Episode # 248 – Key lesson from “Ambareesha-Charitra” – Bhagawan Vishnu protects us from all curses!!!


We’re currently at a critical juncture amidst the “Ambareesha-Charitra”, wherein Sage Dhurvaasa tries to curse King Ambareesha for not serving him before breaking the fast. As the curse is ready to be bestowed upon King Ambareesha, Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Chakra” gets terribly angry on Sage Dhurvaasa for his atrocious act. The “Chakra” challenges Sage Dhurvaasa to run and protect himself first, before cursing King Ambareesha. Accordingly, the “Chakra” starts its chase and makes Sage Dhurvaasa run for his life! This run becomes a huge marathon for Sage Dhurvaasa as he runs all over the world, seeking refuge! As none entertains him, he makes his way to Kailasa, the divine Abode of Bhagawan Shiva. As Bhagawan Shiva too turns him down, Sage Dhurvaasa makes his way to Bhagawan Brahma, only to be in vain! Sage Dhurvaasa’s marathon continues further and he goes to Vaikunta, the divine Abode of Bhagawan Vishnu! Upon seeing Sage Dhurvaasa breathlessly running towards Him, Bhagawan Vishnu understands what was going on. He thus explains to Sage Dhurvaasa that he has tried to inflict a curse on His ardent devotee and this is never acceptable! In fact, Bhagawan Vishnu explains that He Himself is powerless in front of King Ambareesha’s ardent devotion and his strict austere spiritual practices. Hence, Bhagawan Vishnu advises Sage Dhurvaasa to go back to King Ambareesha and surrender to him, rather than going here and there and wasting time.

Now Sage Dhurvaasa is caught in two minds here – He had determined to curse King Ambareesha, but now it is to this same King Ambareesha that he has to go and surrender! How can a person surrender at the feet of an enemy? However, as all of them including Bhagawan Brahma, Bhagawan Shiva and Bhagawan Vishnu have washed off their hands, Sage Dhurvaasa doesn’t have any other option here, but to surrender to King Ambareesha himself! Thinking thus, Sage Dhurvaasa returns back to King Ambareesha’s palace. As King Ambareesha sees Sage Dhurvaasa running towards him, he immediately goes and receives him with great respect. Sage Dhurvaasa seeks unconditional apology to King Ambareesha by saying thus, “Oh Ambareesha! It is my mistake to have tried inflicting a curse on you. As you’re Bhagawan Vishnu’s ardent devotee, my curse would be rendered helpless in front of you and I’ve learnt my lesson today. So please forgive me and protect my life from Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Chakra””!

As Sage Dhurvaasa seeks apology thus, King Ambareesha turns towards Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Chakra” and explains thus, “Oh Divine Chakra! I think you should stop your chasing now. Sage Dhurvaasa is one of the greatest Sages, the world has ever seen. It is also my mistake to have broken my fast before he arrives. Hence, please forgive the great Sage and save his life!” As King Ambareesha orders thus, the “Chakra” gives up the chase and lets Sage Dhurvaasa free. From this incident, Sage Dhurvaasa learnt an important lesson here – “Never ever go near those people who are ardent devotees of Bhagawan! It is only if we go near them, would we be finding fault with them and eventually would end up cursing them, isn’t it? So from today, let us never go and poke into the business of Bhagawan’s ardent devotees!”

This is a very important learning for us also – If we’re trying to holding on to Bhagawan’s feet tightly, we would be safe from any kind of curse from anybody in this world. We shall be rest-assured that Bhagawan would protect us from all kinds of enemies in this world. We should realize this point and thus, take this opportunity to increase our devotion towards Bhagawan. We should take conscious efforts to increase our spiritual practices, in turn, increase our devotion towards Bhagawan!

Thus, with this note, we come to the end of the “Ambareesha-Charitra” and we shall wait till the next episode to commence the next important event, as part of the ninth “Skandha”! Stay tuned! 😊




Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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