Episode # 254 – King Kamsa imprisons Devaki and Vasudeva at Mathura city!!!


We’re at an interesting and a critical juncture of Bhagawan Krishna’s birth in this world, as we’re currently witnessing the family background of the “Chandra-Vamsa”. In yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed the “family tree” comprising of two important sub-sects of the “Chandra-Vamsa” – The “Kukura-Vamsa” and the “Bhajamana-Vamsa”. We’ve witnessed that it is in this “Kukura-Vamsa”, Ugrasena and Devaka were brothers. It is to this Devaka was born Devaki, who is the mother of Bhagawan Krishna. Similarly, one of Ugrasena’s sons was Kamsa, who was Bhagawan Krishna’s uncle. Thus, we can witness that this Kamsa and Devaki were cousins. Similarly, as part of the “Bhajamana-Vamsa”, was born Vasudeva. King Bhajamana had a son by name Soorasena and this Soorasena’s son was none other than Vasudeva. As we might know, Vasudeva and Devaki got married to each other and the eighth son of theirs’ was Bhagawan Krishna! Let us witness the continuation of this interesting set of events that led to the run-up of Bhagawan Krishna’s birth.

It was because of the fact that Bhagawan is going to incarnate through Vasudeva, the Devas (Celestial Beings) were very happy when Vasudeva took birth. Vasudeva has another name called “Aanaka-Dundubhi”, because when Vasudeva was born, all the Devas showered flower petals on him, along with the playing of a musical instrument called “Dundubhi”. The Devas were very happy that the time is closing in for Bhagawan to take birth in this world, yet again! In yesterday’s episode, we’ve witnessed that this Vasudeva had five sisters, isn’t it? Sage Sukhaachaarya gives a brief about his five sisters here thus. The five sisters were Prutha, Thruta-Deva, Shruta-Keerthi, Shrutah-Sravaah and Raajaati-Devi. The eldest of the five sisters, Prutha was given as a “gift” to the king of a neighboring Kunthi Desha. It is because she went into the Kunthi Desha, she was referred to as Kunthi. We might know who this Kunthi is – She is the mother of the five Paandava brothers. Kunthi Devi marries King Paandu and gives birth to the “Kaunteyas”, or the “ first three Paandava brothers”. “Kaunteyas” include Yudishtra, Bhima and Arjuna. Maadhri Devi, who was King Paandu’s other wife gave birth to Nakula and Sahadeva. As Kunthi’s original name was Prutha, Arjuna obtained the name “Paartha”. If we look at the Mahabharata, and especially in the Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Krishna often refers Arjuna as “Paartha” or “Kaunteya”. All these are Arjuna’s other names and we’ve seen how these names were derived. From this accord, we can thus see the relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and the Paandavas here. To summarize, Kunthi was Bhagawan Krishna’s aunt. The Paandavas were Bhagawan Krishna’s cousins.

As Vasudeva grew up gradually, he got married to Devaki, whom as we’ve already witnessed, was part of the “Kukura-Vamsa”. On the day of their marriage, after all the rituals are completed, Devaki and Vasudeva get on to the chariot, which is being driven by Devaki’s brother, Kamsa. He was taking the married couple to Vasudeva’s house, as per the norm. It is to be remembered that this Kamsa had his own personal and wicked motives behind marrying his sister Devaki to Vasudeva. While the chariot was being driven on the way, there was a sudden sound of loud thunder and heavy lightening! Amidst this, there sounded a deafening loud voice from the sky and was rapturing in nature. Upon listening this, all of them were stunned to bits! Nobody could understand what was unfolding! As people were looking at the sky with awe, the divine voice thundered aloud and said thus, “Oh Kamsa!!! You’re one of the greatest fools on earth! You’ve got this Vasudeva married to your sister Devaki! Do you know the consequence of this marriage? The eighth child that is going to be born to this couple is going to be the one to put an end to your life! How big a fool are you to let this marriage happen, and thus ruin your life like this?”

As Kamsa listens to this loud thundering and rapturing voice scolding him thus, he realizes that a great danger is around the corner for him! This great danger is in the form of none other than his sister herself! Fuming in anger thus, Kamsa unfurls his sharp sword and goes to kill both Devaki and Vasudeva. As Kamsa comes closer thus, Vasudeva prays to Kamsa, “Oh Kamsa! Why do you want to do something like this? Killing a couple on the very day of the marriage is a blunder, isn’t it? Moreover, murdering your sister is even more a bigger crime! Out of all this, killing a woman is one of the biggest blunders you can ever commit! Hence, don’t do this and unnecessarily accumulate your sins!”

Vasudeva continues thus, “Oh Kamsa! Moreover, I don’t see any meaning in killing Devaki. It is only the eighth child that is going to kill you, isn’t it? Why should you attack Devaki for it? I shall bring all our new-born children to you, and you can kill all of them, including the eighth one. With that, your threat would be neutralized, isn’t it?” Kamsa too thought for a while and found some meaning in what Vasudeva is saying. Hence, he takes both of them to the city of Mathura, and imprisons them!

This is why we see that Bhagawan Krishna is going to take birth in the prison of Mathura city. We can visit this city and the prison where Bhagawan Krishna took birth, even today. This is one of the most important “Punya-Kshetras” of our Bhaarata Desha and all of us should make it a point to visit this holy city, amidst the banks of River Yamuna. So for today, let us understand this background to Bhagawan Krishna’s birth and let us all wait with all our eagerness for Bhagawan to take birth! We shall continue this important event in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊


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  1. Very informative n you are doing the right thing in this present age. Maximum people are benefitted by this blog. Thank you very much for your efforts in spreading our culture. God Bless…


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