Episode # 157 – Vridhraasura takes birth as Dvashta takes revenge on Indra!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had commenced discussion on the all-important “Narayana Kavacha”, which is being given by Vishwa-Vasu to Indra and the Devas. This “Narayana Kavacha”, touted to be one of the best defense mechanism against any sort of enemy in any form, in any place, and at any situation is extremely powerful and the Devas were very fortunate to obtain it from a selfless teacher in the form of Vishwa-Vasu. The reason why we call Vishwa-Vasu as a selfless teacher is that, he went to the extent of sacrificing his life for his students. If the “Narayana Kavacha” is taught to someone, the person who teaches it, is bound to die. Even then, just because his students asked for it, Vishwa-Vasu decided to transcend beyond his personal wishes and life and teach it to them! In that way, we had witnessed a vast majority portion of the Narayana Kavacha in yesterday’s episode. We had witnessed how it traverses through various incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu and how it appeals for protection from various kinds of catastrophic situations to the different incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu.

We are now at a point wherein the prayer is directed towards Sage Kapilaachaarya wherein it says that if we’re entangled with any sort of bad “Karma” in our life, it is Sage Kapilaachaarya who can remove the effects of the same.

“Tatthasvayogaath yoganaathaha guneshaha kapilah dattatreyaha!”

This section explains that if we’re getting entangled with lot of unwanted desires, which might potentially lead us to any sort of problems in our lives, let Bhagawan Dattathreya protect us.

“Deva rishayaha purushaarchanaatraath koormo harirmaan nirayaanudoshaath!!”

This line explains that if we’re having problems in life repeating like a cycle everytime, let Bhagawan Koorma protect us and alleviate us from that vicious cycle of problems.

“Vitthadhaaraasi varaasayenya eeshah prayuktho mama chinvichinthi chakshunshicha chada chandrasaadayaa!!”

This last section explains thus, “Let this Narayana Kavacha protect me thus, from all sort of evil eyes looking at me with a venomous agenda. Let this Narayana Kavacha protect me from any sort of weapons like bows, arrows, swords, knives, etc. Let this Narayana Kavacha act as a self-defense and protect me from all sorts of dangers, problems, desires, enemies, weapons, situations, etc.”

Praying thus, we come to the end of this important “Narayana Kavacha”. As Vishwa-Vasu gives it to Indra, some time later, Indra himself kills Vishwa-Vasu owing to some reason. Following this, Indra gets the “Bramha-Hathi Dosha” for killing Vishwa-Vasu and eventually Indra couldn’t find a solution to get over this Dosha. Hence, he went and hid himself amidst the petals of a lotus. Upon hearing that his son Vishwa-Vasu was put to death by none other than Indra himself, Dvashta gets devastated and extremely angry! He now decides to take revenge on Indra for the heinous crime that he had committed. He decides to teach a lesson to Indra that he cannot take people for granted, just like that. Hence, Dvashta decides to conduct a huge “Yagna” (Sacrifice through Agni Bhagawan – God of Fire). As Dvashta does the Yagna in a grand fashion, there is a new person who gets created from the midst of the prayer, with all the powers of the Mantras that are being chanted. This person is none other than Vridhraasura!

Thus, we’ve witnessed how Vridhraasura took birth. We should understand that Vridhraasura was created by Dvashta, to take revenge on Indra, who had killed his son, Vishwa Vasu, for no fault of his! So for today, let us understand this part of the story. In the next episode, we shall witness the final section as to how Indra wins over this Vridhraasura and kills him. Stay tuned! 😊


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