Episode # 135 – “Illicit relationships with married women would guarantee “Naraka Lokha” – Sage Sukhaachaarya warns!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another category of people who reach the “Naraka Lokha”. In fact, this discussion is proceeding in a very interesting direction and this is a learning point for all of us as to mend our ways in life. We’ve so far witnessed various categories such as those who “steal” other’s property, those who torture & kill animals for their personal gain and benefit, those who vandalize public property, those who consume excess of what is required, etc. Finally, in the previous episode, we had witnessed that those who play with food the wrong way and those who insult the food that they consume, would surely find a place for themselves in the “Naraka Lokha”.

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya continues further: This is an extremely important point for all of us to note down and mend ourselves.

“Yasthviha vaa ugraha pashun pakshinoh praanatha uparandhayati!

Tam apakarunam purushaadhairrapi vihyarhitam amutri yamaanucharaaha!

Kumbi paake tapta taile uparadhyanti….!!!

Sage Sukhaachaarya says here that if a person goes behind another person’s wife for all the wrong reasons, there is a separate “space” in the “Naraka Lokha” that is booked for him! Here, Sage Sukhaachaarya points out specifically that the doors of the “Naraka Lokha” would open up for a person who even thinks of a wrongdoing with another person’s wife. This is where we’ve to be extremely careful with our behavior towards women. If we’re going behind women other than our wife, we’ve to really mend our way here. Of course, all of us know that this is morally wrong, but still, owing to various reasons, such things keep happening in the society. By doing so, not only does our personal life gets messed up in the long run, but also, this is going to pave our way to reach the “Naraka Lokha”, which is going to be extremely severe.

Even in the scriptural texts of our “Sanaathana Dharma” we’ve witnessed in many instances as to how people who have gone beyond their wives have suffered. One good example is Ravana – How he went after Bhagawan Rama’s wife, despite being married to Mandodhari – One of the world’s most beautiful women. Ravana met his end in a disastrous way because he failed to control his desire of going behind women and we’ve witnessed how! This is exactly what Sage Sukhaachaarya is mentioning here as well – If we do not control our desire for a woman within our marriage and if we go behind other people’s wives, we should be prepared to face the worst possible “Naraka Lokha” at the end of this birth.

Sage Sukhaachaarya continues further in the above sloka as to what punishment are we going to get in the “Naraka Lokha” for committing this crime. In fact, he has given detailed descriptions of the various punishments that would come our way, for specific crimes that we do! If we start going into too much of these specifics, we would not be able to digest them! Thus, we shall restrict ourselves to only a few of them. For this crime of going behind married women for satisfying one’s physical desires, Sage Sukhaachaarya mentions the punishment called “Tapta taile”. This implies that, in the “Naraka Lokha”, there would be a beautiful idol of a woman that is made of bronze, which is burning hot in oil. Yama Dharma Raja would take us inside this place and would say thus, “Oh! When you were living in the world, you had the desire to experience physical pleasures with women in various ways, isn’t it? Now here you go! Try to experience the same physical pleasure with this beautiful idol of a woman, which is boiling hot in oil! Now hug this burning hot idol and experience whatever pleasure you want to enjoy!” Saying thus, he would push us into the burning oil and after that, all of us know what will happen! Will we be able to bare it even for a moment if we’re pushed into a pot of boiling oil? This is the punishment if we’re going towards married women for so-called “extra-marital relationships”!

Thus, the point here is that, we should have the control of our senses and should be able to instruct our mind not to go behind other people’s wives for whatsoever reasons. Of course, we might not out rightly go in for a relationship with another woman, but the real danger is that, if we become too close to a person, the relationship would evolve automatically with time. Therefore, it is always better to avoid all sorts of contact with women who are married. Only if we get in contact, will the probability of falling into an illicit relationship would arise, isn’t it?

Of course, one might ask immediately as to how is this applicable in today’s world! If we work in an organizational setup, we might have to interact with fellow colleagues and employees who might be married, and this sort of a “rule” would kill our communication ability and employability in the long run! How do we tackle this issue? An important continuation of this discussion awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊


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