Episode # 130 – Various types of “Naraka Lokhas” and who go there? Sage Sukhaachaarya’s STUNNING accord!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed two important points pertaining to the discussion on the “Naraka lokha” as Sage Sukhaachaarya is currently describing to King Parikshit. In this, we’ve witnessed why the world is not going to come to an end very soon, as being projected by some fear-mongers who do not have any base in their argument, and also the significance of our Atman and “Karma”, amidst all the so-called destruction (“Pralaya”) that is going to happen thousands and thousands of years from now. The important point to be noted is that, whatever might be the time through which the world would pass through – Whether it is going to be a destruction or a continuation of the world, our Atman is never going to be destroyed, and so as our “Karma” too! Even at times of destruction, the Atman will be dormant and during the time at which the world gets re-created by Bhagawan, the Atman will again take birth in the “new world” and has to undergo all the effects of whatever we have accumulated in the form of “Karma” till that date! This fact is never going to change, and hence, for the moment, we should not worry about whether the world is going to be existing or destroyed. Our main focus should be on the “Karma” that we’re accumulating, and we should strive to make a conscious effort to reduce accumulation of our “Bad Karma” and increase our accumulation of “Good Karma” in this lifetime.

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya returns back to the point that he started to make on the “Naraka Lokha”. He continues thus: “Oh Parikshit! I somehow started to talk on this, but we deviated into something else! However, I’m forced to come back to where I started! Let me tell you more on what this “Naraka Lokha” is all about! All those who have committed sins go into any of these twenty-five Naraka Lokhas!”

“Tatra yastu parivittha apathya kalathraanyapaharati!

Sahi kaala pasha baddhaha yama purushaihi athi bhayaanakaihi!

Taamisre narake balaan nipaatyate!!”

Saying thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya lists down the names of all the twenty-five different “Naraka Lokhas” that Bhagawan has created! I shall try to explain few of them with my limited knowledge. He first starts with the Naraka Lokha called “Taamisram”. Subsequently he moves on to different kinds such as “Kumbhi paaga”, “Laalaabhaksham”, “Ruuruu”, “Krimibhojanam”, Andha-Thaamisram”, etc. The long list continues. Many of us might be familiar with few of these names, as we might have either heard it or seen it somewhere in some shows, etc. Now let us witness who goes into what “Naraka Lokha”! Of course, I’m just explaining only few of them here. There is an exhaustive list of various “Naraka Lokhas” which Sage Sukhaachaarya talks about here, wherein he gives a stunning list of various bad activities and the corresponding punishment for each of them! If we start looking into all of them, we would start shaking with fear! Some of us might even go into mental depression or some sorts too when we read through it! However, the point here is that, these are some aspects which we should avoid doing in life and it is definitely possible for all of us to follow! Now let us witness few of the bad Karma and the corresponding punishment for each of them!

If a person thinks of and tries to abduct the property of others in an offensive and violent way, he / she is sure to reach “Naraka Lokha”. We would have a slight doubt here – Would we reach Naraka Lokha even if we “think” of committing any sinful act? The answer is unfortunately a “yes”! This is the reason why we repeatedly emphasize on the point that our thoughts, words and actions play a vital role in deciding whether we’re accumulating good or bad “Karma”! This is to say that even if our thoughts are bad, we’re going to invariably face the heat! So let us try and mend our thoughts in the right direction!

Similarly, if we’re promising some help to someone and fail in our words, this also invites us into the “Naraka Lokha”! If someone asks us for a help and at that moment, we give them an assurance to fulfill their needs, only to dismiss their request at a later stage for whatsoever reason – This is a direct invitation for us to enter into the “Naraka Lokha”! Similarly, if we mask the truth in such a way that another person is going to be affected by this in the court of law, this is one of the biggest sins which is going to put the “red carpet” for us to enter the “Naraka Lokha”! In the same lines, if we’re going to inflict any sort of hurt to an animal, including cows, dogs, sheep, goat, insects, etc. this is also going to “escort” us to the “Naraka Lokha”!

We might ask here – How can we manage our food habits if we’re having such a rule of not killing animals? An interesting and an important discussion awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊




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