Episode # 100 – King Puranjana and his marriage with a “strange” woman!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the story after that of Dhruva’s. We’ve seen the family lineage that came after Dhruva, which spanned through Vena and Pruthu. Vena was a wicked king and he tried doing all possible acts of “Adharma”, which irked Mother Earth to a great extent. Thus accordingly, Mother Earth pulled out all of the wealth and knowledge from the surface and left it high and dry! As Vena passes on the reins of the kingdom to his son Pruthu, he takes up the initiative to bring all of Mother Earth’s lost glory. As King Pruthu was a righteous king, unlike his father, Mother Earth too agrees to his request of restoring the world with the lost treasure. Accordingly, thus, Mother Earth gifts King Pruthu with a divine cow and asks him to milk it. As King Pruthu starts milking the cow, all of the lost glory starts to re-appear one by one – starting from the Vedas, Upanishads, Nava-Ratnas (Nine precious gems), etc. As King Pruthu is doing thus, all the sages are extremely happy with the bountiful restoration of Mother Earth’s lost glory and they sing in praise of their righteous king. As they sing so, they use the term “Prithivi”, which signifies that it was none other than King Pruthu who had taken the effort to regain and reinforce the lost glory of Mother Earth to the future generations to come. Thus, from this point onwards, Mother Earth is also referred to as “Prithivi”!

Thus, we can infer here that since Mother Earth regained Her lost glory through King Pruthu, She is hailed as “Prithivi”. Moving on from this point thus, at the end of King Pruthu’s tenure, the next set of people arrive onto the scene. They are called “Dasha-Prachethas”. In other words, there were ten people who took birth at the end of King Pruthu’s tenure, out of which we’re going to witness the story of one amongst these ten people by name “Praacheena-Barhi”. We’re now going to witness the story behind this particular person, Praacheena-Barhi. This story can be looked at in two ways – I shall first narrate the story’s outline, which is just the various instances that happened. After we’re done with the story’s outline, we shall go into the deeper meaning associated with it. This is going to be a very interesting episode and hence, readers can sit back and enjoy reading through! 😊

There were once two people wandering around with each other. These two people were Puranjana and Avignyaata. These two people are roaming around different places searching for a suitable and a comfortable place to live. It should be noted here that this Puranjana was a great king and Avignyaata was his good friend. As they walk their way through, they come across a big city. Interestingly, this city had nine entrances. Upon seeing this mighty city, both spoke to each other thus, “Oh! This looks a luxurious place! Should we think of settling here? Let’s check out this place!” Thinking thus, King Puranjana is about to enter the place, but his friend Avignyata had a small doubt in his mind. As Puranjana goes ahead in entering, Avignyata stops him for a moment and says thus: “Oh Puranjana! This city looks extremely good from an outsider perspective! I don’t know how practical it would be for us to go inside and live here!” Saying thus, Avignyaata stops Puranjana from taking a step forward. At this moment, there emerges an extremely beautiful and an attractive woman from one of the entrances of this city. Although this woman looked so attractive at the outset, there was a huge snake that was coiled up on top of her head, like a protection for her. Alongside this woman, there are ten bodyguards – five each on either side of her!

Upon seeing this “strange” woman, King Puranjana immediately falls in love with her and thus he thinks that if at all there is a marriage possibility in my life, it should only be with this woman! Hence, Puranjana goes and proposes the woman. To his surprise and happiness, this woman accepts his offer immediately and both decide to get married.

As this happens, Avignyaata was not very convinced with the marriage decision taken by King Puranjana. He feels that King Puranjana has hurried into the decision a bit too much! He thus conveys it to King Puranjana that he should think twice before entering the relationship. However, as fate would have it, King Puranjana is not ready to listen to Avignaata’s advice. He goes ahead with his decision of marrying this beautiful woman. At one point in time, Avignyaata realizes that there’s no point in giving further advice on this, and says to his friend thus, “Oh Puranjana! Anyways, you’ve decided to get married to this woman! I’m of course not going to be a hinderance for your newly found happiness in your life. However, if in future you would require any sort of help, you shall always approach me any time!” Saying thus, Avignyaata leaves the place!

Now, the marriage between King Puranjana and his newly found woman is going to happen. Is King Puranjana’s decision the right one to go ahead with his life? Will he find real happiness in this marriage? Or, would it go otherwise? Let’s wait to continue this interesting story forward in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊














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