Episode # 156 – The “NARAYANA KAVACHA” Part 1 – A detailed explanation!!!

Little Krishna

The previous episode witnessed the commencement of one of the very important sections of discussions in the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana, which is the “Narayana Kavacha”. We witnessed the background behind this important aspect, wherein this is part of a bigger event of Indra killing a “rakshasa” by name Vriddhaasura. To this story, we witnessed that Indra (Leader of the Devas) once insulted his teacher, Brushaspati. Unable to control the frustration out of what Indra said to him, Bruhaspati leaves the Devas’ camp and vanishes somewhere. Thus, after the departure of Bruhaspati, the Devas are rendered “teacher-less”! Hence, amidst the pursuit for a “new teacher”, Indra appoints “Vishwa Vasu”, who is the son of one of his colleagues, Dvashta. As per Bhagawan Bramha’s advice, Indra appoints Vishwa Vasu” as a “temporary teacher” until a permanent person takes over. As days pass by, the threat from the “raakshasas” started increasing and Indra became concerned. Hence, he approaches his “newly found teacher” and asks for some solution for it. Eventually, Indra remembers that there is something called “Narayana Kavacha” and if he chants it regularly, he would get absolute protection from any kind of threat. As Indra asks Vishwa Vasu to teach him and his colleagues, the Narayana Kavacha, Vishwa Vasu explains that he doesn’t mind teaching it to them, but the only thing here is that, if someone teaches this Narayana Kavacha, the teacher’s life would be coming to an end immediately. Anyway, since his student had asked for it, Vishwa Vasu had no problems in teaching it to him. He didn’t bother that his life was at risk after he teaches it.

Thus, as Vishwa Vasu narrates the Narayana Kavacha to Indra, we should realize the significance of this section. The “Narayana Kavacha” serves as a huge protection to anybody who chants it with full devotion towards Bhagawan. Just like how a soldier fights an enemy by wearing a shield, this Narayana Kavacha acts like a shield, whenever we confront an enemy or an enemy-like situation in our life. So, let us witness this Naryana Kavacha in today’s episode. This is for all readers to note down carefully.

“Harir vidathyaan mama sarva rakshaan!

Vyasthaangripadmaha patakendra prushte!!

Dharaari charmaasiga deshu chaapa!

Paashaan dadhaano ashtagunooshta baahuhu!!”

So this sloka explains how Bhagawan Vishnu is seated over his “Vaahana” (Vehicle) of Garuda. It describes the beautiful and divine form of Bhagawan by explaining how handsome and adorable Bhagawan looks, with his eight hands and with the “Shankam” and “Chakra” in His hands!

“Jaleshu maam rakshatu matsya moorthihi!

Yaadho ganebhyo varunasya paashaad!!”

Here, it says that if we have a danger in terms of water, let “Matsya Moorthi” (Bhagawan in the fish form) protect us.

“Sthaleshu maayaa vatu vaamanobhyaath!!”

Here in this next verse, it explains that if we foresee a danger in the land, let “Vaamana Moorthi” (Bhagawan in the form of a small boy) protect us.

“Trivikramah kevathu Vishwa roopaha!”

This verse explains that if we foresee any sort of danger from the sky, (“Aakaasha”), let “Trivikrama Moorthi” (Bhagawan who took the “Vishwa Roopa” to measure the entire world with His feet) protect all of us.

“Durveshadavyaadhi mukhaaveshuh prabhuhu!!”

Here it explains that if we foresee any danger while being amidst a jungle or a deep forest, let Bhagawan Hayagriva protect all of us!

“Paayan nrisimhaha asura yuuthapaarihi!”

Here it says that if we get stuck amidst a group of enemies who are trying to corner us in between a deep jungle or amidst water, let Bhagawan Narasimha (Bhagawan with the appearance of a lion) protect us.

“Vimunchyatoyasya mahaatahaasam vishobine dhur yathapascha garbhaaha!

Raama atrhrikooteshvata viprahaase!

Rakshatvasau maadhvaneeya yagnyakalpaha swadantrayoneethadharo varaahaha!!” 

This section explains that if we encounter any form of danger while we are on travel from one place to the other, let Bhagawan Varaaha protect us.

“Rakshatu raamah athrikooteshu!”

If we’re amidst mountains and hills and if any form of danger encircles us, let Bhagawan Rama protect us with his valor and extraordinary divine powers.

“Maamugra karmaakilaath pramaadaan naaraayanah paaduh narascha haasaath!!”

If someone is trying to use some evil powers on us to disillusion us through some way, let Bhagawan Narayana directly protect us from all those evils.

“Tathvasya yogaatha yoganaathaha paayaath guneshaha kpilaah kappabandhaath!!”

If we’re entangled so much into our “Karma” that we’ve accumulated all through our previous births, let Kapilaachaarya (We’ve discussed about Bhagawan Kapila in our previous episodes) protect us.

So for today, let us take a break at this point and we shall continue this important discussion on the Narayana Kavacha in the next episode. Stay tuned! 😊




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