Episode # 99 – Why is Mother Earth referred to as “Prithivi”? A detailed accord of King Pruthu!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had continued the discussion on Dhruva’s innocence and love-filled devotion towards Bhagawan and how his devotion had zero expectations in return. Even as Bhagawan wants to grant a boon to Dhruva, he declines the offer by saying that he had meditated immensely just to have Bhagawan’s divine darshan and now that it has been fulfilled, he doesn’t require anything else in this world! A similar kind of devotion was exhibited by the famous Aandal towards Bhagawan Krishna wherein, she invited Him to her place and offered loads of butter and curd to Him, as we all know Bhagawan Krishna loves it so much! As Aandal offers the butter with a pure and an innocent heart, Bhagawan Krishna is touched and He gives a similar offer of asking for a boon. In similar lines of Dhruva, Aandal too declines Bhagawan’s offer by saying that she had called and offered Him butter, only out of her pure love and devotion without any expectation from Him. Now that Bhagawan had offered to ask for a boon, Aandal goes one step higher and says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Since you’re giving me such an opportunity, I’m giving you more butter for letting me ask you for a boon!” Such is the level of pure devotion Aandal exhibited towards her Lord and in turn, Bhagawan was also moved by it!

These kinds of instances are thus important messages for all of us to learn and understand the way in which we should invoke Bhagawan’s presence. If we’re trying to call Bhagawan to fulfill some of our worldly expectations and needs, this would not account to pure devotion. Instead, this would be termed as selfishness. Rather, if we’re able to invoke Bhagawan’s presence, just for the sake of being with Him and enjoying His divine presence without any form of expectations, this would account to the highest level of devotion and this is the highest level of spiritual progress that we could make in our lifetime! Hence, let us try and understand this point and do the needful.

As Dhruva explains his stance thus, Bhagawan is completely moved with the little child’s innocent love towards Him. He thus blesses Dhruva that there would be a star (Nakshatra) created in his name, and after his human life gets over, Bhagawan blesses him that he would be part of the huge cluster of stars in the sky, thus finally attaining the highest Moksha! Thus with this accord, the story of Dhruva comes to an end. We shall now move on with the subsequent story that happened after Dhruva. To continue further, Dhruva later had a son by name Angan. This Angan had a son by name Venan. This Venan had a son by name Pruthu. This Pruthu was a great king. Now we shall commence with the story of this Pruthu Mahaaraja.

To trace backwards a little bit, of course all of us know by now that Dhruva was a gem of a person. Dhruva’s son Angan was also good by nature. However, Angan’s son, Venan was a wicked guy. He unleashed all possible “Adharma” in the world and thus earned the wrath of many great sages! Finally at one point in time, the sages got extremely frustrated with Venan, planned a plot and eventually killed him! It should be understood that Venan was also a king and as Venan had a premature death, there was no apparent heir after him to administer the kingdom. Hence the sages decided to bring out the next heir directly from Venan’s dead body and with their high spiritual powers, created a baby boy through a spark of fire. This boy was none other than Pruthu. Thus it should be noted here that King Pruthu did not have a normal birth from a male-female relationship. He took birth from the corpse of his father, Venan. Since the earth was ruled by this King Pruthu, we have another name for Mother Earth as “Prithivi”.

There is a story as to why the world is also called as “Prithivi” in Sanskrit. As I had mentioned earlier that this King Pruthu was a noble person by heart and by his actions, he prays to Mother Earth thus: “Oh Mother! I understand that my father was a wicked person and did all possible misdeeds during his tenure as a king. I also understand that you had taken away all the wealth and prosperity of the kingdom because of his bad nature, Now that I’m trying to reverse all his bad deeds, please, could you help me by restoring all that you had pulled off from my kingdom?” Heeding to the request of King Pruthu, Mother Earth blesses him with a sacred cow. As King Prithivi starts milking the cow, all the lost wealth of this world, including the Vedas, Upanishads, the “Nava-Ratnas” (nine gems), medicinal herbs, etc. start appearing through the milk that the cow is generating. As this miraculous episode was unfolding minute by minute, all the sages were extremely pleased and grateful to Mother Earth! They are extremely happy with the compassion and love that Mother Earth is showing towards the world and thus they pray to Her by chanting the term “Prithivi”!

Thus we can understand here that since Mother Earth, moved by the prayer of the noble King Pruthu, is bestowing the world with all its lost glory, She is also addressed as “Prithivi”! So for today, let us understand this point and let us wait till the next episode to continue this further! Stay tuned! 😊










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