Episode # 132 – Consuming things MORE THAN what is required – An open invitation to enter “Naraka Lokha”!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important aspect that pertains to Sage Sukhaachaarya’s description of the “Naraka Lokha” and who reaches there. We’ve witnessed the bad consequences of consuming non-vegetarian food items, and how this would hamper our spiritual progress. Moreover, by consuming such unwarranted food stuff, we’re getting a direct invitation to enter into the “Naraka Lokha”, which we could easily avoid. Hence, readers should take this seriously into account and do the needful. I do not want to comment or write more on this, as it might hurt people’s “sentiments”, however, having said thus, readers should spare a thought on why I’m insisting on the point that we should refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food. In fact, even if we go to an astrologer and do some “Parihaara” (Corrective action) for any form of “Dosha” (Problems with our horoscope), the first advice that any good astrologer would give us is that, before commencing the “Parihaara” prayer, we should shun the habit of consuming non-vegetarian food. This is because, if we perform the “Parihaara” prayer without compromising on this seemingly “bad habit”, there would be no effect at all and it is just going to be a mere waste of time, money and energy! Hence, let us take this point very seriously as we move on with the further discussion on the “Naraka Lokha”.

Previously, we had commenced witnessing different categories of the “Naraka Lokha” and the corresponding “bad actions” which would lead us eventually into the respective categories. Now Sage Sukhaachaarya continues with the next important point here – If we consume things more than what we actually require, we are sure to reach the “Naraka Lokha”. Now what does this mean? This starts right from our food habits to whatever we buy every day! For instance, we should consume food only up to the extent that we would not feel hungry. Consuming anything beyond this limit is going to invite trouble. Similarly, when we buy groceries, some fancy items, etc. at our home, we should be very careful that we buy only what we require and what we use. We should refrain from buying items that we’re not going to use.

Now this is a marked difference between the Indian and the Western culture. As per our Indian “Sanaathana Dharma” culture, we buy only what we would be using and thus, we save both money as well as the environment. On the contrary, in the western world, people have the concept of “buying in bulk”! For instance, if I’ve to buy a pair of slippers – The Indian way of doing things is that, we go to the shop to buy a pair of slippers only when our previous pair of slippers get worn out! We buy slippers because our purpose of preventing our feet from getting hurt gets solved. Whereas, in the western culture, it is different. There might be some “Offers”, wherein if we buy three pairs of slippers, we would get one pair for free! 😊 So what do people do? They buy four pairs of slippers and keep them in their house! However, at one point in time, how many pairs of slippers can we wear? We can wear only one, isn’t it? We can’t wear all the four pairs of slippers at the same time and walk around! Now since we can use only one pair at a time, the other three pairs would lie idle at home and ultimately if we’re not using them for a longer time, we’re inviting rats and other creatures to come and “eat” away the unused slippers!

This is where, we should be able to think wisely – Just because somebody is trying to “market” and “sell” a product for his / her own monetary benefit, should we go and fall into that trap? There are two things here that we should note – Firstly, we are spending more money by buying more items that might eventually be unused! If we buy just that one pair of slippers, we would be spending far lesser money than buying three, isn’t it? Secondly, by excessively buying items, we’re creating an irreparable damage to the earth! For instance, slippers are made out of rubber and other such elements that are derived from nature. For extracting rubber, we’ve to cut down so many trees! This is going to damage Mother Earth’s ecosystem. We’re nowadays talking a lot about “climate change”, and by cutting down trees to satisfy our “greed”, we’re only contributing to the ill-effects of climate change, isn’t it? This in a way, is also “abducting” the property of Mother Earth for our greed! This is also in a way, abducting the property of our future generations of people! Because of our greed, we’re denying the beauty of Mother Earth for our kids and grandchildren! Now by doing so, we’re again falling into the category wherein we are trying to abduct someone else’s property! This is exactly what Sage Sukhaachaarya is saying – By consuming things more than what we need, we’re inviting ourselves into the “Naraka Lokha”! This is another important point that all of us have to lend a thought to!

Thus, the message here is that, we should buy only what we would be using. For instance, if we’re buying groceries, we should buy them only for a limited number of days. We can finish it up and then buy the fresh stock later, rather than buying in a bulk and letting it get spoilt! Similarly, when we go for “shopping”, we should make sure that we buy only what we require. Just because someone is selling something on an “offer”, we shouldn’t unnecessarily accumulate things in our wardrobes – Be it apparels, cosmetics, or whatever. Of course, I’m not saying that we should be stingy. We should of course buy what we like and what we would use. However, the restriction should be on the quantity and we should maintain a strict count on the number of rupees that we spend.

So for today, let us ponder over this point and do the needful. We shall continue this discussion further in the next episode too, wherein we’re going to witness what is “public property” and why shouldn’t we “misuse” it! Stay tuned! 😊



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