Episode # 229 – The all-important “MOHINI -AVATARA” – Setting up the context!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we witnessed the culmination of the “Gajendra Moksha” event with its “Phala-Stuthi”, wherein Sage Sukhaachaarya explains that all those who listen to this important event, would be totally devoid of bad dreams during their sleep. This is very important because, peaceful sleep is vital for a person’s health. If we’re having dreams during sleep, it implies that our sleep is not deep enough. If we’re waking up from bed without a deep sleep thus, our entire day would become dull and we would in turn feel tired, frustrated and irritated. We might have seen this in our daily routine life too, many a times. Thus, if we’re dedicatedly listening to this important “Gajendra Moksha” event, Sage Sukhaachaarya assures us that Bhagawan Narayana would ensure that we are leading a peaceful and a happy life, devoid of unfortunate circumstances and troubles, which implies that we would be totally devoid of unwanted and bad dreams. It is often said that dreams are just reflections of what we think and what is happening in our everyday life, isn’t it? Thus, if our routine life becomes streamlined in the direction of “Dharma” and if we’re filling our mind with Bhagawan’s thoughts and stories, why at all should we encounter bad dreams during our sleep? Hence, this is an important point for all of us to ponder and follow.

Moving on thus, during yesterday’s episode, we had commenced the next event, which is nothing but the all-interesting “Mohini Avatar” of Bhagawan Narayana. We’ve witnessed in a nutshell yesterday as to why did Bhagawan Vishnu incarnate of Mohini and what conspired during this important incarnation. Starting today, we are going to witness this incarnation at length. There is an interesting background to this whole episode of “Mohini-Avatar”. Let us witness that first and then subsequently move into the main event.

Once, Goddess Mahalakshmi was wearing an attractive garland that was shining from all four directions. As She was having it with Her for a long time now, She wanted to gift that garland to someone who deserves it and who was very close to Her. Thus, she selected one of Her best friends and gave that garland to her saying that, she can have it until she wants to. Very happy with the gift, Goddess Mahalakshmi’s friend was having the garland with her for a long time and after that, she once happened to meet Sage Durvaasa for some purpose. Upon meeting Sage Durvaasa, she wanted to give the great Sage, some “Guru-Dakshina”. At that point in time, she did not have anything else to give him, other than this attractive garland. Hence, she gave this garland itself as a “Guru-Dakshina” to Sage Durvaasa. Now thus garland has gone from Goddess Mahalakshmi to one of her friends and now to Sage Durvaasa.

As Sage Durvaasa was having this garland with him for a while, he thinks thus, “Oh! What is the purpose of me having this attractive garland? Afterall I’m a sage and I keep wandering from place to place. Hence, it would be appropriate if an established and a righteous king has this garland under his possession. Perhaps this garland would give him all sorts of prosperity for him as well as for the kingdom”. Hence, Sage Durvaasa thinks for a few days and thus concludes that the right person to have this attractive garland can be none other than Indra himself. As we all know, Indra is the leader of all the “Devas” (Celestial Beings), Sage Durvaasa thought that it would be better if he has the garland with him. Thus, when Sage Durvaasa gets an opportunity to meet Indra at the “Deva-Lokha” (Abode of Indra), he hands over this attractive garland to him.

However, Indra did not understand the significance of this garland which Sage Durvaasa had gifted him just now. He did not know that this garland had originally come from Goddess Mahalakshmi herself! Not realizing its importance thus, Indra refuses to wear the garland around his neck. He thinks that he has much better and expensive garlands than this one and hence, puts it around the neck of his elephant (Airaavata). Animal as it is, elephant Airavata too didn’t understand why is he having this garland around his neck after all! Hence, he takes the garland in his trunk, swivels it around and totally destroys the beautiful garland! As this happens, Indra too didn’t take it seriously. However, the news that this garland has been destroyed by Indra eventually reaches Goddess Mahalakshmi within a few days. Fuming in anger, Goddess Mahalakshmi curses Indra thus, “Since you destroyed my property (the beautiful garland), all your property would also go into the dustbin and you would be rendered totally homeless and kingdom-less!”

As per the curse, Indra too eventually lost all his property, his possessions, his leadership position, etc. and he was shell-shocked with what had just happened! He couldn’t believe his eyes that he has become a popper within seconds! Seeing Indra being reduced to zero overnight, the Raakshasas were in full celebration. They were enjoying the fete that Indra has been chased away! Irritated with the way in which the Raakshasas were celebrating and mocking at him, Indra is stumbling to take the next step, he sends an “SOS Message” to Bhagawan Vishnu! 😊 He runs to Bhagawan Vishnu, explains what conspired, how the Raakshasas are taking this situation as an advantage to mock at him, etc. and thus seeks a solution for the problem. Hearing all of it thus, Bhagawan Vishnu suggests, “Oh Indra! In this case, instead of fuming over the Raakshasas like this and wasting your time, why don’t you go and nurture friendship with them for this one situation? Why don’t you team up with the Raakshasas and start exploring the ocean of milk? (Paar-Kadal in Tamil). Through that, you would get a huge pot of “Amrut” and if you drink it, you would become immortal and thus, you would regain all that you had lost!”

Hearing thus, Indra thinks for a while and decides that this suggestion from Bhagawan Narayana is a good one. What happens next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊


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