Their hands and legs were tied with metal straps and were strictly guarded with multi-tiers of security, so that they do not make an attempt to escape out of the prison. As days and months rolled by amidst the strict imprisonment, Devaki and Vasudeva were blessed with their first child. As Devaki delivered the child, Vasudeva took the child away from his wife with a heavy heart, and brought it to Kamsa. As Kamsa hears the crying sound of a baby, he immediately wakes up from his sleep and sees Vasudeva standing in front of him with the baby in his hands. Upon seeing this, Kamsa immediately snatches the new-born from Vasudeva’s trembling hands, throws it on a nearby sharp stone and kills it then and there!

How treacherous this can be for a father? Upon seeing his new-born baby being brutally killed in front of his eyes, Vasudeva couldn’t tolerate the heinous act of Kamsa! However, he makes up his mind, because it was he who had given this assurance to Kamsa. Filled with thoughts of sadness, Vasudeva was escorted again into the prison, wherein his wife, Devaki, was inconsolable beyond words! How can a mother forgo her child to death on the very first day of its birth? Both Devaki and Vasudeva were thus devastated and the “saga” continued.

Again, as months passed by, Devaki and Vasudeva were again blessed with the second child, and this too met the same fate as that of the first one. Vasudeva took this child too to Kamsa, who threw the child on the stone and murdered it brutally. Similar routine followed for the third, fourth, fifth and the sixth children as well.

“Keerthimantam sushenam cha bhadrasena budhaaratheehi!

Brujum sammardhanam bhadram sankarshana maheeshwaram!!

Ashtamasthu thayoraaseeth svayameva harihkila!!”

As these incidents unfold one after the other, Sage Sukhaachaarya gives the names of the six children who were killed by Kamsa – Keerthimanta, Sushena, Bhadrasena, Ruju, Sammardhana, Bhadra. The seventh child to be born to the duo was Sankarshana, who was none other than Balarama. The seventh child somehow escaped the wretched hands of Kamsa and finally the eighth child was about to take birth after few more months – In the month of “Aavani” and on the “Ashtami” day (Eighth day of the month) when the “Rohini” Nakshatra (Star) falls, the eight child was born, and this was none other than Bhagawan Himself!

As the eighth child was born, Vasudeva and Devaki have a loving parental gaze at the child, but were utterly surprised! This child was grossly different than the seven previous children. The child was having the “Shanka” in its left shoulder and the “Chakra” in its right shoulder, even when it was newly-born! The child was looking so handsome and had a beautiful smile on its face! Upon looking at this beautiful child, Devaki and Vasudeva couldn’t take their eyes off it. Afterall it was Bhagawan Himself who has chosen these two people to be His father and mother, isn’t it? By taking birth to this couple, Bhagawan too was happy within Himself! He had given the right opportunity to the right people to be His parents for this divine incarnation!

As Devaki and Vasudeva were gazing at this child endlessly for a long time, Vasudeva quickly remembered his promise to Kamsa! He is supposed to take this child, especially the eighth one to Kamsa for being killed! It is to be remembered that this was the child for which Kamsa was waiting to kill. The divine voice had clearly mentioned that Kamsa’s end is going to be because of this eighth child only, isn’t it? So, Kamsa too was eagerly awaiting this moment to kill the child and to get relief from the imminent danger to his life! Was he successful in doing so? Did Vasudeva hand over this divine eighth child into the murderous hands of Kamsa? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊






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One thought on “Episode # 255 – Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates as the eighth child of Devaki & Vasudeva!!!

  1. I, an American, love Mahabharat (have watched the Mahabharata tv series 3 times). Lately, I was wondering something. Do followers of Shiva love Krishna/Vishnu avatars? It seems to me, keeping in mind some of Krishna’s less than ethical acts, and especially the war between Ram and the Rakasha on Lanka, that Vishnu avatars come into conflict with Shiva devotees. Is that so in modern India?


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