Episode # 228 – Those who listen to “Gajendra Moksha” would be devoid of bad dreams during sleep!!!

Little Krishna

The previous episode witnessed the culmination of an important event in the “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” called “Gajendra Moksha”, wherein we had saw how Bhagawan Vishnu rushed forward to save and grant Moksha to elephant Gajendra. We had witnessed few important lessons that we can learn from this incident. In a nutshell, Bhagawan doesn’t differentiate between any form of living beings, either animals or human beings, when it comes to protecting them and granting “Moksha”. This is one of the greatest quality of compassion that Bhagawan exhibits. Whoever in this world is praying towards Him with an ardent devotion and a noble heart, Bhagawan is just going to melt down immediately. Secondly, it is important for us to exhibit the maturity to call for Bhagawan’s help immediately as and when we’re encountering an obstacle in life, rather than waiting till the last minute wherein things start getting out of hand. It is always important to have the feeling that it is only Bhagawan who is protecting us at all times. Hence, we should think about these points and should start putting them to practice immediately.

Now as we move on with the subsequent events, Sage Sukhaachaarya gives a short “Phala-Stuthi” (Benefits) for people who are listening to this story of “Gajendra-Moksha”. Sage Sukhaachaarya says thus:

“Etahn mahaaraaja taverithonmayaa!

Krishnaanubhaavo gajaraaja mokshanam!!

Svargamyashashyam kali kalmashaamaham!

Dussvapna naasam kuruvarya shrinvathaam!!” 

Here, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains to King Parikshit that whoever listens to this “Gajendra Moksha” event, will attain the following benefits: Primarily, the person would be devoid of bad dreams during sleep. This is very important for all of us isn’t it? Sometimes we might have terrible dreams during sleep, such as falling from a mountain or building, being chased by dogs or human beings (enemies) itself, etc. On a lighter note, if we had borrowed some money from a bank or from any lender and if we’re unable to repay that money, we would get all those banks and lenders in our dreams, isn’t it? 😊 In fact, to be more specific on this, there might be few people who would never get any sort of bad dreams in their lives – Especially those people who have obtained enormous amounts of loans from banks and other financial lenders and institutions would never get any sort of bad dreams or fear! If we had obtained a little amount of money, then we should be having fear of repaying. If the amount is huge, only the lender should break his head with all sorts of bad dreams! This is because, the person who has obtained the money is never going to repay anything! 😊 Hence, the point here is that, “deep sleep” is of paramount importance for all of us for our regular day-to-day sound health. If we’re wholeheartedly listening to this “Gajendra Moksha” event as narrated by Sage Sukhaachaarya, we can be rest assured that this would be granted to us by Bhagawan.

Moving on thus with the subsequent events, we’re going to witness how Bhagawan incarnated as “Mohini” and distributed the “Divine Nectar” to the Devas and denied the same for the “Asuras”. This event might be a well-known one for many of us as we might have heard this during our childhood days. It is important to know that this event comes under the purview of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana.

As we might have known, there was a huge exercise undertaken by the entire world of Celestial beings, including the Devas and Asuras to go in pursuit of something called as “Amrut” or “Nectar”. For this, both the groups started exploring the “Paar-Kadal” (Ocean of Milk), wherein Bhagawan’s divine abode called “Vaikunta” is present. As the divine ocean of milk is being explored deeper and deeper, many items emerge from it, including a huge pot of poison and finally a huge pot of the “Amrut”. As the “Amrut” surfaces, there is a huge debate as to whom should consume it. This debate commenced because, all of them knew that if someone consumes the “Amrut” he / she becomes immortal, that is, there will not be any form of death that would come to them at any point in time. As the debate between the Devas and Asuras rages on, Bhagawan Vishnu decides to solve this debate by cheating the Asuras and in turn, giving the “Amrut” to the Devas. For this to happen, Bhagawan takes the form of a beautiful and an attractive woman called “Mohini”. This “Mohini” is also considered as a divine incarnation of Bhagawan, as He protects the Devas from the wrath of the Asuras.

As we’ve witnessed the whole event in a nutshell, it is time for us to have a detailed discussion of it. There is a beautiful story behind all that conspired step by step. Let’s wait till the next episode to witness the same! Stay tuned! 😊


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