Episode # 129 – Is the world soon coming to an end? A factual myth-buster!!!


We’re enthusiastically waiting for answering few questions that we had asked at the end of yesterday’s episode. We had asked them as part of the commencement of the discussion on “Naraka Lokha” and “destruction” of the seven “Lokhas”. The questions that we put forth were as follows: Where are we now, with respect to the time period that we’re discussing currently? Are we in any way nearing the end of the world? In fact, many people have started predicting such things nowadays and have even started taking movies and videos on it! Are they true? Are they backed up with factual evidence that the world is going to get destroyed within these one or two years?

To start with, let me mention one thing here – The world is “NEVER” going to come to an end for the moment, atleast for the next thousands of years. All these people who propagate such things that the world is coming to an end are only instigating unwanted fear amongst the minds of people and trying to earn money with that fear! It’s a false propaganda and is completely baseless without any factual evidence. However, if we look at the factual evidence from our end, Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana clearly states that the world has “just begun” it’s long journey! In other words, we’ve just commenced the period of a “Chatur-Yuga” (4,32,000 years put together). Like this, there are 1000 such “Chatur-Yugas”. It is only at the end of the 1000’th Chatur-Yuga will Bhagawan Brahma’s daytime come to an end and thus, the world would face destruction.

This “Chatur-Yuga” concept is actually split into various parts – Each part of this “Chatur-Yuga” would be ruled by a king by name Manu. Each of the Manus would be ruling 71 Chatur-Yugas. Thus, within the “day” period of Bhagawan Brahma, fourteen Manus would have ruled the world! We can see here that 71 multiplied by 14 is approximately equal to 1000. This is why we say that if there are 1000 “Chatur-Yugas”, there are 14 “Manvantharas”! Now what is the name of the “Manvanthara” which we are part of today? While we chant the “Sankalpa Mantra”, we say thus:

“……Vaivasvatha manvanthare ashtaavimshati tame….”

Thus from this part of the “Sankalpa Mantra” that we chant, it is clear that we are in the “Manvanthara” called “Vaivasvatha Manvanthara”. This means that, Vaivasvatha is one of the fourteen Manus who are ruling the world. Thus, it can be understood that we are at a time period wherein “Vaivasvatha Manu” is currently ruling the world. Thus, there are thirteen more such Manus who would rule the world, before the first three Lokhas _ Bhooh, Bhuvah and Suvah would face destruction. This is technically denoted in Sanskrit called “Pralaya Kaala” or the “Time of destruction”. This happens when Bhagawan Brahma’s “daytime” gets over. However, when Bhagawan Brahma’s lifespan comes to an end, the world goes into something called “Mahaa-Pralaya Kaala”, which is ultimately the total destruction of the earth.

Thus having said that, we still have thousands and thousands of years ahead of us wherein the world will be intact. We need not fear if the world would get totally destroyed today or tomorrow or after a year, etc. All these “myths” that are being propagated are factually wrong, without any backup of evidence and whoever is trying to spread such rumors are only making money out of our fear and insecurity. So let us not go behind such rumor-mongers amidst our society!

However having said thus, we should always remember that irrespective of whatever “Pralaya” happens in this world, our Atman never gets destroyed! This is one thing that we should always keep in mind as we move on. Our physical body might get destroyed along with the destruction of various other aspects of the world. More than this, the “Karma” that this Atman has committed till date, also doesn’t get destroyed! All our Karma, irrespective of whatever “Pralaya”, “Maha-Pralaya”, etc. would always keep sticking to our Atman! Bhagawan is very smart here – He has all our “accounts” safely within himself and when the world is getting re-created after the destruction, every Atman that is floating around would again be taking re-birth with the same “account” of Karma – Paapa and Punya!

Therefore we’ve to be extremely careful in what we’re doing every passing day! Our “Karma” is beyond destruction and it would come and hit us whenever and wherever it should! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us also realize that these narratives of “destruction” of the world are all false and fictitious! We shall wait till the next episode to continue with the discussion on the “Naraka Lokha” and how is it going to impact our Atman! Stay tuned! 😊





Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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