Episode # 247 – Bhagawan Vishnu’s “CHAKRA” sends Sage Dhurvaasa on a “marathon run” for his life!!!


We had witnessed in the previous episode, some major benefits that we might obtain by undertaking regular “fasting”. As we’ve witnessed, it is always important to give a break to our digestive system for alteast a day in a month. This would clear up all the wastes that get accumulated in the system and the break in the digestion process would automatically flush out all these toxins from our body. This would render the system clean and fit for the next day’s process to start afresh. Thus, fasting has enormous scientific benefits to our physical body. Recent researches have also found out that fasting regularly helps us to keep our blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels in their respective optimum ranges. Moreover, fasting also helps us regulate our general body metabolism and makes sure that we do not have unwanted health complications. Apart from the scientific benefits, there are enormous spiritual benefits that we gain as well. If we’re able to observe regular fasting, our mind slowly starts to get under control. In other words, our desires would start coming down, our craving for food would start decreasing, which would indirectly result in an increase of our “Vairaagya” or “Will-power”. Once our will-power increases, we would automatically gain the ability to handle any kind of situation that might arise in our personal and professional life.

Thus, it is important for all of us to understand all these significances of “fasting” and we should make it a point to try and follow the same. As we’ve witnessed, these are scientifically proved research findings and this is exactly what our ancestors have formulated as well – To observe a full-day fast without even drinking a single drop of water on the “Ekaadashi” day of every month (“Nirjala Ekaadashi”). Thus, this practice contributes to both or physical and spiritual upliftment at the same time.

Moving on with the “Ambareesha-Charitra” thus, as we’ve witnessed at the end of yesterday’s episode, King Ambareesha consumes a glass of water at around 9 AM on the “Dvaadashi” day and completes his fasting officially. However, he knows that Sage Dhurvaasa was on his way and that, he should be served with a good meal, which is also an important criteria to break the fast. As Sage Dhurvaasa makes his way back to King Ambareesha’s palace, he finds that King Ambareesha had already consumed “something” and has broken the fast before he came. With all the anger, (quite as usual), Sage Dhurvaasa demands an explanation to King Ambareesha’s act. Without having the patience to listen to King Ambareesha’s valid explanation, Sage Dhurvaasa was fuming in anger and raised his hand to curse King Ambareesha! Readers should be aware here that King Amabreesha was a great devotee of Bhagawan Vishnu, in such a way that Bhagawan Vishnu had once given His “Chakra” to King Ambareesha for protection. We can imagine how ardent a devotee would King Ambareesha had been!

As Sage Dhurvaasa raises his hands to deliver the curse, the “Chakra” became terribly angry! The “Chakra” replies to Sage Dhurvaasa with equal fury thus, “Oh Dhurvaasa! Do you know who is King Ambareesha is? Without investigating the cause of an incident, how can you give curses to people, just like that? Do you know how many people in this world are suffering because of your short-temper? Moreover, who the hell are you to deliver a curse on my ardent devotee? Now let me show the world, the power of this “Chakra” and what can it do!” Fuming thus, the “Chakra” starts from it’s dwelling place and starts to chase down Sage Dhurvaasa, as King Ambareesha is looking on!

Upon seeing the “Chakra” dreadfully following him, Sage Dhurvaasa starts to run for his life! He runs, runs and runs, and there is no respite from the powerful “Chakra”! Finally, Sage Dhurvaasa decides that he should go to “Kailaasa” – The Abode of Bhagawan Shiva for protection. Thus, as Sage Dhurvaasa reaches Kailaasa and seeks refuge to Bhagawan Shiva thus, “Oh Bhagawan Shiva! This “Chakra” is following me to put an end to my life! You’re the only one who can protect me from this!” Seeing Sage Dhurvaasa’s pitiable condition, Bhagawan Shiva was unmoved. He knew what had happened! Bhagawan Shiva replies back thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvaasa! Please understand that you’ve insulted Bhagawan Vishnu’s ardent devotee and this is nothing but the repercussion for your own mistake! Hence, I cannot do much in this case and it is upto you to save yourself!” As Bhagawan Shiva deserts him thus, Sage Dhurvaasa runs to Bhagawan Brahma and seeks refuge. Upon seeing Sage Dhurvaasa running towards him, Bhagawan Brahma assumes a “traffic police” job! 😊 He redirects Sage Dhurvaasa from himself, as he knows that he would be helpless in front of Bhagawan Vishnu’s powerful “Chakra”!

As Bhagawan Brahma also deserts him thus, Sage Dhurvaasa’s “marathon run” continues further! 😊 He now goes to the Vishnu Lokha itself and tries to seek solace! Upon seeing Sage Dhurvaasa’s condition, Bhagawan Vishnu replies him thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvaasa! What can I do here? If you would have insulted me in some way, I would have given a solution when you seek refuge under me. Whereas, you’ve insulted my “Bhakta” (Ardent devotee) and in this case, it is only my “Bhakta” who can save you from this suffering! Hence, go back to Ambareesha and surrender to him. He would protect you!”

We should note an important point here – If we have some issue with someone in this world, where do we run for protection? We normally seek Bhagawan’s intervention and run towards the temple, isn’t it? Will we have the guts to go back to that same person whom we had insulted before, to seek an apology? Our “ego” would stop us from doing it, isn’t it? Even though we might know that we are at fault for insulting the other person, we would never have the guts in us to go to that person , accept our mistake and seek an apology! This was exactly the case in Sage Dhurvaasa’s story as well! As Bhagawan Vishnu proposes to Sage Dhurvaasa that the only solution available here is to go and seek forgiveness to King Ambareesha, how does Sage Dhurvaasa approach this solution? Is he going back to King Ambareesha again? Or, is his ego going to get the better of him here? Let’s wait and find out in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊




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