Episode # 133 – “Vandalizing ‘public property’ ensures a secure place in the ‘Naraka Lokha’!” – Sage Sukhaachaarya THUNDERS!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another important point with respect to the ways through which we reach the “Naraka Lokha”. With the past 2-3 episodes put together, we’ve witnessed four to five categories of bad activities that we might end up doing, which might pave the way for us to reach “Naraka Lokha” – Primarily, if we try and abduct property of others through any way or means, if we try and harm animals for whatever purpose, if we try and possess more of anything that we require for our life’s smooth functioning, etc. We’ve witnessed how each of these activities would pave the way for us to reach where we shouldn’t reach! As we move on with today’s episode, we shall extend the discussion on the point that we had left with. We had in fact, finished yesterday’s episode by asking a question – What is “public property” and why shouldn’t we misuse it?” Here’s a brief accord on this question.

When we talk about “public property”, we should first understand what is “public property” and what all would come under this umbrella. “Public property” is something that signifies all those items that are meant to be commonly used by all living beings in this world. For instance, air, water, natural resources, trees, fruits, vegetables, etc. The list of course keeps going endlessly. Mother Nature has gifted us bountifully with many important items which are key for sustaining a happy and a contended life in this world. However, with the passage of time, what has happened to all of this public property? Because of our increasing “necessities” with time, we’ve started to do two things – One is to “grab” away the public property for our own usage and the second is to “pollute” the public property to such an extent that it might not be useful in any way for the future! Recently a third thing has also started to conspire – “Vandalizing” public property in the name of “political issues”!

If we’ve to look into these three points in a bit of more detail, let me ask a simple question here – Can we “own up” the air that we breathe? Can we “own up” the water that we drink? Can we “own up” any sort of natural resources that are present in the earth? Can we use all of these just for ourselves and without sharing with others? The saddest part in today’s world is that, we, human beings have started doing this! This is where the jealousy and greed creep in, which results in a chain of other unfortunate events that unfold. For instance, in the name of starting factories and industries, how do we maintain our water resources and air carefully? We compromise on all of the norms, rules and regulations laid by the Pollution Control Board (PCB) of the government. Rather, we end up bribing the PCB officials and start exploiting all the natural resources in the vicinity of the factory, thus making the entire area around it to become unlivable for anybody, including animals! I’m not goofing up anything here, and these sorts of things are unfortunately highly rampant in today’s scenario! We talk a lot on ethics, but do we follow them meticulously? In the name of factories and industries, how many rivers have we polluted with industrial wastes and effluents? How much of air have we polluted to such an extent that people living around have perennial breathing problems? What is going to happen if animals and people around these areas consume the polluted water from the rivers and streams running close by? Who is going to redress all of these issues? Isn’t this an alarming situation for all of us to think about?

This is exactly where Sage Sukhaachaarya points out – If we’re trying to destroy public property in any way or means, we should always be prepared to face the dire consequences that we would experience in the “Naraka Lokha”. Of course, this is not to scare anybody or criticize anyone personally, but through such important accords from our “Sanaathana Dharma”, we should create the awareness to mend our ways of doing things. We should live happily, and simultaneously let others live in happiness too. There is no point in deriving one’s happiness from another living being’s suffering! We must always remember that the same suffering that the other person might be undergoing today, might become our suffering tomorrow! Sadguru Shri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi explains this important point with a simple and a beautiful analogy – If we’re on the tenth floor of a big high-rise building and if the ground floor is on fire, and people on the ground floor are calling out for help, can we discard their fervent calls by saying “Oh! It’s your floor that is on fire and it’s your problem! It’s not my problem!”? What is the guarantee that the fire wouldn’t spread very quickly to the tenth floor within minutes? Rather, it would! So, won’t it be foolish on our part to derive happiness out of others’ suffering? Let’s think about it!

Having said thus, there is this third recent trend that is catching up big time in India – “Vandalizing public property”! Do we have any right to vandalize public utilities like buses, roads, trains, etc.? Just because we have some political and ideological differences, is it right on our part to destroy things that are created out of the taxpayers’ money? It is indeed appreciable that some state governments in India have took the initiative to recover the losses from those who vandalized and looted public property! This is a progressive step towards curbing such barbaric acts, and this should create a fear amongst those who try and involve in these kinds of anti-social activities.

Thus, for today, let us collectively as a society realize that “destruction” of public property or utility is going to take us directly into the “Naraka Lokha”. More than this, let us try and refrain ourselves from such activities atleast for the benefit of our people – For our own brothers and sisters of this great nation – For our own kids and grandchildren of tomorrow’s generation, who would otherwise suffer for no fault of theirs! Let’s start doing the needful today and thus, create a positive change in our society! We shall wait till the next episode to move on with further discussions on the “Naraka Lokha” and who goes into it! Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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